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The “anemoculus locations map” is a location-based game that allows players to explore different regions of the world. The game can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store.

The Red Trinity, also known as the Trinity Charge, is learnt immediately after the Keyhole is sealed in Deep Jungle.

This means defeating Clayton and the Stealth Sneak heartless. Once that’s done you’ll be thrown up onto a ledge with an entrance to a cave – enter the cave and climb all the way to the top, slowly making your way up & over to the left.

A hidden chamber with a keyhole may be found all the way to the top-left of this cave.

Simply enter this area, and a cutscene will begin with Sora shutting the world’s keyhole, leading to a final sequence back at the Campsite. After all of these sequences, you’ll be able to unlock the Red Trinity (along with a few other goodies).

This new skill (Trinity Charge) may be used in a number of locations, but the most essential ones are in Traverse Town, where you’ll need to ignite Red Trinities to advance the main plot.


Where Have All The Spots Of The Red Trinity Gone?

There are a 6 total Red Trinity spots throughout KH1 & KH1.5 where Sora, Donald, and Goofy can use Trinity Charge.

Here’s the whole list, along with screenshots:


Item Shop in Traverse Town (First District)

This may be found behind the Item Shop at the end of a narrow alleyway.

When you activate it, you’ll get access to the Alleyway, which was previously obstructed by stacked-up crates. However, entering with Red Trinity leads to a chest containing Dalmatian Puppies.


Red Trinity behind Item Shop in Traverse Town / KH 1.5 HD


Waterway that runs through town (Alleyway)

You may get here by walking inside the Second District Hotel and exiting by the side entrance next to the Water fountain, or by going into the Second District Hotel and exiting through either of the balconies.

Then follow the rear wall (towards the Dalmatian’s House) to a little stream with a drainage grate at the end of the lane.

This has a Red Trinity, which allows you to enter the Secret Waterway section.


Red Trinity in Traverse Town Alleyway / KH 1.5 HD


Roof of the Traverse Town Gizmo Shop (Second District)

On the very top of the Gizmo Shop’s roof, there’s a wooden wall blocking whatever beyond it.

Use Red Trinity to obtain access to the bell along the rear wall, which you may ring three times to uncover Traverse Town’s Keyhole.


Red Trinity on Gizmo Shop Roof / KH 1.5 HD


Agrabah is a city on the Arabian Peninsula (Cave of Wonders)

Look for a Red Trinity in front of the statue as you disembark in the Treasure Room.

You will get a Mythril Shard and 333 Munny as a result of this.


Red Trinity in Agrabah Cave of Wonders / KH 1.5 HD


Oogie’s Manor (Halloween Town)

This trinity may be found in the first chamber after crossing the bridge in the original Kingdom Hearts on PlayStation 2.

But in the original game this spot cannot be accessed after you’ve defeated the Manor’s. So if you’re playing on PS2 you’ll need to remember to activate this before the final boss fight, or you’ll be out of luck & it’ll never be accessible.

This trinity site will be on the arch below the Manor if you’re playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5/Final Mix.

In either case, you’ll get a Mythril Shard.


Red Trinity Location in Halloween Town / KH 1.5 HD


Bastion of the Hollows (Entrance Hall)

Disembark at the Library, then return to the Entrance Hall by descending the stairs.

Then, on the second level, search for a Red Trinity statue in front of the tusked stone figure.

When you activate this place, you will get an Emblem Piece, which is required for the plot to advance.


Red Trinity Location in Hollow Bastion / KH 1.5 HD


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“Anemoculus in Stormterror Lair” is a quest in the game “Storm Terror”. The quest can be started by talking to one of the NPCs at the Stormterror Lair. Reference: how to get anemoculus in stormterror lair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to find Anemoculus?

A: The easiest way to find Anemoculus is to search for the word anemoscopus on google.

What happens if you complete Toki alley tales?

A: Once you complete Toki Alley Tales, the game will have a total of four stars. You must then beat all levels in order to proceed on and unlock more content.

How do I know which Geoculus is missing?

A: If you dont see a Geoculus in the game, theres one that is missing.

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