How to remain undetected in Welcome to America, Comrade gig – Cyberpunk 2077

What could be more hospitable than putting a tracking device on someone? In Cyberpunk 2077 you will attend a concert where you play the role of a saboteur agent and attach a GPS tracker to Mikhail Akulov’s car. You can find a car in Kabuki Harbour, but it won’t be easy to enter the area, and although it’s not necessary, the customer prefers you to go unnoticed and use camouflage. At this level there is a simple way to facilitate camouflage.

Where’s Kabuki harbor?

The port of Kabuki is located in the southeastern part of the Kabuki region. It will be right on the coast and heavily guarded.

How to get to Kabuki Port?

When you arrive at the port, you cannot go through the main entrance. Many guards are ready to keep you out, and because the customer prefers not to be seen, you will want to go unnoticed. You have two possibilities to enter the port. First left of the entrance, in the alley. You can climb up the container, then jump over the crate and over the fence. Further to the left is the gate, which can only be bent when you have six points in your body. If you don’t, jumping over a container is your only option.

How do I find a container with avehicle?

Once you are in Kabuki harbor, you will be surrounded by many workers and guards. To save time, the best way to find the container is to go to the left. When you fill in this field for the first time, there are two employees to the left. You have to take it out so no one can see you. The best way to do this is to attract links, derive them electronically and wait for them to appear. You can take the worker to the cleaning machine. When they come back, take the other person out and put them both through the drawers. There’s a garbage can where you can hide them.

With these two on the outside of the painting, move as close as possible to the left side of the fence and move until you find a small space in the big drawers. You sneak into this area and avoid the worker and the surveillance robot as they patrol the area. At the end of the boxes is a camera that you can hack into to send pings to enemy locations and guard the area.

Behind the security robot there is a large, veteran guard, behind the docker, and above the blue container with the car there is a larger, denser defender. That’s the car you need to go to. Stand as far to the left as possible and grab the top of the tank by the drawers. There’s another dumpster that can be used to hide the body.

Once this guy’s out of the way, you need to find a way to distract the veteran guard. They can best see you moving. You can use the generator behind them to distract them, slip inside and get directly behind the bat guard. There’s a sniper on the top platform of that station, so keep an eye on him.

If you can calculate the time correctly, you can use the generator to distract the veteran Guardian again, start a fight and remove his body before anyone notices.

How to place the GPS in the car

All that remains is to install the GPS in the car. Just like the rest of the mission, you can’t see it doing that. When you are approaching the car, you must approach the car and click the edit icon when you are in the car. The last thing you need to do is leave the area unnoticed, just as you came in.

If you finish the concert without paying attention, Regina adds a bonus for your efforts.

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