Zenny is the universal currency in the MH universe. There are several ways to earn them in the game. But at some point you’ll have to drag the quests behind you to collect more. This leads many players to wonder if there is an easier way to make money in CDM? So, today, we are going to try to take a look at how to ferment Zenny fast in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) in this money guide.

How do I quickly get more Zennies in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)?

To get money for the farm or better known as Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), you need to follow the steps below:

After completion of tasks

The best way to collect money in the beginning of the game is to do quests. Before you accept a hunt, you can see how much money he is offering you as a reward. To get the maximum reward, it’s important to buy enough healing items so you don’t pass out while hunting. Dying will greatly reduce your Zenny reward, so stay alive for the rest of the hunt and complete it successfully.

Find the bandit’s coat.

Complete the side quest Redefine the Power Couple. Here you will be asked to hunt rats and rathals in the jungle. Once you complete the quest, you will get the thieves cloak. If you throw the bandit cloak at a monster while hunting, it will drop rare items that you can use to trade. These items can be sold in shops for a few extra zenies when you complete a hunt.

Finishing soloHomework

MH Rise is designed to be even more fun with your group. But the problem is that the difficulty of the hunt is increased, but the reward for the quest remains the same and is shared by all participants. So it is better to finish the hunt alone for more money.

Power cannot be purchased

Try to avoid buying things with your zenny. Most objects in the game can be easily made from plants and other items available on the map. So it is better to make it for your design than to buy it. This will gradually save you a lot of money.

Suspense account items

Account points are converted into Zenny and Kamura points at the end of each quest. So make sure you don’t leave any possessions on your account after completing the quest.

Selling additional items

Unless it’s a rare monster piece, you should sell as much as you can to the seller to make a lot of money. The more you play the game, the more materials and items you collect in your slots. Most of these items will be left unused in your collection and will have no purpose other than to be sold.

Sales of rare crystals

You can use your Kamura Points to buy rare items at Argosy. You can also buy rare crystals with your Kamura points and sell them for 1000 zenny each. Pretty cool, it seems.

Use the Dango slot machine

Make sure your Wealthy Man daily special is active. If you eat the Dango Money Maker, you can get 30% more zenny for each quest you complete. So make sure that on those days you do the quests that bring in a lot of money.

Use of abrasive blades

Plunderblades is one of the best Palico gadgets you can get in the game. With this gadget, you can have Palico jump on the monster and continuously attack it. The monster will then drop the rare items it is holding. So make sure you collect them all and trade them in for good zennies.

That’s all you need to know about how to quickly farm Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) in this money guide. While you’re here, don’t forget to read other Monster Hunter guides like :

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