I Fought the Law gig – Cyberpunk 2077 – Did Holt kill Rhyne?

When an important person dies in the city at night, it rarely happens by chance and rarely for natural reasons. Cyberpunk 2077 contains a concert called I Fought the Law, in which you will investigate the death of Mayor Lucius Ryan. He would have died of natural causes at home. But a few days before he died, he was attacked by a cyber-psycho. It’s your job to find out if something’s a fish or not.

Machining Braindance

Elizabeth Perales will call you and she’ll want to meet you. When you visit the website, she and her husband Jefferson want you to examine the brain connections of psychological cyber attacks to see if anything is wrong. Bryndance takes a minute and gives you a few thousand dollars to watch, and Johnny even shows up. He says you usually get paranoid. Every clue in the firewall is linked to the search, so if you follow the steps of the editor, you should find everything. There’s nothing hidden here.

These are all points in the company’s image that need to be changed and displayed.

  • Deputy Mayor Holt – audio and video at 00:10.
  • The door that Deputy Mayor Holt passes through will be visible at 12:29.
  • CCTV malfunction – visual at 01:01.
  • Cyberpsycho buzz – audio at 00:59.
  • Cyberpsycho – visual at 01:05.

Once you have displayed all editions, you can exit the firewall. You can talk to Jefferson, and you have three options. Whatever you decide to do, it will take you to the next part of the investigation, where you need to talk to the agent who met the cyber-psycho, Detective River Ward. You can call Ward on your phone as your new contact. You and Ward meet at Chubby Buffalo, where you get to know Ward and his partner. You’ll work with Ward to investigate the boss of the cyberpsycho and then the Red Queen Club.

You can ask the salesmen to find the worker’s boss, or you can wait a minute until Ward finds her first and leads you to her. After you meet her, you can meet Ward’s informant to find out more about the Red Queen’s race.

Talk to the department informants about theRed Queen race.

If you meet Ward’s informant, he’ll send you to talk to him. When you go to the counter to talk and give the secret password, he runs out of the shop and tries to escape. Ward cut him off, and the three of you talked about the Red Queen’s race. Find this place, and Ward will take you there.

Warehouse registration

When you arrive, you’ll learn that this is Animal Territory, one of the many gangs in Night City. The department can’t get in, but you can. To access the warehouse, go to the left side of the building. There will be a side door through which you can sneak inside and which opens a series of stairs. Go down and into a small hole.


A guard enters the building, which is accessible from below. Wait till they’re at the table and then put them away. There’s a garbage can next door where you can hide the body. Leave the small building after care, but stay on the left side of the complex. Follow the gate to the warehouse. If you have five technical functions, there is a door that you can open for easy access. If you don’t, go to the front of the camp, and there should be a small hole that can slide in on the right side.

The entrance to the club is in the middle of the camp. It is a large container with yellow arrows on the side. Go to the container and open the door. There are several guards in the room, many of them are upstairs, and you can remove them before entering the container for your convenience. The container leads to a staircase leading to the elevator downstairs.


Find an office and disable Animal Manager.

When you go down the stairs, you have to find an office for the club. The office is in the back, and the boss is talking. Once you’ve entered them, you can interrogate them very quickly.


If you interrogate the boss, you know Deputy Mayor Holt sent the animals to destroy the club. If you do a computer survey, look at the files, check the folders, and you will see that Khan is involved. Go back to the entrance of the river, and you’ll face Khan.

When you come back to talk to Khan, he and River discuss city politics and then leave. You and Ward are gonna talk,but whatever you do,River is gonna believe Holt killed Ryan,and he’s gonna report it to Internal Affairs. You should call Elizabeth.

The final step is a conversation with Elizabeth and Jefferson in their penthouse. Talk to them and you have two options to tell them about your research.

  • I had a good idea what happened.
  • I can’t really draw any conclusions.

Each of the two options takes you to two other options where you tell them what you think about what happened.

  • It was an accident. NCPD covered it up.
  • Holt’s behind this.

If you tell them Holt’s behind Ryan’s death, they’ll take appropriate action on their behalf, and I thank you for confirming their suspicions. But if you tell them it was an accident and the NCPD covers it up, they’ll say they sleep better at night. With each of these options you will receive a payment and you can leave the building.

Once the search has been completed, few results seem to have changed as a result of our actions. We still got our payment, and River was still going to talk to internal investigations about Han and how Holt probably caused Ryan’s death.

After a while River will call you and the hunting show will start.

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