How to beat Ixion in Returnal

This is part of a series of tutorials on how to beat bosses in Returnal, a mobile JRPG game available on the android app store. In this post, we’ll talk about how to beat Ixion, an optional boss that can be fought in the Rift of the game’s second quadrant, the Sanctuary. First off, Ixion is a flying boss, so your characters won’t gain much from standing on the ground. Furthermore, he uses a move that inflicts confusion on your entire team, and is immune to confusion himself.

Ixion is a very tough boss. He has high defense and can almost one shot character if you’re not careful. Therefore, you should have a good team built up before taking him on. The team I used was:

After defeating Fricke and entering the Crimson Wastes, you’ll feel like you’re starting to understand the return. There aren’t many problems in the game’s second biome that can ruin your mood, but the boss of this biome certainly will. In this guide, you’ll learn how to defeat Ixion, the second boss of Returns.

How to find an Ixion


Ixion is hard to miss. It is located on the mountain from which the White Shadow departs. Go to the light in the early stages of the biome while still outside. Once inside, where you have to make your way through claustrophobic corridors and dodge lasers, all you have to do is follow the main path. To reach the top of the mountain, you have to go through several translocators. You know you have to fight it because you see it floating above the arena in the distance.

Enhanced combat readiness


Unfortunately, the best preparation for this fight is to fully explore Returnal’s first two biomes. You’ll discover bigger and better weapons, more different parasites, and plenty of perks and artifacts to collect. But there are a few things that are good to have for any boss fight.

When you find a rebuild, spend six Ether to reload it. This gives you a second chance if the boss kills you. Some parasites protect you from death in the middle of a fight, but this is rare. You also need to make sure you go into battle with a high-level weapon. But don’t take a gun just for the number. Instead, find the best version of your favorite weapon and use it in battle.

It’s not necessary to raise the integrity level of your suit before fighting Ixion, but it won’t hurt your chances. Every bit of health will help you defeat this enemy. Finally, try to bring items that protect you from projectiles, transform projectiles or heal you. This boss uses a lot of distance attacks, so it’s best to defend against projectiles.

Best weapon to defeat Ixion


The best weapon to defeat Ixion in Returnal is the one you know best. We’re not talking about game stats. The weapon you feel most comfortable with is the best weapon to fight that boss. If you are better at a particular weapon than someone else, take the best version of it into battle.

Attacks and strategies


Ixion must go through three phases, each representing different attacks. There are also several attack patterns that only appear between phases. We will now look at each of them, from level one to level three.

First phase


In the first stage, Ixion will run into the arena and attack. However, it is not out of sight yet. He will use a mixture of the following attacks.

Blue balls

You should be familiar with this attack. Ixion detonates the same blue orbs you’ve been dodging since the first Returnal room. They can be easily dodged, so run to the side to avoid getting hit. You can attack Ixion as long as he makes this attack.

Orange balls

You may have come across orange orbs in the Crimson Badlands. They look like blue balls, but they move slower and measure your position. When Ixion sends them, you have to work hard to dodge them as they slowly make their way towards you. But some can dissolve without touching you. Dodge like you did with the blue orbs and keep attacking the boss.

Targeted blue balls

With this move, Ixion releases a series of blue orbs in your direction. They can be straight or vortex-shaped. You have to work harder to avoid them. At this early stage, it is more important to prevent damage than to harm Ixion. Therefore, you should always try to avoid this attack. Keep shooting at the boss when the blue bullets run out.

Second phase


Ixion is much more unpredictable in phase 2. It circles the arena for a second and then flies into the air. After a few dive attacks, he will settle back into the arena, but the attacks will be fast and tight. While using the above attacks, the boss also uses the following attacks.

Dive attack

Ixion uses this move to fly across the arena. They won’t see it coming. The boss runs through the arena, a shockwave spreading across his path. Blue and orange balls will fly out of this shockwave, and you must try to avoid them. It’s best to stay directly under Ixion during this attack. The shockwave won’t hit you, and you’ll be able to take some damage if the boss above you passes.

Red rings

You should already be familiar with this kind of attack. Ixion will create a red ring of energy moving outward. If you get hit by it, you’ll be damaged. The boss can make several at once, and the only way to avoid damage is to jump over them.

Laser beam

This technique is similar to some of the floating tentacle panels in the Crimson Badlands. Ixion will charge the beam and you will see a trail of light. The laser beam will then approach quickly and almost cut you in half. To avoid this, make a slot in any direction. You have to damage the pattern all the time.

Phase Three

Screen recording

This phase is different because Ixion prefers to be on the ground. You will see some variations of the bullet attacks from the previous levels, but melee attacks will also be added. The new attacks you will see are the following.

Jumping attack

The boss jumps at you and waves a hand with a knife at you. The blade is covered with an energy that does a lot of damage. To dodge this attack, you must dodge, as it will finish you off if your health is low. Keep shooting for him, and if he gets close, dodge.


This is a melee attack that Ixion uses when you’re around. However, it creates a red ring that you should also avoid. Don’t try to ace this attack, as it’s hard to dodge. Instead, keep your distance and keep doing damage. If Ixion uses this technique, jump over the red ring.

Blue and orange balls

During the final attack, the boss will get on all fours and throw all the bullets he has at you. Oranges are always slow, but they follow you, and blue can be dodged. Do your best to avoid damage, but you will still receive it if you don’t have the right timing. Try to do as much damage as possible during this attack, because the boss is immobile. This could also be his last attempt to kill you, so make it your business.



If you kill Ixion, you’ll get a grappling hook, a useful item that allows you to move around on Atropos. You also get the key to the next biome, which is much harder than the Crimson Wasteland.

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