How To Beat Yagluth (Final Boss Fight Guide)

Jagloot is the final boss in the first version of Valheim. He is a giant skeleton with the lower half of his body missing, wears a skeleton crown, has violet eyes that glow, and crawls towards you as soon as he is summoned. He is the fifth boss you encounter after defeating Eiktir, Elder, Bonemass and Moder. Like all the previous final bosses, you must perform a sacrificial ritual to summon Jagloot. So today we’re going to focus on how to defeat Jaglut in Valheim.

How do we defeat Jaglut?

After summoning Jaglutt, you can keep your distance from him, as he creeps towards you very slowly. Use the Needle Arrows and Ironbow from a distance, and if he is targeting his teammates, use melee attacks with the Ironbow to quickly defeat Jaglutt.

You should avoid getting involved in this fight unless your weapons and items are fully upgraded. Even though Jaglut is the last final boss in the first version of Valheim, he will be easy to kill (unlike Bonemass) if you know his style of attacks.

Tips and tricks for fighting Jaglut’s boss

Let’s look at his attack patterns, and his strategies for defeating Jaglut in Walheim:

  • His fist lights up blue before it hits the ground, causing damage to all teammates in the circle. You can avoid this by avoiding the damage area in the circle as soon as you see the blue glow.
  • His fist will glow red before throwing at least five fireballs at you each time. Use your Stamina Boost to dodge these attacks again, or use stone pillars as cover.
  • Jagloot can also breathe fire like a dragon. He is preceded by an attack animation in which he pulls his head back to launch an attack. But because his movements and head turn are so slow, you can use the same dodge tactics or, if you don’t have enough stamina, use your shield to block.
  • Use needle arrows and iron bows for distance attacks. All your teammates can equip needle arrows.
  • Use blunt iron weapons, such as hammers, clubs and iron sledgehammers. Dropping blunt weapons is very effective against Jagloot.
  • If Yagluth is targeting one of your teammates, take the opportunity to get behind the boss to launch as many scrum attacks as possible. She’s a great lady.
  • If you are playing alone, use ranged weapons for the boss. But also carry mêlée weapons when facing attacking creatures like smoked salmon and lamb of death.
  • If you do everything right and take healthy potions when needed and learn his attack patterns, you will hit Jagloot relatively easier than Moder or Bonemass.

Reward for Jaglut’s defeat.

Once you defeat Yagluth, he will release a replacement for Yagluth, a new piece of equipment called “Yagluth Ding.” The developers will add this hardware as the game develops. Now don’t be disappointed by the lack of rewards, because you can pick up a bone crown that becomes a Yagluth trophy. Hang it on the trophy hook of the sacrificial stone to get the gift you gave up. A damage modifier that allows you to resist all elemental attacks from enemy creatures, such as fire, frost and poison attacks.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how to summon and defeat Jaglut. While you’re here, check out our guide to Valheim’s best weapons and the best armor to go with them. For more tips and tricks about the game, check out our Valheim guides.

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