How to complete the Haligtree dungeon in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Haligtree is a challenging dungeon where you must traverse through narrow passages of darkness and ruthless enemies to find its exit. It’s an interesting challenge for any player who desires a hard-to-find prize.

The “elden ring haligtree secret medallion” is a quest item that can be found in the Haligtree dungeon. It’s used to open the door to the final boss room, where you’ll find the key for accessing the last level of Elden Ring.

The Haligtree is often considered to be the most challenging dungeon in Elden Ring. This Legacy Dungeon of Elden Ring is optional DLC, but it has some of the finest difficulties in the game, with unique adversaries, tricky platforming, and dense opponent spawning.

Malenia, the Miquella Blade, is one of them.



Because fortune favors the prepared, there are a few things that players should have prepared before entering Haligtree.

  • I emptied my inventory of all runes.
  • Useful bow (any damage)
  • 99 arrows (any type)
  • Methods of causing cold damage (Freezing Grease, Freezing Pot, spells, etc)
  • Mitigation of holy damage
  • Cookbook for Armorers (6), as well as at least 20 Preserving Boluses

Players may readily quit and re-enter Haligtree as long as they are not in battle, unlike subterranean dungeons. Move to Ordina in the western reaches of the Mountaintop of the Giants and finish the Evergaol puzzle to access Miquella’s Haligtree in Elden Ring after Tarnished has properly prepared.

Introduction to Miquella’s Haligtree Canopy

The Tree Canopy might be a difficult task. Players can anticipate a difficult time with several platforming sequences that must be completed while under assault, enemy ambushes attempting to drive Tarnished over the brink, and the odd Escher-like passage. The good news is that the enemy is so numerous and so powerful that players may easily leave The Tree Canopy with at least half a million runes.

Walkthrough for Miquella’s Haligtree Canopy

The Tree Canopy

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Players will see a Lost Grace standing in front of them as they teleport inside the Haligtree. To restore flask use and HP/FP, touch the Lost Grace, resting if necessary. Before proceeding any further, have a glance around at the numerous adversaries and valuables shown on the map. Seven Oracle Envoys may begin targeting and attacking if players have progressed past the Grace.

Prepare to cross the branches swiftly and cautiously. Turn south and go to the end of the branch when you’re ready. On the body, tucked into the end of the branch, lies a Stonesword Key. Continue north, crossing the Grace, and then turn northeast on the branch. A little branch joins the route, cutting east: gently leap onto this branch, then race to the end to kill the Large Oracle Envoy.

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Players may either go north, killing five Giant Ants and entering the dungeon right away, or traverse the remaining boughs and acquire the other designated prizes, including a ‘My Beloved’ Muttering Stone, Envoy Crown, and another Stonesword key. The first genuine trap is unleashed when players go north, up the branch, and into the dungeon proper.

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While a Large Oracle Envoy fires from above, many blossoms will release a Scarlet Rot cloud. Stopping before the flowers to remove the Oracle is suggested if you have specialized in ranged combat. If not, rush rapidly across the area and evade the enemy’s barrage of missiles. Regardless, be wary of Giant Ants approaching from behind while on patrol: the three threats combined may lead to a rapid and bloody death.

Once you’ve finished, go to the indicated ladder on the bough’s left side and prepare for the dungeon proper. Move northwest from the bottom of the stairway to activate the Lost Grace, Town of Haligtree.

Town of Haligtree

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Moving onward, the number of foes will not decrease: three Misbegotten are waiting in this region, with two more in the far north building. If players opt to go up the ladder for the two riches, they should proceed with caution: a swarm of Scarlet Rot Zombies awaits at the top, and it’s much too easy to be pushed off the platform. At both the north and south treasures, a Misbegotten joins them. Cleave with huge weapons and roll to the top of the ladder to place yourself securely in the middle.

When you’re ready to enter the northern structure, keep in mind that a Misbegotten with a big axe lurks around the first bend to your right. Keep the battle on the top level because there are two more Misbegottens at the bottom; one is hidden behind the stairs and the other is visible from the top floor. Remove all of them and make a selection.

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There are two alternatives right away: jump onto the level directly north or climb the staircase to the lowest platform, where two Giant Poison Flowers await. If you’re a ranged character, go for the top platform, while melee Tarnished should go for the bottom. Before continuing on, it is suggested that you eliminate the Large Poison Flowers, regardless of your choice. It is possible to bypass this encounter altogether, however the Giant Poison Flowers have a ranged cast that allows them to reach the following battle.

