How to play the Jungle role in Smite – Best gods – December 2020

In Smite your team of five players is divided into different roles: Support, Carry, Middle, Solo and Jungle. Jungle players spend most of their time moving on the map, swinging between paths and trying to clean up as many jungle camps as possible and give their teammates fans. From time to time you will try to dive into a job and attract a member of the opponent. Understanding how this role works can be a real challenge. We will work out some basic elements to help you learn this role.

When we refer to both sides of the map, we mean the side of the Order, the yellow map, which is lighter. When you’re playing on the other side, just turn each card we use to meet during play.

Starting points

The objects to be confiscated are the Assassin’s Blessing, two drinks, a shield and the first level of the chosen object. The two drinks may be different for some players, but we generally recommend using more than one drink. The first level also varies depending on where you want to start. Some jungle players try to build the bootstraps first, but we don’t recommend it. Boots are better suited as a second element.

Where to start in the jungle?

After collecting your stuff in the early stages, you’ll want to make your way to the yellow chamois, which stands for speed. You should have this fan with you for the duration of the game if possible. You and your team are the god of the middle ground, and then you’re on your own. Now, let’s go for the blue favorite, and it’s on its way to the god of solo track. If the god of the lonely road is already in blue, go get him right away. When they decide to go their way, they take the camp of the harpies next to the yellow fan, and then go to the blue fan.

Your final destination will be the middle runway, and you want to try to capture the middle harpy camp if you can. Hopefully you’re on level two now. The other side’s jungle will also try to get here, so expect a fight to break out. When you’re done, go down the middle track to the jungle on the left, take a single middle harpy, then a red camp for your middle job god. It gets a bit more open there, but it’s a standard model for most junglers.

If you catch these fans after the game has started, you’ll spend most of your time in the jungle, jumping between camps and alleys trying to catch the opponent. Above all, you want to stay in the jungle as much as possible. It’s nice to be in a friendly hallway, but you don’t want to stay here because it reduces the amount of experience and gold you and your teammates get. It’s best to eliminate as many camps as you can see and hit the golden altar to give them all gold.

When do you have to have spasms like you’re in the jungle?

It can be hard to tell when it’s the right time to jump into an alley and help your allies. Usually you want to attack when your teammates have enemies on the run and they start running away. If there are no enemy quarters underneath, you can dive in and surprise them. But it’s a perfect oceanic irio, and banditry is never perfect.

It’s a good time to fire a shot when your teammates are fighting in the corridor when the enemy has pushed them back. The more the enemy is pushed into orbit, the easier it is to finish them off because they cannot escape. The best time to intercept an enemy is when he is on these lines or has crossed them.

The enemy will find it difficult to escape, giving you and your allies a chance to strike back.

You want to avoid a robbery if you underestimate it. You know when you don’t have much because the jungle and the other teammates are two or three levels ahead of you.

How to reach levels quickly in the jungle

If you’re overwhelmed or have problems as a jungle team, many jobs have problems because you can’t find time to block their path or even give them a short break so they can get back to base. It’s difficult, and you want to stay as even as possible with your allies.

The best thing you can do when wrestling on the ground is to stay in the jungle, ignore the back alleys, ignore all potential gangs and focus completely on agriculture. You want to stay in the jungle as much as possible, clean it up, and then sneak into the enemy jungle to steal all the XP you can get. The less you think about making a job of it or giving yourself a boost, the more you can focus on the orientation of your kit. Once you’re back on track, don’t hesitate to intervene and help your teammates who are also in trouble.

Better Jungle Gods

These are some of the best jungle gods from the list of Smite’s Assassins that you should definitely try if you want to get your hands on the role. They can change as meta shifts of the game and small patch notes are added to give buffs and nerves to certain gods and objects.

  • Bakasura
  • Da Ji.
  • Fenrir
  • Their Baz.
  • Mercury
  • No, it’s not.
  • Nemesis
  • Together
  • Susano
  • Tsukuyomi

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