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The trash has been picked up, and you now have a healthy amount of tech-related items. Now what? This blog will teach you six easy ways to get rid of your unwanted stuff.

In Rust, there are a few ways to get tech trash. There is a 6 easiest ways you can do this in the game. The most common way to get tech trash is by killing animals and breaking down trees.

Unforgiving and loaded with difficult-to-find resources, Rust is a game. One of the resources you’ll need to acquire for more important things later on is tech trash. You must know how and where to get Tech Trash if you want it as soon as possible. It won’t be that difficult to find if you know what you’re doing.

Tech Trash may be obtained from a variety of game components and is found in loot boxes. There are many things that give you Tech Trash, but the ones we’ve listed below have a 100% drop rate. The majority of the goods are rather difficult to get, but if you can, they will be of great use to you.

If you are having trouble finding Tech Trash, try approaching others about purchasing some from them. They could offer you a greater price, but is it really worth it to risk losing a lot of valuables while attempting to raid these perilous Monuments?

Is Tech Waste Difficult to Find?

If you don’t know where to search, it might be challenging to locate tech trash. If you have a lot of scrap, it is one great method to obtain it. Auto-turret may be purchased at the Outpost and recycled for tech trash. Although it is not very simple, it might be useful if you have a lot of scrap.

There are several uses for tech trash. Tech Trash is a very significant resource that may be used for anything from wiring for your base to high-tech weapon attachments. Tech Scrap can only be obtained in six confirmed methods, and they are all quite easy to do so.

The following are all certain methods to get tech trash in Rust:

One discovered in loot boxes

Containers called crates may be discovered at Monuments and other prestigious locales. By hitting the Use key, it may be opened and usually includes a variety of parts as well as mid- and high-tier things including weapons, attachments, and rare resources.

Compared to wooden crates and red toolboxes, these crates often carry treasure that is uncommon. It truly simply varies, but chances are uncommon crates will include more treasure than any other crate. These crates could contain around the same amount of loot and stuff as ordinary crates, but they might also contain more things.

Tech Trash may be discovered in the following Loot Boxes:

  • 45% Chance for Locked Crates
  • 42 percent Chance for Treasure Boxes
  • 31 percent chance for Underwater Lab Tech Crates
  • 28 percent Chance for Elite Crates
  • 25% Chance for APC Crates
  • 17% Chance for Military Crates
  • Supply Drops: 8% Probability

2. CCTV Camera Recycling


The results are as follows:

  • Tech Trash thrice
  • High-Quality Metal Two

When powered and connected to a computer station, a CCTV camera may be set down to record audio and video. It can couple with a computer station using its own special ID. Anyone may couple their own computer station with the ID after the CCTV Camera has received 5 rWm of electricity. Since anybody might discover your camera IDs to watch your base, always keep the IDs varied.

3. Recycling Computers with Intention


The results are as follows:

  • 3x Tech Garbage
  • 1x Superior Metal
  • 50 Pieces of Metal

Targeting Computers are really rather hard to come by and are used for making auto-turrets or recycling a lot of scrap. It takes a lot of work to locate them, so if you do discover them, consider scrapping them.

The Computer Station is made with Targeting Computers and may be utilized for real-time surveillance when paired with any accessible CCTV Cameras. Before you throw the computer in the tech trash, make sure you don’t want to use it.

4. MLRS Aiming Module Recycling


The results are as follows:

  • Tech Trash thrice
  • Metal fragments in 50x

Given the MLRS’s strength, the MLRS Aiming Module is a necessary component that can only be discovered in locked crates. The aiming module is depleted after utilizing the MLRS. If you’re unfamiliar, the MLRS is a massive rocket system that you may use to bombard a location on the map. Although you only get one use, it is useful if you want to deliver basic damage to someone.

5. Utilizing Night Vision Again Goggles


The results are as follows:

  • Tech trash once
  • High Quality Metal 5 times

allows for nighttime vision by reflecting and boosting infrared light. A Lvl 2 workstation has a charger for the batteries. not be worn when wearing a helmet. Although it is incredibly high-tech, it is quite reminiscent of the odd headlamp candle. It is a more recent addition to the game and is quite beneficial if you go on nighttime raids to gather resources in caverns.

6. Large Rechargeable Battery Recycling


The results are as follows:

  • Tech trash once
  • High Quality Metal 5 times

An enormous rechargeable battery must discharge after a minimum charge of five seconds. connected in series is possible. Power determines the charging rate, with an efficiency limit of 80%. Another uncommon item, they are exclusively discovered in high-tier crates. It is another another object that you should really consider discarding.

Tech-Trash-Filled Monuments

In the game, there are a ton of Monuments, and each one has its unique mysteries. It might be challenging to keep up with all of the new Monuments and locations that the creators continually adding to the game.

If you’re brand-new to the game, be sure to read up on the updates from Facepunch to find out what has just been added and what is next. Although there may be more, these are the primary Monuments in the game that contain Tech Trash.

Here are all the Tech-Trash-Filled Monuments:

  • Airfield
  • Harbor
  • Site launch
  • Defence tunnels
  • Energy Source
  • Dish satellite array
  • The Dome
  • Plant for Treating Water

The “rust best way to farm tech trash” is a game that has been in the making for some time. There are many ways to get tech trash, but these 6 are the easiest and most convenient.

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