How to Make Potions in Valheim

If you are wondering what potions are available in Valheim, there are quite a few, but depending on the type of potion, they are called mead wine or barley wine.

All brews need their basic preparations before they can be made into mead or barleywine, and each type requires specific ingredients.

Potions can be very useful in Valheim, especially when it comes to surviving certain biomes or fighting the game’s bosses.

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What is mead and barley wine in Walheim?

Mead and barley wine are the types of liquor that can be made in the game, and they require several steps before they can be made.

They need to find their ingredients to make their base product and then process it in a fermenter.

These items provide your character with certain buffs that help him survive, such as. B. Regeneration and resistance bonuses against certain elements.

How do you make drinks in Valheim?

To make a potion in Valheim, you must first collect the necessary materials, as all potions have specific ingredients needed to make their basic item.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can prepare the base product in a kettle, which is done in seconds.

When the base is ready, it must be taken to the fermentation vat and put in, and the fermentation process of the base mead or barley wine begins.

After 2 days your drink is ready and can be taken out of the fermenter.

List of mead and barley wines in Walheim

Below are the recipes for the mead and barleywine used for potions in Valheim.

Once the fermentation is complete, you will still get the drink you prepared in a certain amount, 6 times per treatment.

Refractory barley wine

  • Resistant VS Fire (you receive less damage when burned)
  • Made by Barley’s Winery: Refractory (10x barley + 10x blackberry)

This potion allows players to take more minor fire damage over time, and is especially useful in battles against bosses like Valheim’s fifth boss, Jagloot.

Frost resistance

  • Resistant VS Cold (you are protected against the cold)
  • Created from Meade’s database: Frost resistance (10x honey + 5x thistle + 2x blood bag + 1 gray wolf’s eye)

To enter the mountain biome, you’ll first need the frost-resistant mead, as it allows you to survive in the icy atmosphere and grow resources.

Minor cure

While it doesn’t offer extreme health recovery, it is very useful early in the game and is a good option for emergency health recovery during boss fights.

medium curing

  • Health over time (75Health)
  • Created from Meade’s database: Small stamina (10x Honey + 4x Blood sac + 10x Raspberry + 1x Dandelion)

The ability to regenerate your health within seconds is very important, and when facing bosses or enemies that poison you, using it under the influence of poison resistance can help you survive.

Resistance to poisons

  • Highly resistant to US poisons (you suffer less poison damage)
  • Created from Meade’s database: Poison resistance (10x honey + 5x thistle + 1x neck skin + 10x charcoal)

This is useful if you encounter enemies in the swamp biome that do toxic damage, such as. B. Leeches, Blobs, and the third Valheim boss, Bonemass.

Minimum endurance

  • Recover stamina fast (80 stamina)
  • Created from Meade’s database: Light Stamina (10x Honey + 10x Raspberry + 10x Yellow Mushroom)

The more stamina your character has, the more actions he can take, and with more stamina in an emergency, your character has a better chance of fighting or escaping.

Moderate stamina

  • Fast recovery of endurance (160 endurance)
  • Created from Meade’s database: Medium Stamina (10x Honey + 10x Blueberry + 10x Yellow Mushroom)

Stamina is vital in Valheim. If you run away or get chased during a fight, there’s a good chance you’ll get caught by the enemy, so you need to regenerate your stamina.


  • Reduction of health and regeneration of stamina (-50% health and +300% stamina)
  • Manufactured by Mid: Delicious (10x honey + 10x raspberry + 5x)

Sacrificing half of your health regeneration for a huge stamina boost is a very reasonable trade-off that allows your character to go all out or run longer during fights.


Each of Valheim’s potions has benefits that can make your life easier, and they should not be taken lightly because they increase survival rates.

With the different items in the game, you will need certain potions to help you survive.

It’s worth waiting 2 game days for a set of potions, and since most resources are easy to farm, it would be nice to have a good supply on hand.

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