How to Get Genshin Impact Scribes Box, Priest & Princess Box: Location?

How do I get the box of the Genshin Impact writers, the location of the box of the priests and princesses? You need to find these three boxes in the Dragon Tip area to open the passageway and get one of the stone tablets. All cells contain valuable materials, and you have to unlock them all to get the valuables. Here we have a complete guide on how to get the Genshin Impact notebook, the location of the priest and princess box, take a look at the guide.

The Genshin Impact v1.2 update has been released and is available on all platforms. The latest version of Genshin Impact contains a new map called Dragonspine. There are many new searches waiting for you in the Dragonspine region. There is a lot of hidden content in this region that you can take advantage of while exploring.

In this area there are 3 crates you have to find, and these crates will help you to open the passageway, and then you can get one of the stone tablets. Here is a complete guide on how to get the Genshin Impact Scribes boxes, Priestess and Princess boxes and where to find them, take a look.

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To access the secret door in the dragon bone area, you need to find 3 boxes named Scribe, Priest and Princess. These crates are hidden in the dragon bone area. Behind the secret door are many valuables such as gold boxes with artifacts, leveling material, Mora and Primo gems, and Crimson Agate. You also get the coffins of the scribe, the priest and the princess when you open these coffins.

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Now let’s look at the location of these boxes one by one.

Location of the Princess Box in Genshin

The princess box is in the upper right corner of the dragon bone area. It is situated on a small island in the middle of the lake. To start with, you should have a chat with the Blue Tree of the Island. There are a total of three cryomages that will spawn, and you have to take them. Then you can easily get a princess box.

Location of the religious cell in Genshin

Finding the priest’s box is actually quite easy, the priest’s box is easy to find on the old ruins. The ancient ruins lie on the northeast side of Dragonbone. All you have to do is spawn in the wind tunnel and float in the area after collecting the 3 waste materials. Now you have to open the coffin to get the priest’s box.

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Genshin Impact Copywriters Location

Once you’ve got the two crates, head south from the historic teleport outside the Starry Glow Cave. Not far to the northeast you can see the stone monument, next to which you have to place some fresh flowers to unlock the box with the last box of the scribes.

It’s the only way to get a box of Jenshin Impact Writers.

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Location of the secret door during the meeting with Genshin

Now you have to be quick to get to the crossing over the top of the world in Skyforest Nail. Now all you have to do is climb the slope to the cave. When you reach the top of the cave, just go back east using another ramp to take you there. You’ll see a secret room above the transporter from the transfer point on the other side of the cave. No, just find another place in this area to go, and the door will be next to the Sealy Fire torch.

The question was how to obtain the Genshin Impact Scribes Box, the Priest and Princess Box and their respective locations.

I hope you enjoy our approach to obtaining the location of the Genshin Impact Scribes Box, Priest and Princess Box.


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