How to use Matrix Labs in Dyson Sphere Program (Beginner’s Guide)

In the Dyson Sphere Matrix Labs program, these are centers that connect the real physical world to CentreBrain. Supermatrices is CenterBrain’s source code for maintaining an inner world. The technology and information from CentreBrain’s analysis is transferred to you to expand your base. In this guide, we will show you how to use Matrix Labs in the Dyson Sphere software.

To use Matrix Labs in the Dyson Sphereprogram

To use the Matrix Lab in the Dyson Sphere program, you must first learn how to build it. Open the Exploration Technologies tab by pressing T and select Electromagnetic Matrix. Ten circuit boards and magnetic coils are needed for the study. You can create matrix labs when you are done with your research. To make a matrix lab, you will need the following materials:

  • 8 Iron bar
  • 4 glasses
  • 4 Printed Circuit
  • 4 Magnet coil

Matrix labs can be built on the surface of the planet or stacked on top of each other. Vertical matrix laboratories supply raw materials to the lower level, and higher level laboratories automatically share these raw materials. Production automatically returns to the first level. In other words: You can only move material in and out of the lower matrix lab.

Matrix Labs offers a study speed of 60 hash/sec and only starts studying when there is enough material. In multimatrix laboratories, research can be done faster, and the same progress is made between laboratories.

There are two modes in the Matrix Lab: Matrix and research. Matrix mode creates matrices, while search mode consumes supermatrices for search technologies that require them. You may need two stacks of matrix labs, one for making cubes and one for research. Here is an example of the implementation:

How to automate the production line for matrix cubes

Each type of matrix cube requires many different materials, and at some point you will want to automate the production line. The first one you can make is a blue cube or an electromagnetic matrix. Two nodes are needed to start automating the production of electromagnetic tools : Iron and copper vein. Once you find the veins, follow these steps:

  1. Construction of milling machines for milling copper and iron cores
  2. Send the ore to 3 smelters: Iron balls, copper balls and magnets.
  3. Construction 2 assembly machines : Oven panel and solenoid coil
  4. Create and host a matrix laboratory.
  5. Send the circuit boards and solenoids to the matrix lab.
  6. Creating an electromagnetic matrix

The automation process is becoming increasingly complex as we move to more advanced die types. In the following table, courtesy of /u/Scheballs, you will find the complete production line for all Matrix cubes:

Super-matrix types in the Dyson sphere

Here are the different types of dies you can make in the die labs.

Electromagnetic matrix (blue)

The following materials are required for the production of the electromagnetic matrix :

  • 10 Magnetic coil
  • 10 Cover plate

The electromagnetic matrix is one of the five main source codes that support the CentreBrain simulation and form the basis for scientific and technological research. The electromagnetic matrix will unlock the matrix research center.

Energy matrix (red)

The following materials are needed to make the energy matrix:

  • 200 Electromagnetic matrix

The energy matrix is one of the five main source codes that support CentreBrain simulation. The advent of the energy matrix has contributed significantly to the advancement of technology. Energy Matrix paves the way for other advanced energy technologies.

Information matrix (violet)

The following materials are needed to create the information matrix:

  • 800 Electromagnetic matrix
  • 800 Energy matrix

Immediate and efficient information transfer can significantly optimize the industrial production process. Loading the information matrix to get more technology can improve the management of information on the automated production line.

Matrix structure (yellow)

You will need the following materials to create the structure matrix:

  • 800 Electromagnetic matrix
  • 800 Energy matrix

Structure Matrix retains the CentreBrain matrix, which mimics and loads more structured matrices to better understand the structure of matter.

Gravity matrix (green)

The following materials are needed to make the gravity matrix:

  • 1600 Electromagnetic matrix
  • 1600 Energy matrix
  • 1600 Structural matrix

The gravitational matrix allows the CentreBrain system to model and coordinate the quantum field and general relativity. It unlocks the Space Warper recipe (advanced) and makes it easier to make Space Warper.

Matrix universe (white)

To make the matrix of the universe, you will need the following materials:

  • 2000 Electromagnetic matrix
  • 2000 Energy matrix
  • Structural matrix 2000
  • 2000 Information matrix
  • 2000 Gravity matrix

The matrix of the universe contains everything: Matter, energy and information. It is the ultimate crystallization of the theory of everything, and reveals the ultimate mystery of the universe.

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