I loved torghast, now I can’t get myself to even go there…

Okay, I don’t normally write this kind of stuff, but it’s been bubbling up inside me for a while and I need to get it out.

It’s obvious to everyone that it’s an inspiration from Roguelica/Rugelita, so I’m going to compare it to my personal king of the genre: The Issac band.


Torgast is awesome, that’s why it hurts so much when he trips ….



There are a total of 547 items in Issac’s Binding, there are 51 Anima powers for the Death Knight, of course if you extrapolate that there are 612 Anima powers in the game for all 12 classes. But, uh… For me, as a player, I don’t have access to 51 because some of them are exclusive. So due to the absolute lack of options, your routes will be the same, especially in the winding corridors where you can collect more animations than those available….

Importance of themes


Epic Fetus, Tech X, or countless other incredibly powerful things – it feels great! By combining the above combinations of sulfur and rubber cement, an amazing building can be created that is completely OP.
It might be cooler for the other classes, but for the Death Knight it means he does more damage with ability X. There are combos like Ancient Dragon Breath +
Unlimited Spirit Power + Tome Of Swordplay that are cool, but most come down to this: More minions, more minions, etc.
Seeing a good performance of Anima Cell evokes a feeling of Finally instead of Fuck Yeah! and getting a bad one is x3 more exciting.
Why didn’t Blizzard decide to draw straws with this? Turing DK in range, your 50% healing is now a shield that explodes after 5 seconds, so 150% of the shield counts as damage. Get rid of Sindragosa as a pet. So many options you don’t have to weigh.

Dying is fun.

Then the wow team had the biggest problem: How can I make death funny? Instead, they resigned themselves to the fact that death is less of a penalty and decided that the job was done. There is nothing more frustrating than dying at the last boss and saying NO. Deformed gears are an Excel problem, I spent 3 hours here, I’m dead. Better luck next time…. Even at Visions, if you screw up, you have something. In Issac you die, oh so 20 minutes of lost time, and after the first 20 hours of play, dying will probably unlock something. Major frustration factor and missed opportunity. From what I’ve read, I have an easy one like Blood Death Knight, but again, I press the content sometimes at medium speed sometimes super slow, it’s still unable to kill the ultimate boss.


Where do I start… Well, maybe Torgast is generated by the process, but you could fill me in on the fact that it’s the same dungeon over and over again…. Sometimes the path closes, sometimes it’s another room, but overall compare walking in Torgast to the wonder of walking through the door in Binding of Issac, it’s just someone who can’t stand it…. Locks and unlocks are not shown on the map, so you can walk down the corridor and find that there is a closed door, it is not a pleasure to explore, it is another disappointment.

Bosses and enemies

The patterns here are fun in both games, the mobs have enough mechanisms to keep them fresh and force them to dodge. In general, Torgast seems to suffer from the lack of variety of enemies, why only shadowy mobs? It’s literally hell, you can use any race/monster/machine and it would make sense.

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Such twists to death are fun, in Binding of Issac you first fight your mother alone, then you go into the mother’s womb to fight her heart, then you go to hell or heaven to fight Satan/alone. You will then discover that there are 4 other alternate end steps, then you will discover that you can fight a Mega Satan or a Lamb. So much change when you win a small victory.
With a Bargainer, you get a +1, as in myth…. Well, um…

Should I knock? Did I miss the point?

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