How to start a conquest game in Smite Season 8

The first minute of play for the win over Smith could easily set the tone for the rest of the game. The way you start the game can determine whether you reach Level 2 earlier than your opponent and, if so, whether you can get an early kill against the other team that gives you an even greater advantage. It takes some practice, but with the right starting positions for each reel, you can climb up to solid profits.

Medium and portable launchers

The wizard and the porter start next to each other in the team’s buffalo camp (red). Both roles will clean up jungle camp and then part ways. The middle player turns to his lane, to the middle, and then takes the wave. You must reach the second level before this wave dies. The roller of the conveyor belt switches to the carrier positions, which must be in the empty buffer stock (violet).

Basic position support

The supporting player immediately moves to an empty (purple) side on a long strip of the card. They will try to reduce the health of the minions and the big jungle monster while waiting for their carrier player to transform. It is strongly recommended that the last shot not land on one of these minions, to ensure that the transport can reach the second level when it reaches the corridor, or has the best chance of doing so as soon as possible. The support role will do a lot of damage at first, but it’s worth making sure the transport can reach level 2 before the enemy team.

Jungle and Solo launch positions

The jungle role and solo role will work together, as will the carrier and mid-range role. The jungle and lonely trail begins at the fast cavalry camp (yellow). Then go down to the two Harpy XP camps between the Mana Buff (blue) camp. The jungle and the trail alone can separate these camps without hesitation, and once the blue camp is over, both should reach the second level. The jungle camp will want to turn to the middle lane to fight for the XP camps or to help the middle player. A single-player role-player will turn into his hallway and fight another single-player role-player.

Should we buy and use the hand of the gods?

Many players used the Hand of the Gods when they started out in the jungle to get on the path faster. It’s a 100 gold coin and it’s replaceable. It does 200 real damage to all jungle monsters around your position, but only affects jungle monsters on your side of the map, so you can’t use it to invade and steal another jungle team’s camp at the beginning of the game.

If you’re in the jungle, you’ll want to buy it and use it against a large camp of Harpy XPs while shooting with your solo roleplayer. Although both players can leave the camp pretty soon, this will allow the lone players to reach their gang quickly, and they won’t miss as much XP from the gang minions fighting each other.

Some players use it for those who play a supporting role, and if you do, wait until your role player is close enough to gain experience and kill gold. The goal is for both of you to get into the lane fast enough to clear the wave before your opponents can arrive. You can also buy it, keep it, and then put it to use for Garpy’s side camp in the middle of the driveway. It’s a good strategy to carry and support gods that can clear pretty quickly.

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