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I am convinced that the best video games are also the most exciting. Many games can have excellent mechanics, good art, or beautiful music. However, the best games can perform the ultimate magic trick. They distort time and space itself! A truly immersive game can turn hours into minutes and wipe out all thoughts of the real world.

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First, let’s try to get everyone on the same page. What does that mean for a compelling game? This terminology is often used, but the meaning seems to change from person to person. Let’s start even simpler. What does immersion mean? After

Merriam-Webster, the first definition of the word is simply to include a commitment. Well, that’s vague. Does that mean it takes up all my time or all my attention, or both? Does this participation consume all my energy or extra finances?

I’ve been thinking for a while about why this definition is so vague, and in the end I think it should be. When we look outside the video games, it becomes easier to see. Someone can be engrossed in a conversation, engrossed in a good book or engrossed in the world of sports. The word is used with the same definition each time, but the implications are different. Video games are a unique medium because, although they can all be grouped under the same label, the actual gameplay and player involvement can be very different. Let’s compare puzzle games and RPGs to see this difference in action.

Immersion in all genres

This immersive puzzle game springs into action as quickly as possible, always adapting the atmosphere to the current situation. The original Tetris is a good example. There is no tutorial or level change scene. They start playing and keep playing until the end of the game. When you start playing, the music is very calm and relaxing. As you progress through the levels or approach the blocks that fill the screen, the music becomes more and more frenzied, causing the player to panic. As a player, all your energy is focused on turning and placing the blocks, which can be done in less than five minutes.

Immersive role-playing is more about building a living world with interesting and believable characters. While in most puzzle games I want to dive into the action as quickly as possible, in an RPG I absolutely adore the two-minute scene that starts the game and introduces me to the characters and the world. Give me a reason to learn more about this character’s past and follow him on his journey. It makes me curious about the current political situation and the events leading up to it. Characters should have believable motivations and consistent behavior. There must be a good reason for this holy paladin to accidentally start eating babies. The art style and music must necessarily fit the mood of the moment and the theme of the game in general. Ideally, there is always a playable reason for the mechanism. Explain why my character can respawn at save points when I die, and don’t address me directly as a player in the tutorial.

Know your audience

It’s more complicated. Immersion changes not only depending on the genre, but also on who is playing the game. If immersion relies heavily on music and sound effects, will your players turn up the volume? If you’re trying to get your players to develop a strong emotional connection with the main character, can they condone the art style you choose? Does your game forgo a world map to better encourage the player to explore and discover? Some players may never find their first city.

After all, it’s impossible to make a game that appeals to everyone. It’s much more important to decide what the game is and who your player base will be. I’d rather make a great game that the target audience loves than a mediocre game that tries to please everyone. After all, if you target a specific audience, you’re more likely to reach a larger one anyway. People are more likely to try a game outside of their comfort zone if it is enthusiastically received by existing fans.

A rule common to all

I have often said that immersion is a fluid and vague concept, but I think there is one rule that can always be applied to immersion:

Do not interrupt or disturb the players in their game!

Examples include ads, long tutorials, unstoppable cutscenes, loading screens, and energy limits. These things are sometimes unavoidable, but the less of them, the better. It doesn’t matter how good the art is or how perfect the game mechanics are if the game keeps getting in my way. There should be no barrier between me and the game.

Establishment of major games

So if you want to make a great video game, you should always keep immersion in mind. Also consider what it means for the intended players to be immersed in the genre of this game. Do your best to engage the player in your game and keep them engaged. If you can get your players to waste time and constantly make a new move or complete a new quest, chances are you’ve found a winning formula. The ultimate goal is to create an extraordinary experience and do everything possible to make the player forget the existence of the outside world.

Immersion – Key – HexaNeph Games

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason for it to be released that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major release date are therefore not eligible.

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