How To Refer Friends & Get Rewards

Pokemon Go has a new referral program that lets you refer your friends and earn rewards. Many players are curious about how this referral system works and how it can benefit both of them. Also: What rewards can you get to attract new players or keep them coming back? Our guide on how to recruit friends in Pokemon Go will help you do just that.

How to make friends in Pokemon Go

Follow these steps to refer your friends to Pokemon Go and earn rewards and bonuses through the referral program.

  1. Open the Friends menu in the game.
  2. Choose Invite.
  3. Copy your own referral code for use by a friend.
  4. Share this code with other players.
  5. This service is for friends who are new to Pokemon Go or return to the game after about 90 days.

How does it work?

All your friends have to do is enter a Pokemon Go referral code when they try to create an account for themselves. You can also use it after logging in and find your friends’ profile page directly in the game. You also need to make sure the player is in your friends list. That’s it. This brings us to another question: how do you get rewards after you recruit friends on Pokemon Go? What rewards does the new or returning player get and what rewards does the scout get? Read on to find out.

Rewards for ReferralsHow to get a Pokémon for a Friend

To redeem bonuses and rewards after contacting friends in Pokemon Go, you have to wait. A friend must actually play and complete tasks to be rewarded. There are certain tasks, such as. B. Win a raid, hatch 20+ eggs that your friend must complete. Fortunately, there are rewards for both a new or returning player and for a referral, so that’s great.

Pokemon Go Reward Program Referral Lists

Here’s a list of benchmark jobs and rewards for both types of players.

Mission accomplished. Reward for the delayed player Sponsorship bonus
3 eggs hatched 1 rare piece of candy Galarien Farfetch filled
Catch 1,000 Pokémon 3 Premium Battle Passes 3 Incense
Win 3 Raids Lapr meeting 1 premium battle pass
Catch 50 Pokémon 1 Super Incubator Darumac meeting
Trade 5 Pokémon 10 Pidgey stickers 10 Pidgey stickers
Make two new friends. 10 Pikachu stickers 10 Pikachu stickers
Give a friend 50 treats 5 Rare candies Bible study
Defeat 3 Go Rocket grunts Meet the Sharizad Meet the Sharizad
Defeat the leader of the rocket team. 50 Mega Charismatic Energy 50 Mega Charismatic Energy
Win 50 chocolate bars by running with a friend. 5 Premium fights 30 rare candies
Visit the Poke Stop 30 consecutive days Pokémon meeting Pokémon meeting
Throwing 100 good pitches Snorlax meeting 2 Super incubators
Winning the raid 1 premium battle pass the Bagon meeting
20 eggs will hatch Meet Chengxi. Meeting with the Daino
Win 20 raids 3 Super Incubators 5 Super Incubators

So as your friend reaches various milestones during his adventure, you’ll also receive rewards and bonuses.

Now read about the important Pokemon Go tips and tricks to become a better player.

frequently asked questions

What is a good switch?

When you refer, people on both sides need to feel like they are being treated with respect – like the V.I.P.S. or very important people they are. You should be able to give the perfect recommendation so that people from both sides contact you and express their appreciation for the recommendation you have given.

Does he/she advise friends to go to work?

Your bottom line: Customers recruited through paid customer acquisition programs have higher retention rates and larger purchase margins than other customers. In other words: Yeah, they work.

What is a friendship programme?

Modern referral programs or referral-friendly programs use software to track referrals from satisfied customers through a referral code, reward card, or referral link. Depending on the referral campaign, customers typically receive a bonus or benefit when they refer a friend.

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