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In Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, players can obtain the Golden Dhyata Minion by completing a series of tasks. This article will guide you through these tasks and offer tips on what to do after you’ve obtained this item.

The “golden dhyata ffxiv” is a quest in Final Fantasy XIV. The objective of the quest is to find and capture the Golden Dhyata minion.

The Level 90 Quest “The Meeting of Minds” rewards you with the Golden Dhyata Minion. This also comes with the title “Honorary Academic” and the achievement “Overeducated.”

Actually, the Studium Quest is the last in the series.

These are the Endwalker-added Disciple of Hand and Land Quests. Class Quests from earlier Expansions were replaced by these.

You’ll feel right at home if you’re acquainted with the Crystarium Quests from Shadowbringers.

After completing each individual Studium Quest, “The Meeting of Minds” becomes accessible.

It serves as a type of conclusion to the Old Sharlayan Story.

This does, however, imply that you’ll need each Gatherer at Level 90 in addition to several Crafting Classes – a total of five classes.

Fortunately, the quests themselves provide a ton of experience.

Not to mention the experience you’ll get from doing all the essential collecting and crafting!

The Minion will be yours after everything has been finished.


being diligent in one’s studies


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You must first unlock Collectibles since they are needed for all Studium Quests (both Gathering and Crafting).

There are a total of two quests.

You will get the quest “Inscrutable Tastes” from Morgayne (Foundation – The Arc of the Humble, X:10 Y:10). At Level 56, this grants access to Collectibles and the original Scrip Exchange.

Go West, Craftsman is a quest that Lydirlona (Mor Dhona – Revenant’s Toll, X:22 Y:7) offers you. This enables the following collection of collectibles in Idyllshire at Level 60.

Additionally, these tasks will make Weekly Collectible Turn-ins known as Custom Deliveries available.

They’re a great technique to level up your gatherers and crafters invisibly. especially considering that to get your mechanical bird, you must be level 90.

You may go to Old Sharlayan after things are finished.


Qih Allapoh, resident master of Studium affairs in Old Sharlayan / FFXIVAll rights reserved. SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


You must first meet with Qih Allapoh (Old Sharlayan – The Studium, X:4 Y:9) in order to start The Studium Deliveries.

You’ll get the quest “The Faculty” from her.

Two quests are necessary to unlock it:

  • “Sound the Bell, Schools’s In” from the Level 82 Main Scenario and
  • “Inscrutable Tastes,” already stated

in order to start the delivery!

You must create or obtain a Collectible for each of these quests.

In certain instances, the crafting supplies are offered.

They are divided as follows:


Department of Archaeology

Old Sharlayan’s The Studium, X:6 Y:8, Rurusha

requires a Level 80 goldsmith, blacksmith, or armorer. These professions can all develop and finish the quests.

Level 80: Professor Rurusha’s New Friend.

The Level 80 Dormant Dhyata. Requires:

  • Six separate gold-plated sets
    • 2 Deepgold Nuggets, 1 Dwarven Mythril Nugget, and 1 Dwarven Mythril Ingot are all required.

Level 83 of Gears of Gold. Requires:

  • (6) 6 Gold Cogs
    • a High Durium ingot, a Pewter ingot, and two Stonegold ingots, one of each.

Level 85, Fake Research Requires:

  • 6 pieces of gold for the motor
    • 2 ingots of bismuth and 1 ingot of phrygian gold apiece.

Choice of Boric, Level 85. Requires:

  • One (1) High Quality Golden Core, made using materials donated by Boric.

Level 88 of ‘A Friend in Need’. Requires:

  • Gold mechanical voice boxes, 6 of them
    • One ingot each of chondrite, star quartz, and phrygian gold.

Level 90 of the Wayback Machine. Requires:

  • 1 High Quality Gold Connector; Materials provided by Rurusha.


Department of Astronomy

Jude (Old Sharlayan; The Studium; X:5; Y:8)

Requires a Carpenter, Leatherworker, or Weaver with Level 80.

Level 80 of In Search of the Azure.

Level 80: The World Without You. Requires:

  • Starlens Brace, 6 pcs.
    • 1 each of Lignum Vitae Wood, Dwarven Cotton, and Sea Swallow Leather

Level 83 Poetry Recital Requires:

  • Aetherial Lenses, 6 x
    • Palm Lumber, Almasty Serge, and Luncheon Toad Leather come in sets of one each.

90 of One Step Forward. Requires:

  • Aetherial Amplifiers, six
    • Each of one Red Pine Lumber, one Snow Linen, and one Saiga Leather.

