How to Craft Warming Bottle in Genshin Impact? Crafting Guide

The dragon sting is cold, and it takes a special consumable to stay alive. In this tutorial, I’ll help you make the hot water bottle. A consumable that can save you from the cold at Genshine Impact. There are some important consumables you should always have with you in the game. I’ll list them here, too, which will help you on your trip to Dragonspine.

Genshin Flange Warmer Recipe

There are two main processes in the production of hot water bottles. First, the table to unlock the consumables and second, the ingredients needed to make the product. I’ll help you both. First I’ll talk about how to open the bottle warmer card in Genshin Impact.

How do you unlock the heating cylinder diagram?

Increase the frost tolerant shaft to level 4. To level the tree, suggest crimson agate, a glowing red stone that can be found in many places on the map. This article is only used for the alignment of crimson agate. Take the stones and offer them to the frost tree. Concentrate on raising the tree to a level where you can unlock the hot water bottle recipe once and for all.

What are the ingredients needed to make a hot water bottle?

Genshin Effect Hot water bottles Recipe

Collect two fiery flower stems and two and the star silver to send the hot water bottle to Genshin Impact. The first ingredient, fireflower stems, can be found in abundance in the Liyue region. You can also find this article in Cuijue Slope and Jueyen Karst. The second stellar silver object is located in the new Dragonback region. It can usually be found on snowy mountains.

What is the effect of the hot water bottle ?

The heated bottle cancels out the effect of total cooling on a small area for a short period of time. If you have your team, this consumable will also help them fight the cold. It will thus become an important consumable in the new Dragonspin region. You can make bottles of hot water in the game.

Freeze Resistance for all grades and awards:

To unlock new spells, maps, etc., you need to level up in the Frost Tree in Genshin Impact. There are a total of 12 upgrade levels.  I’m gonna show you a list of rewards you can unlock with Level Wise.

  • Level 1 : Meet destiny, the mystical power of ore, Maura.
  • Level 2 : Meet destiny, the mystical power of ore, Maura.
  • Level 3 : Discover the hero, the mystical ore expansion, Maura…
  • Level 4 : Diagram: Hot water bottle, Mystic Ore Effort, Maura.
  • Level 5: Fate intertwined, mystical ark upgrades, Maura.
  • Level 6 : Discover the hero, the mystical ore expansion, Maura…
  • Level 7 : Discover the hero, the mystical ore expansion, Maura…
  • Level 8 : Prototype Poyarm Northlander, Mystical Enrichment Ore, Mora
  • Level 9 : Name tag: An old, frost-resistant tree, the mystical ore, Mora.
  • Level 10: Diagram: Frost bearer, Mystic Ore Enhancement, Mora.
  • Level 11 : Crown of Insight, Mystical Heart Beat, Mora
  • Level 12: Wind glider : The wings of the hidden snow, the mystical refinement of the ore, Mora…

Genshin Impact has many improved consumables and products. There is an incredible amount of hidden weapons and regions to explore. You can use our Genshin Impact wiki guide.

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