The hospital fuse puzzle is the most elaborate in Little Nightmares II. It takes up most of the third chapter and requires you to find two fuses to power the elevator that will take you to the upper floors of the hospital. After entering the waiting room, you will see an empty fuse box and an elevator on the floor above you. Go up the stairs and look to your right to see a closed door.

Go back downstairs and walk through the hallway until you find an X-ray machine in the room. Notice the pictures on the wall next to the table by the entrance. One of them shows a key, which can be used to open the closed door, inside the stuffed animal.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Go directly to the children’s playground. Go to the shelf and grab the toy with the stuffed rabbit. He’s the one with the key. If you’re not sure you have the right one, you can put it behind the x-ray screen and pull the lever to the right of it. That will open the key inside.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Grab the toy and carry it to the room to your left. Enter the elevator and descend to the incinerator.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Throw a stuffed rabbit into the room on the right. Press the lever next to it to light the incinerator. When the fire is out, the door will open. Dive in and grab the key.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Go back upstairs and open the door. Go through the dentist’s office to the next hallway. Go to the screen until you reach the closed door. Use all six to make your way through the doorway. In the next area, grab the cardboard box blocking the passage under some metal shelves and remove it. A corpse will appear on the operating table and come to life, and an arm will detach and slide down. Be careful for later.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

After you have mastered a few sections of the climb, the hand will begin to chase you. You can avoid this by climbing the shelves, but be careful if it gets too close to you. It can come up and grab your face, starting the game behind the screen. Just run and climb to escape it, and you’ll eventually reach a slot through which you can crawl to the next area. Follow the path and dodge the hands in the next room. When you reach the last shelf, stop the safety on the workbench. Climb on it, pick it up and put it on the ground. Jump up and get ready to fight with your hand.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Lure him to you and Duke as he prepares to strike. Run forward and grab the hammer on the other side of the floor. You have to hit the arm three times to kill it, but be careful not to miss. The weapon can dodge your punches and jump to catch you if you time them wrong, so be careful. After each successful hit, the hand will run before returning the other side. As long as you shoot quickly, you will easily defeat it.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

When your hand is dead, grab the fuse and head for the exit. Remove the box that is in your way and throw the fuse out the window. Go alone and take the fuse back to the stairs. Do not put the fuse in the box. Instead, take it to the closed metal door on the other side. Put it in the box and go through the door.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

In the next area, go straight from the entrance and let Six take you through another gate. Turn on the flashlight and pull the lever on the wall to turn off the light. A dummy will come up to you. Pull your torch over him to stop him on the trail. Keep your lantern pointed at him with the mini-mast on the right, go around and out of the room.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Follow the corridor and pass the stationary mannequins, then go through the upper left door. That’s where things get complicated. The various mannequins in the next room will come to life, so be prepared to run fast and wave your flashlight. Dodge the first two and slip under the bed to avoid them. In the next room, it’s best to walk past them and light them up when they connect. Slowly walk back to the broken door at the back of the room and run, jump and grab the edge above you to escape. Climb the table and enter the slot in the opposite wall in the next hallway. Go down the stairs and start walking in the next hallway.

The models will try to pick you up here in their cells. Go very slowly, don’t make any sudden movements, and with your hands writhing, make your way through the crowd. The crawling dummy will come out of its cage and start chasing you. Run for your life, duck under all the beds, and if you see two other crawling dummies approaching from the front and side, shine your flashlight on them as you pass them. At the end of this corridor, you’ll come to a door. Quickly turn around and keep your light on the three enemies so they can’t chase you.

Turn around and run to crates you can climb on. Go through the slot at the top to get into the shower room. Open the closed door by throwing a bar of soap on the knob. Turn off the light with the light switch and go to the next room. The mannequin will get up from his wheelchair and walk towards you. Turn it on and go back to the switch. Turn it on again so the dummy can’t reach you. Push the wheelchair to the door on the other side of the room and climb up through the slot in the door.

It is the last place where models will hunt you in the dark. They are hard to avoid, but it is best to crawl against the top wall first. Turn on the first two mannequins, which will move and be guided through the small space between the two chairs. Next, walk through the mannequin maze, moving your right thumb in all directions where the mannequin comes to life. They will come from all directions, so be careful and try to put the groups together so they are all stopped by your flashlight. Run to the end of the room and slide under the wooden planks blocking the emergency door.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Go to the stool on the wall in the room with the electric chair. Jump up and pull the lever down so the fuse pops out. Carry it to the container with the door closed and throw it in.

Six pull the drawer aside and put the fuse in the fuse box to open the door. Go outside and take the fuse. Go back to the elevator fuse box and insert the fuse. Six grabs another and once she puts it in the slot, the elevator doors open to complete the puzzle.

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