Remove both flowers and make your way west to the circular platform with the statue. One huge and two little Misbegotten are present. Stand on the east side of the map and snipe a little Misbegotten to attract its attention away from the giant Misbegotten. Do the same on the second tiny, then try a stealth crit on Misbegotten’s back.

You should be able to remove the huge Misbegotten without allowing it to strike you if you time it correctly and have a high enough poise break. Take the prize (an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone) and exit via the passage to the southwest. Take the first left and look over the cliff near the treasure for a Misbegotten. Two Scarlet Rot Zombies will try to shove you down the edge on the left side; deal with all three and gain the Somber Smithing Stone (8) as a reward.

Move back through the doorway, and across the bridge to the next Lost Grace, Town of Haligtree Plaza.

Town of Haligtree Plaza

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On this map, there are three Lesser Spirit-Calling Snails identified.

There’s a small branch on the western side of the Town of Haligtree Plaza Grace, which brings players to an entrance of the building directly south of the Grace. Eliminate the three Scarlet Rot Zombies, step out of the southeastern doorway, and buttonhook to the right to find a Lesser Spirit-Calling Snail. Eliminate this snail, and then look southeast. Two more snails are in this direction, and it is imperative that you eliminate these snails quickly: their summons can do massive damage, and won’t go away until the snails are eliminated.

Kill the visible snail to destroy the sorcerer summon before closing the gap on the southern snail if you have ranged skills. It’s critical to move fast and aggressively in this area while also removing all three snails. Jump southeast over the rooftop and kill the Scarlet Rot Zombies after all three snails have died. Between the two roofs is a floor: for a safer leap, aim for this level with your jump and use the ladder to climb.

If you gaze northwest from this location, you’ll see a chamber underneath the snail combat area with one Golden Rune (12) and one Viridian Amber Medallion (+2) as prize. The leap to get to this place must be faultless. To advance, go southeast from the Zombie platform.

Note that if you don’t kill the Scarlet Rot Zombies before moving on, the foes will follow you and attack from behind while you’re involved with an extremely deadly combat. It’s possible to rush through this sector altogether if you’ve perished, but halt after leaving the last platform to deal with the Scarlet Rot Zombies descending in pursuit.

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This segment is, by far, the most treacherous within The Tree Canopy. Two Battlemages await players (notated by the skulls), with a litany of magic spells and a hefty Stone Club that can send Tarnished towards their doom. Eliminate the two Misbegotten’s in the starting building at the top left of the map, and pull out the bow. Snipe Battlemage 1, located East down the first bridge, to pull him towards the starting building.

Once he’s inside of the building with you, it’s far safer to engage while being covered from the spells of the second Battlemage. Eliminate the first, then players should be able to visit the easternmost gazebo to eliminate Battlemage 2. If you’re fast enough in eliminating the first Battlemage, it’s possible to catch the second on the platform, allowing players to push him off the edge. The southwestern gazebo holds a Hero’s Rune (4) — grab it before moving on against The Tree Canopy boss, Knight of the Haligtree, Loretta.

Knight of the Haligtree, Loretta

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Loretta is a difficult opponent. Loretta has both ranged and melee attacks down to a science, thanks to her identical move set from Caria Manor, plus her being mounted makes. Sprint to one side as she conjures swords above to avoid them all. When she pulls out a bow, start moving towards her and dodging the arrows before they hit. For a better animation tell of her assaults, remain on her non-dominant side (the one with the shield).

Once Loretta is defeated, there is little time to rejoice since the Brace, the dungeon’s second section, awaits.

Introduction to Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

Elphael, the Brace of the Haligtree, is also known as the Brace. Although the amount of traps and hidden opponents seems to rise as the dungeon goes, the Brace gives a significantly lower danger of dying from falls. The Brace is the second section of the Haligtree dungeon, featuring labyrinthine passageways spanning a rather conventional castle architecture.

Walkthrough for Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

The Church of Prayer

From The Tree Canopy Promenade Grace unlocked after defeating Loretta, players will simply need to move forward as they progress from The Tree Canopy to the Brace. After an elevator ride, players will be introduced to the Brace in scenic fashion, and will cross a bridge where a singular Cleanrot Knight stands guard.

This Knight is an excellent technique to introduce players to the enemy’s moveset and the best way to get through their defenses. The first Grace of the Brace, Prayer Room, lies just beyond the Knight, enabling players to re-challenge the Cleanrot Knight as they see fit.

