How to get all Ethereal Weapons for Transmog Achievement in 1 day

The Ethereal weapons can only be found in the Emerald Dream and some of them are quite rare. For those who want to get all of these, most people recommend buying items from the Auction House before running into a different instance. The problem with this is that you could spend an entire day trying to buy everything you need or even more than one if you’re unlucky enough to not win any auctions for certain items. This guide will show how anyone can get all seven Ethereal Weapons within 1-2 hours by farming Emerald Dream instances at their leisure.,

The “feat of strength, ethereal recollection” are the two items that you need for this achievement. You can get them from either a quest or by trading with someone who has them.

diablo6 - How to get all Ethereal Weapons for Transmog Achievement in 1 day

Note: This was done on a PC; I’m not sure whether it would work on a console.

I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible, so I won’t go into detail about builds or anything, but I figured it might be useful for anyone looking to get the xmog achievement without having to grind out max level toons in the hopes of getting the ethereals to drop, and would rather save time with a super cheese method, so here we go! (Note: I completed this procedure at paragon 900ish, so your mileage may vary on certain stages; nonetheless, for the greatest results, I suggest being 600+.) Lower paragons can achieve it, but it will take longer.)

Before you begin, you will need the following items:

  • Boots of Illusion – may be obtained from Caches in Acts II and IV. In Kanai’s Cube, you must unlock this ability.
  • 1 Gem of Ease (Level 25)
  • 1 level 70 weapon with socket (for Gem of Ease) – preferably a weapon that can be used by all classes (I used a sword)
  • There are a lot of GR stones, but you may farm them as required on your main.
  • There are a lot of Blood Shards, but you may cultivate them as required.

The first stage will be to establish a new Witch Doctor (mine is called ThePuzzler, but that will be explained later).

  • Set the difficulty to T6 when you’ve finished creating.
  • Log in and switch to Adventure mode!
  • Make sure you use your paragon points on your Lvl70 weapon with Gem of Ease. Don’t bother about Vit/Max Mana; instead, put any additional points towards mobility and intelligence.
  • In Act 1, I utilized the Butcher’s Lair level, although you may teleport to whatever area you like.
  • Raise the WD’s level to LEVEL 31. (if you accidently go over, delete the char and start over). Begin killing adversaries one by one. It should just take a few minutes, however the level we need is lvl31.
  • Stop when you reach level 31 and teleport back to town. Return the Gem of Eased Weapon to your inventory.
  • Put whatever blood shards you have on RINGS at this stage. Only three legendaries are available to WD at level 31, one of which is a puzzle ring. To enhance your chances of collecting Puzzle Rings, you’ll only use this character for this purpose. Keep any Puzzle Rings you obtain in a safe place.

The next step is to get the ethereals themselves.

  1. Create a new character with the ethereals you need.
  2. Keep the difficulty on regular (we don’t want to level too quickly), but keep the adventure mode on.
  3. Log in, spend your paragon, and equip a Gem Weapon from your inventory.
  4. Go to any act 1 area (butcher’s lair is my favorite) and single target foes until you reach level 5. Because certain classes, such as Barbarians, have an AoE talent as their initial skill, you should avoid leveling beyond 5. If this happens, erase the character and begin again.
  5. Return to town after you’ve reached level 5, take a puzzle ring from your stockpile, and proceed to the cube.
  6. Assign the Boots of Illusion to your armor slot (leave the weap/jewelry slot empty).
  7. To get access to the Vault, insert your Puzzle Ring.
  8. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING IN THE Vault; instead, dash by everything and right to the boss. If you kill anything by mistake and level up to 6, your chances of this working are dramatically reduced.)
  9. Here’s where the cheese comes in: Greed will drop two legendaries GUARANTEED at level 5, but the treasure table will only include Leoric’s Crown (boo) and the three Ethereal weapons. Sometimes RNG will be kind and you’ll receive two different etherals, and very rarely will you get two Leoric’s crowns (it happened to me twice in 26 runs), but you’ll almost always get at least one etheral.
  10. Put your gem wep/Ethereals in the bank after collecting your treasure, then remove the character and repeat steps 1-8.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • It took me approximately 26 puzzle rings to earn all of the ethereals for the six classes I hadn’t played (18 total ethereals), although I made a few early errors (failed to set boots of illusion, for example!).
  • Salvaging low-level Ethereals still yields a lot of resources, Forgotton Souls, Dragon Breath, and GR keys on occasion.)
  • Stick to GRs that can be completed in 2-3 minutes while farming for blood shards (or less)
    • FWIW, GR91 yields 400 shards, and 1 TXVI Rift yields 4 GR Keys as a baseline. Every Regular TXVI rift was considered as 1600 blood shards, or 32 rings. Obviously, if you can’t farm them rapidly, your mileage may vary.
  • The most time-consuming element of this method is collecting blood shards for puzzle rings, so don’t be disheartened if you blow 1600+ shards and don’t acquire a single Puzzle Ring… It occurred to me multiple times, but you never know when you’ll strike it rich (one time I got 5 from spending 1600)
  • This took me around 6-8 hours from start to finish, and it can definitely be divided up over a few days if it becomes too monotonous.

I hope this helps everyone who is still looking for those ethereals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm ethereal weapons?

A: The best place to farm ethereal weapons is the aether shop.

How do I get ethereal weapons?

A: The only way to get ethereal weapons is through the daily login reward.

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