How to complete Kasumi: Stealing Memory in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition – Kasumi loyalty mission

The Kasumi mission is among the most infamous of all of the Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions, so it can be difficult to complete. However, with a little practice, and if you’re willing to try different strategies, it’s possible to get Kasumi’s loyalty and complete the mission. The first thing to realize is that the mission is best completed with only one squadmate.

(Insert name of character) is a very enjoyable character to play if you are a male Shepard. Not only is she a great sniper, but she is also a great tech specialist. (Insert name of character) loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 is probably the easiest of the three, (Insert name of character) is not an easy character to romance in Mass Effect 2, but (Insert name of character) loyalty mission is very easy to complete.

In nearly 120 hours of playing Mass Effect 2, I did not manage to see the end of Kasumi: Stealing Memory. After finishing Zaeed Massani’s loyalty mission, I was given the choice to either do the loyalty mission of Kasumi Goto or Jacob Taylor. Since I did not have a save on which I could complete both, I decided to do the Kasumi mission as I had already completed the Jacob mission. My plan was to do the loyalty missions in that order: Jacob’s and then Kasumi’s. I finished Jacob’s loyalty mission and picked up the assignment, but after I started it, I realised that the only way to complete it was to restart the game and then choose

Each member of the Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition team has a loyalty task to complete to earn their trust. You need to focus entirely on the suicide mission at the end of the game. By completing these missions before the final battle, you increase their chances of solving all the problems and making sure they get to the other end. Kasumi, a crew member you can obtain by visiting the Citadel, needs your help with a flight.

Kasumi: Memory theft

At the beginning of the mission, you and Kasumi attend a party where some rich and successful criminals are gathering. The host of the event, Donovan Hawk, will be the main target of Kasumi’s loyalty mission.

Donovan Hawk Assembly

When you arrive at the party, Shepard will have an alias and your main objective will be to infiltrate Hawk’s vault to steal Okuda’s Graibox, the device Kasumi was after after Hawk killed his partner. Your first task is to find Hock’s safe, which is located next to his private quarters, just past the stairs. It is located under the center of the party and you can reach it from the right or left side of the room. Screenshot When you reach the vault, Kasumi will unlock and join you. It is explained that the security of the safe must be broken before you can access the contents. He is protected by three security measures: a kinetic barrier, a voice lock and a DNA scanner.

To deactivate the kinetic barrier

Look just past the exit of the vault, to the right of the entrance, there is a power line that you can scan. When you scan it, Kasumi syncs your Omni-Tool with it, and you can follow the cable to find the source. Screenshot word-image-10134 You need to follow the cable from the center of the room and go around the gallery. You’re in a small alcove, and the source is behind a hidden wall. When you get near the statue, Kasumi will appear again and she will have to deactivate the barrier. Screenshot word-image-10135

To obtain the voiceprint and password

The next step to open the vault is to talk to Donovan Hoke and get a voice print. You’ll find it in the middle of the party, next to the fountain. This part shouldn’t be too complicated. The best solution is to choose the Paragon or Renegade options when you talk to Hock, and he starts giving a big speech without any input from you. When he’s done, Kasumi has a rather large monster. Screenshot word-image-10136 The next step is to find the password for the vault that Kasumi must use for voice input. You can do this by going to the guard room, which should be behind Donovan, next to the stairs. Kasumi will open the lock and let you in. The next lock must be manually bypassed. The area is guarded by a few guards who you can quickly eliminate. When they leave, all you have to do is read the datapad on the security desk and you know the password. Screenshot word-image-10137

How to obtain DNA samples

When you’re ready to take DNA samples, you can either convince the guard of Hawk’s room or sneak in. If you want to convince the guard to let you through, make sure you visited the security office in the previous step and know the pass code. If you haven’t, the guard won’t let you through. You can also sneak in through a side entrance that is guarded by several guards that you and Kasumi can face. Screenshot word-image-10138 When you enter Hawk’s private quarters, you must find a DNA sample to get into the safe. There are many places to look for DNA, but not all of them give results. Here are the places to look.

  • Wine glass on the table
  • Data on the table
  • Old weapons

After scanning these three locations in Hawk’s private quarters, you can leave with Kasumi, and have enough to take a DNA sample. Now that you have the three items, you can pick up your equipment from the Saren statue you brought and continue with the rest of the mission. The next step is to find the gray box in Hawk’s vault, which you can do by following the scanner map. It should be next to the head of the Statue of Liberty. The rest will be mostly combat. Before you leave, find an M-12b Locust machine gun next to the gray box. Screenshot word-image-10139 You can follow the path and treat the fighters as you see fit. You will have to fight against different waves of enemies to reach the landing spot. Be prepared to fight the armies of Eclipse, the Vangs, the swords of Loki and the swords of YMIR. When you reach the exit of Hock’s warehouse, you’ll come to the landing area. The last enemy to fight is Hock’s ship, similar to the one you fight when you try to recruit Garrus on Omega. Not only do you have to fight a battleship, but also various ordinary enemies. Normal enemies appear to the left and right of the landing area. It’s best to take out small enemies in battle before going up against a battleship. Your main goal is to reduce the ship’s shield as much as possible before it retreats to recover it, and then deal with the small enemies that appear. After taking out enough guards, Kasumi shows a scene where she takes out the shields for the rest of the fight. Instead of worrying about shields, you can now focus on the ship’s shield. The plot remains the same: Enemies will appear on the landing pad, and the ship will periodically leave the area after you’ve dealt it enough damage. If the ship is destroyed, you can return to Normandy by shuttle. Kasumi will get her Graibox and you will earn her loyalty.The Kasumi: Stealing Memory mission is part of the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2. In the mission, you encounter Kasumi, an information broker with a mysterious past. She wants you to break into the vault of the Blue Suns mercenary group. If you succeed, she will join your crew.. Read more about mass effect 2 kasumi dlc download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start Kasumi Stolen Memory?

The Kasumi: Stolen Memory mission is the last of the three loyalty missions Mass Effect 2 players can complete. With it, you can recruit Kasumi Goto, an expert thief and assassin with an intriguing past, for a small fee of course. But just how do you go through a mission titled “Stealing Memory”? The answer can be found by consulting this guide. In Mass Effect 2, Kasumi has the loyalty mission that must be completed before she can join the crew of the Normandy. This mission involves the infiltration of a vault on the Citadel to steal a datapad from Donovan Hock. Hock is an entrepreneur who collected many unique items on his travels. He’s looking to auction off many of his artifacts to the highest bidder. (Collecting things is one of his hobbies.)

What happens if Kasumi keep the Graybox?

Kasumi is asked to return a Graybox to Donovan Hock. She can return it to him, keeping it, or give it to Aetha. My question is what happens if Kasumi keeps the Graybox? Does Donovan Hock still make his threat to kill her or does he leave her alone? She looked at the grey metal box in her hands, and at the secured Alliance personnel and the armed Blue Suns that surrounded her. The choice was hers, and she knew it. She could give them the box, and the Alliance would probably give her and her crew a pat on the back and an extra ration bar or something. Or she could keep the box, and she’d have to fight her way out.

Can you romance Kasumi in Mass Effect 2?

If you are playing a female Shepard in Mass Effect 2 and romancing Garrus, you will be introduced to Kasumi Goto. During the course of the mission you will have many opportunities to romance her, but there is a fail-safe if you do not want to. If you succeed in the mission, Kasumi will move in with Garrus. If you do not want to romance Kasumi, you can turn her down. She will, however, still move in with Garrus. If you do not want her to move in, you must tell her that you are in a relationship with someone else. This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.

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