How to get the Long Distance achievement/trophy in Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow brings the charm of an old-fashioned 2D game to life in many aspects of gameplay. If you showed this game to someone in the late 80s, they would tell you that this game was played on the NES. The challenge of the game also plunges into the heroics intended for him, called Feats in the game. An achievement focuses on the second boss you meet, which may make you think it’s impossible the first time around. However, it’s very useful once you learn the boss’ moves, and you can’t go back and do that fight once you beat him without starting a new stop, so make sure you do it while you’re there. It’s called The Long Distance, as described: Lazerban’s defeat without hitting him with the sword. Learn how to get a long distance achievement/trophy in Cyber Shadow here.

As mentioned earlier, Laserbrain is the second boss in the game. It comes in the second chapter, shortly after you can spend gas on service pods (checkpoints) to get health, spirit, and blade extension bonuses when you get on the pod you paid for. To save fuel, don’t buy item summaries in this pod, as you won’t be using your sword in combat. Jump out and go through the door from above and you will start a fight with Lazerin.

As the exploit description shows, we can’t even hit Lazerbine with the sword to finish this, so we’ll be using the newly acquired Shurikens for this. If you’re having trouble using the shuriken, you’ll need to hold down the D-pad/stick and press attack to launch the shuriken. If you drop one, your drink bar will drop one at a time and will not be refilled until you get one of the blue alcohol drops back. The drops of alcohol can be obtained from the rocks in the arena, so crush them with your sword to obtain more.

When you enter the room, immediately jump on one of the rocks and throw shurikens on the flower-shaped structure in the middle. This is the only part of the boss that does damage, so all attacks will be directed here. A strike of shuriken removes a health bar from the lazer in the upper right corner of the screen.

The laser carrier’s first attack is a few bullets moving slowly towards you. They’re easy to avoid; just make sure you don’t get greedy when throwing shurikens for cover.

After the bullets are fired, the two guns on either side begin firing lasers at the cartridges. The left side turns clockwise and the right side turns counterclockwise. At first glance, lasers seem difficult to gauge, but when you shoot them, they are very predictable, and usually shoot in places you are not.

After the lasers are fired, position yourself in the center, directly under the face of the laser. Other rocks will fall from above, so jump on them and start throwing more shurikens after jumping. As mentioned, if you run out of shuriken, go down and break rocks to collect more spirits that turn into shuriken to keep you alert. The scars come back after falling off the rocks, so be careful.

Laserbine is not complicated. No second form or anything. Once you get past the first half of your health, it fires a third bullet, but like the other two, it moves slowly and dodges easily if you’re not too close. Continue this cycle until you have completely destroyed his health. If you accidentally hit your sword in the middle, the boss will have you killed and you can resume the fight.

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