How to beat the Cavern of Trials, and drink the right potion, in Going Deeper in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

As you build your camp in the Assassin Valhalla Creed, you will eventually need to build a home for Valka, the seer of your community. When you do, you’ll gain access to the two mythical realms of Asgard and Jotunheim, which appear in various quests.

One of these quests, “Going Deeper,” is to find the ingredients Valka needs to get to Jotunheim. To find these ingredients, you must go to the center, where you must complete the cave challenges and bring them back to Valka. Once the potion is made, you can drink it to get to Jotunheim, provided you drink the right potion, which has caused problems for many players.

Completion of the test cave

The test cave is centrally located near the east coast. It is located west of the easternmost sync point. At the search marker, you will find an old abandoned house. Once inside, you will find a hole in the ground with stairs leading down. This is the entrance.

Go down the stairs and traverse the crawl space behind breakable objects. Walk forward and slide down the ramp in front of you. You now register for the challenge until you complete it.

A clue appears on the box in front of you, vaguely explaining the challenge. Jump over the small ledges in front of you and after the second ledge, see a key hanging from the ceiling. You must jump and quickly grab the key as you pass it.

It’s not that hard, but it takes a lot of time. He will open the door for you.

Open the door and walk through, using the wooden beam to reach the ledge in front of you where you will find your first Fireweed.

Now jump onto the next ledge in front of you by jumping over the rock in the path, and you will see another Fireweed in front of you with some ore deposits to break.

You will see a rope leading to the rocks in front of you. Follow the ropes and follow the path until you come to a ledge with two crowns of St. John.

Now proceed to the next part of the rope by climbing the stalactite to which it is connected. This will allow you to climb onto another rope. Turn right on the rope to see another key hanging from the ceiling.

Again, you must jump and catch it in midair to land on the stalagmite below.

Go back to the room with the very first fireweed and look down and to the left. You’ll see a rope you can jump over, then a wooden beam and finally a door you can pass through.

This leads you to a room with a wooden beam and a wooden platform on which you can jump.

In the next room you will find other fire herbs and St. John’s wort, which you need for Valka. But the cave still needs to be finished.

Climb the stairs here and continue until you reach a room with a rope running through it and another key hanging from the ceiling. You know the procedure: jump over it, grab the key and land on the ladder in front of you.

Climb the ladder and continue until you reach the moving stone. The movement opens another opening in the room with the first fire grass and a few more ropes, over which you can jump on the left, leading to another door.

Go down into a room with wooden platforms and a grid full of boxes hanging in front of you.

Use your bow to drop the net and make room to jump over the next platform. Jump forward and drop the next net as well.

You come to a wooden platform above some ore deposits. On the left, a ladder, which you can use to lower your nose, leads to a platform and another key hanging between ropes.

Grab the key and jump down the path to the room. Go back to the room with the first fire grass and jump down into the room.

Go around the large stalagmite and open the door you go through and the door behind it, then steal the safe behind Nickel Ingo. You can hear noises from outside, but you’re not quite free yet.

Open the next door after the chest and keep moving forward until you reach a room with another moving stone.

This part is really quite easy. There is no need to move the rock in front of you, just climb on it and use it to jump to the next open area where you will find another moving rock. You have to move this rock to the other side of the area to jump over other stalagmites. Another area follows where you will have to do the same.

You come to a staircase that leads you to a closed door. Fortunately, the key hangs from the ceiling to your left. Climb the stone there and take it with the treasure of Britannia.

Open the door and follow the path to the exit and find more ore deposits. It’s time to prepare a drink.


That’s the easy part.

Bring the ingredients back to Valka in Ravensthorpe and talk to him. This will give him a short time to prepare the potion. When finished, the potion will be ready to be drunk and take you to Jotunheim.

Error Messages

At this stage, many players report a bug during the quest, but it is actually a lack of clarity in the game and some confusion among players.

When you regain control of Eivor, a dot appears in front of you to show you something you can interact with. Of course, players assume that this is the potion that Valka just prepared for them, but it is actually a potion for Asgard.

When players drink this, it sends them to Asgard where they have no quests and cannot travel to Jotunheim. So they thought there was a mistake in the game when they just took the wrong one.

The potion for Jotunheim is actually to the right of this potion. The potion for Asgard is much lighter green, while the potion for Jotunheim is darker and bluer. In addition, the potion for Asgard is marked as such when you approach it a minute after it has been approached. Unfortunately, the game does not compensate for the player’s haste that led to this problem.

However, there are currently no bugs, and if you take the potion on the right, you will go to Jotunheim for this part of the game.

Frequently asked questions

How will you complete the immersion of AC Valhalla?

To begin, you must complete the Arc of Asgard History, then return to Valka at the Prophet’s Hut in Ravensthorpe to receive the quest “Go Further.” Valka will give you an assignment to collect herbs for a new elixir to send to Jotunheim.

Can you get back to Jotunheim Valhalla?

You can return to Jotunheim even if you have completed scenarios there. The recommended experience level for this area is 190. There are 2 fast moving elements in this part of the map. There is no port in Jotunheim that you can go to.

How do you get the key in the cave of the test?

The key to courage This is the first key you encounter in the cave. You have to jump over different rocks and on your last jump the key is attached to a chain. It has some light and collecting this key will open the door to the next stage of your adventure.

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