How Much Internet Speed Is Required to Play Online Games Smoothly?

The internet has revolutionized online gaming. Now you can play and connect anywhere in the world thanks to a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure that provides ultra-fast throughput.  But to what extent is the speed of the Internet responsible for the proper functioning of your online game? If you want to check if your internet service provider offers enough speed to play online games, go to and make sure you get the right package. In this blog you will discover how fast the speed of the internet is sufficient for a smooth gambling session.

What internet speeds do I need for online gaming?

All game platforms are different from each other. However, the minimum Internet access speed for each type of online game is as follows:

For a single player

Kind of speed Minimum speed
Loading speed 3 Mbit/s
Loading speed 1 Mbit/s
Calling rate < 150 ms

Don’t forget that these numbers only apply to one player. Even at these speeds you can play online games, but without any guarantee of quality. If you want to enjoy a better online experience, you should choose download speeds between 15 Mbps and 25 Mbps, i.e. if you are a single player.

For different actors

For multiple players, it is sufficient to multiply the speed requirements by the total number of players. If you z. B. have two fixed online players at home, you need an internet connection with a download speed of at least 6 Mbps. You need to find the best Internet service providers in your area to get reliable Internet access.

Package loss and ping rate

In online games, ping or ping rate refers to the quality of the Internet connection, which is measured in milliseconds (ms). It tells you how long it takes for the signal from your computer to go to the game server on the Internet. Latency, on the other hand, measures the time it takes for the data to return to the computer (ping). For example, the latency measures the entire signal path in both directions, while the ping only measures the one-way path. Low pings, less than 20 ms, define exceptional internet quality, perfect for smooth games. While high pings are not good for online games. A range of 50 ms to 100 ms is considered very good to average.

Package loss, on the other hand, refers to data lost during transport to and from the computer and server, especially if the data remains at its destination for too long due to the quality of the broadband connection. This long waiting time ultimately leads to a total loss of information.

Required speed for computer games

To play online games on your PC, we recommend that you use the services of an internet service provider that offers a download speed of at least 6 Mbps. With this internet speed, you can enjoy smooth, uninterrupted game sessions for most computer games.

Required speed for PS4 games

For PS4 games, a download speed of at least 1 Mbps and a download speed of at least 3 Mbps is sufficient to meet the minimum online gambling speed requirements. However, if you want to play undisturbed, you need a higher internet speed of up to 19 Mbps.

speed required for Xboxgames

Microsoft’s guidelines require a minimum speed of 1 Mbps for SD videos, 3 Mbps for download videos and 3.5 Mbps for HD videos to play online games on your Xbox.  You must also have a download speed of at least 0.5 Mbps and a ping speed of no more than 150 ms.

Required speed for switch sets or mobile sets

Fortunately, the Internet speeds required for mobile gaming and the Nintendo Switch are much more flexible thanks to the portability of these devices. Most games you play on your smartphone don’t have high resolution 4K graphics or something of that quality. That’s why your standard Internet speed is also sufficient to download the game and its features. We recommend speeds between 500Kbps and 1Mbps for good online gaming on your mobile phones.

Bottom line

Finally, if you need exceptional performance for your PS4, Nintendo, Xbox and PC, the Mediacom Internet service is your best choice. With this provider you can enjoy download speeds up to 940 Mbps and reasonable download speeds at very affordable rates. Whichever provider you choose, simply make sure that the offered speeds meet your online gambling speed requirements. Good game!

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