How to get the best Artifacts in Genshin Impact

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when aligning the characters are the artifacts. All Genshin Impact characters can be viable with the right transmission. If you’re wondering why you’re having trouble killing the crowd, going into the spiral fissure or doing more damage, it probably has something to do with your artifacts. In this tutorial we want to show you different ways to get the best artifacts from the Genshin Impact.

If you know where to find the right artifacts and which stats to focus on, it will be much easier to get through the game. And it also saves you a lot of hardware, Maura and other resources. Improving an artifact that wasn’t so great in the beginning can make you regret it later on. Here you’ll find information on where to find domain and boss artifacts, how stats and rarities work, and which sets and stats to focus on for your characters.

Where to find artifacts for Henschin-impact

The artifacts are located in areas and through patterns of the world at the Genshin Impact. Guns, on the other hand, are mainly found in the Gacha or in crafts. There are five zones that produce more or less rare artifacts, depending on the rank of your adventure.

What are the artifacts coming from the domains?

Here is a breakdown of the artifacts by domain:

Domain Five star artifacts (AR40+) Four star artifacts (AR30+) Three star artifacts (AR20+)
Court in the middle of summer ThunderstormThunderstormThunderstorm Angry anger
Angry anger
Resolution of conduct
Sadness Resolution
Memory Valley Girl veneer maker
Girl veneer maker
Irisome veneer manufacturer
Favorite Virgo
Small wonder
Little Wonder
Domain Gyun Archaic retreat of Peter
Remove Archaic Peter
Heart of Courage
Happy Dog
Courage Heart
The Palace of the Hidden Formula of Zhou The Crimson Witch of the FlameLavalker FlameLavalker from the Violet WitchTestament of the Defender Combatant The will of the artist-defender of battle
Clean pool and mountain cave Knighthood with bloodstains
Duty of the nobility
Bloody knighthood
Dedication to the nobility

What are the artifacts coming out of the patterns?

Treasures are not the only place where artifacts can be found. You can also find them by killing world leaders such as Regisvine (Flower leader), Hypostasis (Dice leader), Lupus Boreas (Northern Wolf) and Stormterror (Dvalin).

Chef Five stars (AR40+) Four stars (AR30+) Three stars (AR20+)
Electric Isostasis Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Marching Band
Gladiator Final
Prayers for Wisdom
Prayers for Wisdom
Itinerant Doctor
Anemia control Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Troop leader
Terminal radiator
Dog training paintsBerserker
Crio Regiswin Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Troop of vagrants
Gladiator Final
Prayers for Spring
Feather prayers
Cheerful dog
Geohypostasis Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Walker
Gladiator Finale
Troop of Exile
Travel Doctor
Oceanid Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Walker TroopGladiator FinalExileBerserkerWalker Troop Berserker
Prayers for the lot
Piro Regiswin Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Wandering Troop
Gladiator Final
Prayers for the Lighting Instructor
Prayers for Light
lupus borealis Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Touring Troop
Gladiator Final
The terror of storms Final of the Gladiator Walking Troop Touring Troop
Gladiator Final

Artifact status and rarity

Now that you know where to find each set of artifacts, it’s time to find out what’s worth updating. Artifact statistics consist of two categories: primary statistics and sub statistics. The primary statistics are the main statistics about the pinion, while the secondary statistics are all below the star rating.

There are also several rarities of artifacts ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the level of the stars, the better the scale of the statistics with each improvement. Rarity also affects the maximum gain level.

  • Three stars: Max. Level 12
  • Four stars: Max. Level 16
  • Five stars: Max. Level 20

Statistics on specific artifacts and premiums

Genshin Impact has five artifact sites:

  • flower of life
  • death flag
  • Eternal sand
  • Eonothema Cup
  • Logocircle

Each artifact can have one primary statistic and up to four substations, depending on the gain level. Substations can roll everything, but not in the same way as the primary statistics. Primary statistics are also kept for specific artifacts. The Flower of Life always rolls the flat PK, while the Death Loop always rolls the flat ATK. Sands, the Cup and the Circlet have different primary statistics. This is what each of them can do for the primary statistics:

  • Sands: Elementary handiwork, energy invoicing in %.
  • The trophy: Basic DMG premium, physical DMG premium.
  • The circle: CRIT rate, CRIT-DMG rate, recovery premium.
  • The sand, the trophy and the Circle: HP% base, ATK% base, DEF% base

Substitution or secondary statistics can never be the same as primary statistics. In addition, substances will never be a basic damage bonus, a physical damage bonus or a cure bonus. As your artifacts improve, random items on levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 will be upgraded.

The artifacts give the nets bonuses for two and four parts of the same set. This means you can mix two sets to get double bonuses. While the best sets of artifacts generally contain five stars, the optimum structure is sometimes combined to correspond to about four stars. The Wanderer troupe and the commitment of Nobless auf Klee are examples of this. Other characters benefit from the introduction of four-part sets, such as the Witch of the Violet Flame on Diluka.

How to obtain the best artifacts in the genshin impact

The selection of the best artifacts depends on your character and physique. For example, Barbara wants Virgo’s favorites to have primary statistics such as HP for flower, HP% for sand, cutting and circling and ATK for feathers. You can also exchange a healing bonus for a circle bonus if you need more healing in your group. For Barbara, it is very important that you also catalog the HP substate on all artifacts.

To do pure damage, focus on increasing your CRIT ratio to about 50% and then focus on CRIT DMG%, Basic ATK% and ATK. The most important thing to check before improving your artifact is that you have the optimal substrates and primary statistics. Here’s an example of a manslaughter flag with large scrolls:

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Remember that it is completely random and very unusual to get the perfect role. You may have to agree to enlarge an artifact that is not perfect until you finally get lucky. We do not recommend slowing down your progress in the game by refusing to compensate for anything that is not 100% perfect. Consult our character collections below if you need specific drawing instructions.

Buildings with Genshina percussion characteristics

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