Level 85: A Ten-year Promise. Requires:

  • Jude has donated one high-quality writing instrument.

A Level 88 Astronomical Growth Requires:

  • Aetherial Conductor, 6 x
    • Each of Integral Lumber, AR-Caean Velvet, and Ophiotauros Leather comes with one piece.

Level 90 of The Promised Star. Requires:

  • One High Quality Starlens Wand, made using materials donated by Jude


College of Medicine

Debroye (The Studium, Chapter X:5 and Chapter Y:8)

need a Level 80 Culinarian or Alchemist.

Totally Absurd, Level 80.

Level 80 of Make it Sweeter. Requires:

  • Panaloaf Sweetener, 6 x
    • Garden Beet Sugar, Lime Basil, and Light Gerbera, each four pieces.

Level 83, “Remember the Texture.” Requires:

  • Panaloaf yeast, six
    • Each: 1 Amra, 1 Lunatender Blossom, and 4 Palm Sugar.

Level 85 is Aroma, the Key. Requires:

  • Panaloaf Oil, 6 x
    • 4 Perilla Oil and 4 Grade 5 Mind Alkahest per person.

Level 85: Long Live the Gourmet. Requires:

  • Debroye is the source of the materials for 1 x Golden Spice (High Quality).

Level 88, Perfectly Delectable Requires:

  • Ascorbic Additive, 6 x
    • Each: 1 Elder Nutmeg Seed, 1 Berkanan Sap, and 4 Coconut Milk.

Level 90 Sharlayan Cuisine. Requires:

  • 1 Sharlayan Fishcake (High Quality) – Debroye supplies the ingredients.


Gathering staples of Elpis in the World Unsundered. For science. / FFXIVAll rights reserved. SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


There will be two more quest chains needed for the gathering portion of the situation.

The locations of the necessary collectibles are shown below:


The Anthropology Faculty

Old Sharlayan’s The Studium, X:4 Y:9, Hinageshi

To start and advance with them, you must be a Level 80 Botanist or Miner.

Level 80 in Cultured Pursuits.

Level 80 of “Cooking Up a Culture” Requires:

  • 6 pieces of Hannish Staple may be acquired from Thavnair (X:10 Y:14) with either a miner or a botanist.

Level 83 of the Cerulean Culture. Requires:

  • Obtainable from Garlemald (X:20 Y:28) with either a miner or a botanist, six Garlean staples.

Level 85 of The Culture of Carrots. Requires:

  • Obtainable from Mare Lamentorium (X:29 Y:37) using either a miner or a botanist, six lunar staples are needed.

Level 85 of Hinageshi in Hingashi. Requires:

  • 1 piece of hairpin material, found in the Ruby Sea with the help of a miner (X:25 Y:35) or a botanist (X:23 Y:6).

Level 88: The Culture of the Past. Requires:

  • Obtainable from Elpis (X:22 Y:11) with either a miner or a botanist, each staple is worth six Elpis.

Level 90 of the Culture of Love. Requires:

  • 1 piece of eternity ring material may be discovered using either a miner (X:21 Y:12) or a botanist in Labyrinthos (X:30 Y:19).


Department of Aetherology

Old Sharlayan’s The Studium, X:4 Y:10, T’laqa Tia

Fisher must be Level 80 to complete these quests.

Level 80 Fear the Thesis.

Level 80 of “Go With the Flow” Requires:

  • utilizing Versatile Lure or Gold Salmon Roe, six Giant Aetherlouse – Labyrinthos (Unmoved Source Alpha, X:18 Y:6).

Data across the Decades, Level 83.

  • Using a versatile lure or shrimp ball, catch six Garjana Wrasse at Thavnair (The Great Runoff, X:11 Y:22).

Level 85 History Lesson Requirements:

  • employing a versatile lure or leech, six Garlean Clam from Garlemald (The Eblan Thaw, X:11 Y:31).

Level 85: The Wandering Whale. Requires:

  • Using Versatile Lure, one Alnairon Salmon, Thavnair (X:28 Y:18).

Time Forgot: Fishing, Level 88. Requires:

  • Using Sky Spoon Lure or Gold Salmon Roe, catch 6 Smaragdos – Elpis (Lethe, X:31 Y:16).

New Pasture, Level 90. Requires:

  • Utilizing Grey Worm, one Lunar Lamenter – Mare Lamentorum (Frozen Fissure, X:22 Y:32).

You may accept Meeting of the Minds after you’ve won the favor of every faculty member in The Studium.

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