Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Demo Impressions (Switch)

After the release of the latest version of the Nintendo Direct Mini, the demo version of Hyrule Warrior’s Age of Calamity collapsed. It allows for the first two missions and some secondary content. After the first task, you can play them in cooperative format with a split screen for two players.

Back to the past

The opening scene starts during a natural disaster, when Hyrule is overrun by guards. Zelda unleashes her powers to protect the link that awakens a strange mechanical being passing through a portal. From there, they take us a little earlier to Hyrule Castle, where monsters attack the fortified city. During the battle Link meets this strange creature and together with Impa and Zelda they learn that it came from the prophetic future of the rock to protect Zelda.

Warrior with a touch of cruelty

As in the Warriors game, the gameplay has the same speed as normally expected. Through piles of enemies with combos and massive attacks that accumulate during the course of combat, conquer outposts and perform tasks during a mission. There are many Breath of Nature (BOTW) touches in and out of battle.

In the demo, you can play the roles of Link, Imp and Zelda. They all have their own films and types of weapons, such as Link Surf Shield via Enemies and Impa’s Kodachi. They also have unique actions such as linking arrows or Impa, which absorb forces to free the clones from themselves.

All characters have access to the skills of the Sheik Shifter – remote-controlled bombs, magnesium, stasis and cryogenics – which can be used to repel enemies or create environmental impact. It’s fun to attack your enemies in the air with your glider. Another mechanism of BOTW is the Storm Gust, where, after a perfect evasive maneuver, you can attack in quick succession to break through enemy cover. As has become the norm in some recent Warriors games, the toughest opponents have a vulnerability sensor that you have to break to knock them out to cause real damage. You can launch an attack to stop it, although this is not always necessary.


Besides the impact on the environment, you can also search for homemade bombs, treasure chests that need chalk to be dug up, or many hidden dolls. Unstoppable enemies get rid of things like food and monster parts.

Outside the mission you’ll have access to a Hyrule card, where you can deliver materials to get recipes or open other shops. With a recipe you can cook for your mission to get a buffet, for example to increase your speed. Some supplies give the character a new attack (or an addition to existing combos). The blacksmith makes it possible to forge weapons together, increasing their statistics and giving them extra properties, such as doing more damage in full health.

There are challenges that go beyond the main tasks. This allows you to align characters without having to repeat the whole mission. You may also fail a little more in battle. We had a problem with the enemies that had killed 300 Lysaphlos because we had one minute left, and we couldn’t find the last six almost at the last second because they weren’t shredded when we passed them earlier.

More than you want

Looks like you’re playing it. It’s nice to see places where there used to be more life. I’m glad there’s more at stake.

The soundtrack (without all game sounds) can still be heard quite well. Although the theme of The Guardian has returned to haunt me and my future origins.


I played the first level of the PDA and thought it worked well on the mass explosion side. It has the usual problems of penetrating and waiting for the enemy at the outpost, but nothing too serious. In split-screen mode, the frame rate increases more often, especially with all the crazy things you can do. I’ve seen people complain about the pictures, and it’s not great, but I don’t think it’s bad. Especially in comparison, when I think of the fire emblem warriors in the cooperative, and they had variations.

A strange thing that struck us is that the conquered outposts did not bring any allies, so the places remained largely empty and defenceless. I found the goal a bit boring, while my friend really hated it and never wanted to use onions again. It’s certainly not as smooth as KOTA.

Soon, but not soon. will do.

The demonstration gave us an idea of what most combat and other mechanisms look like. The majority (myself included) think this game is a prequel. And yet, after watching the opening scene for the second time, I think the time travel jokes will steer this story in a different direction. I hope there are other missions and other bosses. Since the first Hyrule Warriors has so many characters and so much variety, I hope that what can be compared here for now, the fight is quite fun and I can not wait to play it to the fullest.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity for Nintendo Switch on 20. November. Maybe we’ll finally hear something in Persona 5 Fight. Your data stored in this demo version will be transferred to the full set, so let’s give it a try!

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