How to get the Treacherous Architecture achievement in Dubai — Hitman 3

The first mission in Hitman 3 has two targets to eliminate: Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant. They were both wrong, 47 and Gray, and now it’s time for revenge. There are many ways to eliminate them, and if you’re looking for a particular challenge, you can complete a treacherous architecture.

For the achievement you have to kill Ingram with his oil gun model, then kill Stuyvesant by pushing him over the railing, and finally kill them both while in the air. The first two take place through narrative opportunities. We recommend removing Stuyvesant first and then Ingram. If you finish them off, you gain access to the last one by killing them mid-flight.

How to Kill Ingram with your ModelOil Chamber .

To take out Ingram by pushing him to his Oil Brigade model, you’ll have to work your way through the mission in the Bird of Prey story. You can start the mission by going to the garden on level 1, to the right of the atrium. Once there, you hear the man known as Zana Kazem trying to enter. He will be rejected and turned away. To work, you have to accept his disguise. Because it’s in the garden, in a public place, it’s a little hard to get rid of.

For that you need to find the sound system in the garden on the left. Deal with him and bring him the blonde and get him out. While she takes him outside, you can distract Kazem by flipping a coin on the other side of the garden and taking him out. If you need something to distract Kazem, there are coins on the bench he is sitting on that you can throw.

Now that you have Kazem’s disguise, approach the guards guarding Omar al-Ghazali’s P.A. and go up the stairs. Make sure you do not have any illegal items on you when you are searched. Then talk to the assistant and follow her. He’ll take you to the conference room where you can meet the Ingram.

The meeting with Ingram will go off without a hitch. He wants you to prove you’re a killer and take out the loud-mouthed reporter who showed up at the party. All you have to do is go downstairs, find the reporter and go with him. Accompany him to a secluded spot, take him out, take a picture of his disabled body, then return to the assistant with the picture. A reporter is not going to want to follow you around forever. We recommend that you place it in front of the service area, on the left side of the atrium, behind the stairs.

When you have found the assistant, you can go to the apartment and talk to Ingram. He’ll ask all his guards to leave, then he’ll lie down on his oilskin on the table. However, a guard remains in the room behind him. Once you’ve eliminated Ingram, eliminate his guards immediately. We recommend that you have a spare weapon that you can throw at them. Then leave the room. You will have to disguise yourself to avoid the guards, or you can leave the mission if you have already eliminated Stuyvesant.

How to kill Stuyvesant by pushing him off the railing.

An easy way to access Stuyvesant is to fill out the (in)security mission history. This is possible if one of the new Stuyvesant guards starts that day and is late. To access the role, find a late speaker near the kitchen, in the cloakroom. You must have access to the service area. To do this, simply go to the service door at the back of the atrium, behind the stairs. Enter code 4706 and proceed down the hall. The rookie will talk to a woman, and you can get the papers before she finds out.

Then you need a disguise to secure the event. It’s the one where the guards wear white uniforms and blue berets. There are several walks in the immediate area and on the party, but there is a good chance to take one near the kitchen. Two guards are chatting next to the vending machine, next to the toilet. Go to the bathroom, flood the sink and then go outside. Wait until one of the guards enters and follow her inside to take her out and remove her disguise.

Follow the rest of the mission and you can report a meeting with Stuyvesant. He will welcome you and then give you a short tour of the facilities. He wants to see your skills in action and asks you to join him in a knife-throwing contest. You’ll have to crash each of the targets, so we recommend saving up in case you need to do it again. As you hit each target, Stuyvesant instructs the other guards to leave the area, leaving the two of you alone. It will lean over the balcony and you can then slide it to the side.

How to kill Ingram and Stuyvesant in the air.

Make sure you finish these two stories before moving on to the next step. After you’ve taken them both out, you’ll have to start the mission over again. You will have to go through the level to find a specific security room – the fastest way to get to that security room is on level 3. This can be done with the concierge of the apartment. The quickest way to get it is to go to the back of the atrium, wait for the guard to stand next to one of the pillars and pull it out. They can take their body to the service area using the code 4-7-0-6 and then take their disguise with them.

From there, go to level three and find one of the guards at the apartment to confiscate it. On the third floor there is a security room with a lockable box. You can call him with the code 6-9-2-7. There’s an evacuation code on the inside. You can use it to evacuate the building to both targets, making them parachute out.

You must go to the upper level of the penthouse to begin evacuation. Two guards stand next to him and explain how it works. You must use the exit card on the key reader on the ground floor and on the first floor. There is a timer to hit one and then run to the other. Once you do, both targets will launch and head to the heliport.

But you don’t have to follow them. You can go to 4. Penthouse level, waiting on the other side. There will be an open space leading outside from which they will jump again and again. But before they go, you can go where their parachutes are and destroy them with a kitchen knife. There is a kitchen knife in the main living room of the penthouse to cut them up. If they jump now, they’ll drop dead.

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