How to open the safe and get a free perk in Firebase Z in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Secrets and Easter Eggs as a Call: Cold War Black Ops’ new Firebase Z map has just been discovered by the zombie community. We have often seen in the past that finding these hidden curiosities on the map was very rewarding for players, whether it was a reward in the form of free weapons or a bonus. At the Z Fire Base, a safe is hidden in the colonel’s office that can only be unlocked through a special procedure. When it is opened, the first person to show up gets a free random bonus. Learn how to open the safe in Firebase Z and get a free bonus in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War here.

Activate/start the main Easter egg hunt

Before we can open the vault, we need to complete a few steps of the main level quest “Easter Egg”. Tank energy by activating three atherium generators and return to the starting village to talk to Ravenov.

Then meet Peck in Mission Control, where he tells you that he set you up to help him. Go back to Ravenov and ask him for a key card.

You must open three cabinets on the map that have connections we use to make a truth serum. Sites

Equipment Storage


The colonel’s office (next to the safe we’re about to open).

When you have all three connections, go to the field hospital and interact with the blender to combine them. When you do, a group of hellhounds will breed. Kill them and then interact with the blender to raise the vacuum device.

You need to put this vacuum cleaner on the air conditioner, to the right of the Mission Control entrance. Go inside, and Peck starts hallucinating and dancing.

When you get the clue, talk to him and he will reveal that you need information from the three people who have turned. This is the continuation of the Easter egg hunt, but then we separate.

Grabbing Sergei’s head

After Pek has the truth serum, we need to find the decapitated head of Sergei the Zombie. There are a total of six places where the head can spawn, two in each protection zone. These are the locations:

burn protection

Under the cabin railing, on the left side.

In the grove of the path where the zombies invade.

A solid defense

Next to those green barrels

Under the stairs leading to the weapons lab.

Conservation of the jungle

Behind the shovel, leaning against the hopper on the right.

In the reed between the left and middle strips.

When you find the head, you must pick it up and take it to a field hospital. As long as you have it in your hand, you can’t sprint, jump or use anything else, so let it go if you get into trouble. Put it on the ground to protect it and it won’t discolor or anything.

In the field hospital, rest your head on the loading platform next to the right door.

Capture the essence of zombies

Now go to the data center and find the machine with the image of the brain on its screen. This machine is used to collect the memories of former Omega agents, even if they have turned into the undead.

After interacting with the machine, four food traps will activate. In the main Easter Egg, we would use them to catch some imitations, but we need a zombie to open the vault. You need to damage the zombies until they are as close to death as possible. Once that’s done, drop the gasoline trap on the ground and activate it like you would C4 to catch zombies like Pokémon. If they are too healthy or if you pick up the trap before it indicates they have been caught, the device breaks and the zombie is released. You have to put a new trap on the console and try again.

Once you have successfully lured a zombie into a trap, you have three minutes to take him to a field hospital and insert the trap into a device attached to his head. The head begins to float and enumerate number combinations. Don’t worry about remembering the combination; this process is automatic. After the head explodes, go to the colonel’s office.

Next to the cabinet we opened earlier to plug in the truth serum is a safe we have to work with. When the door opens, you can grab any bonus from inside and take a piece of information.

Know that a pack of hellhounds will multiply and attack you. Make sure you get the bounty when the hellhound arrives. If you wait too long to get them, the bounty will disappear.

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