How to Play Rust Solo Offline using a Dedicated Server

Hard to set up on Rust’s online servers, so try single-player missions that you can play offline.

Playing Rust on busy servers is no easy task. Especially for new players, there are not enough respawns to survive. Rust is an online multiplayer game where you meet tougher players on online servers waiting to tear you to pieces. But if you’re new to Rust and looking for some time to practice, there is a way to play Rust offline. Learn all the tactics well enough, and when you feel confident enough, you can just go back to the online servers. Here is the methodology that will allow you to play this game without going online.

How to play Rest Solo Offline

Follow the detailed instructions below to set up your own standalone Rust server.

Step 1: Download and install the Rustserver

Download to the Rust server

To start playing Rust offline solo, you need to set up your own dedicated server. You need to download the official server package.  Click on the link to download the 677 KB Rust offline server files. Then follow the instructions below to set up a stand-alone Rust server.

  1. Pack the files from the Rust_Server package into a folder.
  2. Navigate to the folder and run the file Run_DS.bat.
  3. Right-click the file and select Run as Administrator.
  4. Exit when the installation is complete.

Step 2: Rust server configuration

Rust service console commands

The next important method to play Rust online is to set up a server. To do this, you need to run the game, so make sure it’s working properly.

  1. Start the Rust game, then press F1 to start the console.
  2. client.connect localhost:28015 – Enter the following line.
  3. Press the Enter key and a new game is started.

At the beginning of the game you play on your own server, which is dedicated to Rust offline. There will be no other players on this server, you can only play and perform various tasks. You can also explore different locations, so you can easily find your way around the next time you find yourself in an online game.

By following the two methods above, you can set up a dedicated Rust server. You can play offline without the players being online. Then just turn everything off and return to the online server if you want.

Rust server commands:

To help you learn more about managing a stand-alone server, here is a list of Rust server commands. Many of them are also characteristic of online games.

  1. admin.mutechat – Blocking the player’s access to the chat room
  2. admin.mutevoice – block the use of voice chat by the player
  3. Banning – Banning or kicking a player
  4. banid – Adds a player to the list of banned players. Don’t make it public.
  5. Bind – Executes a console command.
  6. Troubleshooting room – free room
  7. Dead. Kill the entity you are looking at.
  8. Whoa. Take a look at the SteamID of the player.
  9. env.time – Changing the time of day
  10. – the fall from height begins.
  11. god – Activates cross mode.
  12. – Triggers a helicopter event.
  13. Hit – Hits a player from the server and makes an announcement.
  14. moderator – tunes the target car to level 1 (ModID).
  15. Staple – player’s model enters the staple (flies, ignores collisions)
  16. Respawn – Brings you back to life on the beach as a novice.
  17. Let’s say he sends a message as a SERVER.
  18. server.writecfg – Saves all player ID changes (mod, ban, god, noclip) in the configuration file.
  19. viewer – Look at the casual player
  20. Watch a specific actor
  21. status – Prints a list of current console users, including ping, IP, SteamID and anti-hacking violations.
  22. teleport – teleport to the target player
  23. unlock – remove SteamID from the banner.
  24. vis.attack – Contains debugging information for projectiles, including rendering projectile tracks.
  25. Teleportation – Teleport directly to a specific organization.
  26. heli.calltome – Start a helicopter challenge, but the helicopter flies to you before continuing the normal patrol.
  27. sleep + wake – the old function is only available to administrators!
  28. weather.fog – Defines the probability of fog.
  29. weather.rain – Adjusts the probability of rain.
  30. inventory.give – Gives you a specific item and quantity. A short element name or code is required.

Rust is a pretty interesting game and is used by tons of players all over the world. If you’re wondering why Rust is so popular, check out this link to learn more.


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