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Moving north out of The Church of Prayer Grace, and Tarnished will begin to move around the outside walls of a sprawling castle. Haligtree Soldiers are patrolling the path, and suicide bombers are usually within the squad — bait the bomber into a premature detonation, then clean up the rest of the patrol. Two rooms are located on the left, western side of the path. The second, marked with a ‘1’ on the map, leads to stairs which places players near a large branch.

Climb up the branch until you reach the wall that connects the northern-most bell tower. Leap to the top of the wall, take the object behind the bell, and quickly return west to the original road. Do not descend the eastern ladder from the bell tower since the Erdtree Avatar patrols the exterior walls and may trap you there, rendering your runes useless.

Return to the lower level of this section by walking down the branch. A Stonesword gate bars a treasure on the extreme south side; acquire it and proceed far north to advance through the Brace. A structural brace runs from east to west under the ‘2’ on the map; leap onto this brace, then north to reach a location containing a Knight and Soldier. Defeat them both and take a Cleanrot Knight Ash from the chest.

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Move west to the next structural bracing after obtaining the ashes. To get a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and a Seedbed Curse, jump atop it and move up.

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Looking north from the western edge of the platform, another structural brace links two platforms, enabling players to completely avoid the courtyard. This is significant since the courtyard has a big kill zone with four fixed arbalests and an Erdtree Avatar. The safest way to advance is to skip this, at least until the next Lost Grace is triggered.

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Cut west across the rooftop garden after cutting north over the structural brace. There are a few prizes around, but grabbing the Poison Flowers safely requires care. Continue west and descend to the castle’s outer wall. Kill the two Haligtree Soldiers manning the fixed arbalests along the northern wall, as well as the single Soldier northwest of the arbalests, and take the Haligtree Soldier Ashes noted on the map’s bottom right.

Move south over the western-most brace until you’re above the platform with the furthest west platform. The jump must be flawless: dash north, down the brace, and then cut west and leap. If you miss, it’s not the end: you may either run through the western gate and touch the Lost Grace before dying, or retry the leap using the two marked ladders.

Conquering the bypassed area is significantly less difficult after the Inner Wall of Elphael Grace has been triggered. Tarnished may bypass this region altogether once they reach the Grace, but the rewards are worth the effort: the Erdtree Avatar holds a Lord’s Rune, and another Lord’s Rune can be discovered on the bottom level (eastern-most marked treasure). Continue east for Marika’s Soreseal, however fighting four Revenants in a row on the lowest level is a hard battle.

Inner Wall of Elphael

A T-intersection appears as you go south from the Inner Wall Grace. Three Crystalians (two spear, one wizard) guard a chest with the Rotten Crystal Sword on the left. Pick one from each side with a bow, bait them over the root knots, and eliminate them. After eliminating both melee Crystalians, walk on to the mage and eliminate it to get safe access to the treasure. After obtaining the sword, go west to a gigantic dome-like building with a single gap in the middle.

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Players must work their way clockwise around the area, eventually reaching the far eastern side, where a doorway leads to the next Lost Grace. Move downhill to the crosshair signal, keeping an eye out for the first adversary hidden behind a wall on your left. From here, players should use their bow to aggro and destroy the largely submerged Lesser Kindreds of Rot one by one.

Equip the Preserving Boluses and go east until no more Rot Kindreds are seen. Players will be affected by the Scarlet Rot as they enter the marsh; avoid rolling and remove the Tarnished of long-lasting Rot accumulation with soap after you’re out. Activate the Grace by passing through the door.

Golden Seed Hiding

A round hole containing a gleaming chunk of treasure may be found on the dome’s southern side. Wait until the next Grace, Drainage Channel, has been triggered before approaching this region. Moving closer will summon an Ulcerated Tree Spirit, a grueling battle with limited room to maneuver. For another Golden Seed, stand on the eastern side of the pit, against the wall, and kill this Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

The Church

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From the Drainage Channel Grace, the end is in sight. Move east from the Grace, then north along the highlighted branches into The Church. Beneath the balcony where you’ll end up is the final Lost Grace, Haligtree Roots, and finally Malenia, Blade of Miquella. From The Church, exploring both north and south will net some trifling treasures, along with a few enemies, but nothing necessarily worth deviating from Malenia for.

While defeating Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is a difficult job in and of itself, getting there is the apparent first step.

The “elden ring haligtree medallion” is a key item that can be found in the Haligtree dungeon. It is needed to complete the Elden Ring game.

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