How to Get Genshin Impact Loach Pearl? (Jan 2021) | All Locations

If you want to know how to get the Genshin Impact wax bead and all the places where you can find beads in Genshin Impact, keep reading this article.

We have a complete guide here on how to get Genshin Strike Loach beads, check it out.

What is the horse’s jewel?

The lobster pearl is a sparkling splash with healing properties. Minerals and elemental particles condense into soft magical spheres when ingested by the potter. When threatened, the potter spits out objects to confuse predators with his life.

Now you know what the loach bead is and how it is used. Now we need to move on to our next topic, which is the full location of the loach corral in Genshin Impact and how to find the horse corral in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact gets a big update every 6 weeks, and it’s really great, and you get a lot of new features and new things in these updates. After a major update, the developers try to improve things that are not currently used and are not very valuable in the game. After a major update, you don’t know when an unused item becomes valuable, and some items like Starconch become extremely valuable.

To find pearls in Genshin, you must find lizards called Golden Horses. These lizards are incredibly difficult to catch, and every time you catch a lizard you are rewarded with Loach Peral. For you, these horse grains are very important in the next Genshin Impact updates, and in fact, these horse grains are still very important and essential in the current version of Genshin Impact, which is version 1.2.

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Now let’s see how we can get the Pearl of Genshin.

How to obtain a Genshin Leach Bead All locations

Here we have listed all the places where you can find pearl poachers in Genshin Impact, take a look.

For now, there is only one place to find the Horse Jewel in Genshin Impact v1.2, and that is in the Bishui levels. These poachers are found in the Bishui Plain, they are near the Dihua Swamp and the Stone Gate. You can get the horse beads by chasing horses that look like lizards and getting them using the interaction button.

Now let’s see how we can get the Genshin pearl.

  • Horse beads are easily found on a small island northwest of Seventy Stout in the Dihua Swamp.
  • The pearls can be extracted from small white and red loaches.
  • You should now start the poaching and click on the prompt when it asks you to.
  • You can easily obtain loach grains if you have successfully clicked on the item request.

So here is how to get beads Genshin’s beads, and this method is the newest and best way to find beads. If you have any problems finding these Lao pearls in Genshin Impact, please let us know in the comments.

I hope you enjoy our content on how to get the gem of Genshin’s impact.



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