How to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact? Nine Pillars of Peace

Here are the full instructions for opening the nine pillars of Henshin’s Punch? If you want to unlock the nine pillars of peace in the impact of Genshin, then you’ve come to the right place, because this article explains how to find the location of the guide to finding the right pillars of peace and then find the intellectual property level of your statue of the Seven.

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To unlock the Nine Columns of the Genshin Impact, go to the Giant Pillar in Nine Columns and follow the steps below. You can obtain the handbook of the Nine Pillars of Peace by going up the slope from Ciujue to Liyue and crossing the stone in the middle of the pillar.

Genshin Impact contains many quests and sub-missions, and it’s impossible to learn anything about the missions and quests without exploring your island or terrain. You will find many quests and missions. If you explore the area and pay attention to the signs on the map, you will find these searches and missions randomly on the island. You will find the Nine Pillars of Peace next to the stone, and by reading the inscription you will be able to find it.

The stone is surrounded by many lanterns and lies in the middle of a huge canyon, it is easy to find on the slope of Cuijue. If you try to use quest log navigation, you won’t be able to find it because it won’t appear on the map. And the poles are very close to the starting point, these poles look like orange totems.

Open a 9-point shot of Genshin: Opening the columns is easy, you have to use the Memory Stone to activate all the columns. You can get the Recall Stone in the Liyue area by giving a blessing to the statues of the seven, and you need 9 stones, so don’t forget you have 9 Recall Stones.

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How do you open a Genshin strike on the nine pillars?

There are many creatures inside and you have to protect yourself from them and fight the guardian of the ruins. You will also fight a swarm of Geovishap until you defeat him. And the final fight is with the Ruin Hunter. The Ruin Hunter is the strongest of all, so keep that in mind when you fight him. You have to carry a lot of food with you to stimulate the attack and defense.

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Genshin’s nine-element collision dissolution method:

  • Collect all the memorial stones, go to each of the pillars and place a stone there.
  • Climb into the ruins and look for the ruins there, you’ll have a tough fight.
  • At the excavation of the ruins you will find a luxury coffin and an expensive coffin with royal flora in the background.
  • Now, you can sell the Ring of Fools…
    • you must select an option
      • Talk to Bolae at Liu Liu Port…..
        • You can sell it, which gives you 180,000 mora.
      • Talk to Linlang.
        • After you sell the ring, you should get about 200,000 mora.

So the question was, how do you open a 9-inch from Genshin? The nine pillars of peace.

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