Is Snake Eyes in Fortnite Coming From G.I. Joe? Full Leaks and Details

Do the snake eyes of Fortnite come from G.I. Joe? Snake Eyes is the next character to join Forntie at the Zero Point event. We have all the details on the next Snake Eyes character in Fortnite.

The news and rumors about a new character in Fortnite have flooded the entire gaming market. The news is that the Snake Eyes character is coming to Fortnite during the Zero Point event, but is it true or just a rumor, let’s go see.

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The Fortnite Zero Point event will be the most exciting of all Fortnite events, as Epic Games continues to do amazing and interesting things for Fortnite players. Epic continues to add exciting new features to the game, such as many new features, cosmetics, characters, skins, and a host of other things, and these things keep fans hooked.

The best part is that Epic is going to add something more interesting and unexpected, as they are going to add GI Joe characters and especially the character Snake Eyes to the game. The character Snake Eyes will play an episodic role in Fortnite, and for that reason alone, all players will want to know about the next Fortnite character. We have a lot more information and details about the character Snake Eyes, which you can read in the next section.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Snake Eyes in Fortnite, check it out.

All leaks and snake eyes information in Fortnite

Epic Games continues to thrill fans by adding many popular characters to Fortnite. Epic has already added many well-known and popular characters from various cartoons, comic books and many other video games. This time they have done the same and added GI Joe’s character Snake Eyes to Fortnite.

:: Incoming Transmission Log – Reality Log 10155 :
Target Description : Master Ninja

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) 29. January 2021

Epic Game itself has leaked the character of G.G. Joe’s Snake Eyes in Fortnite. Epic Games has a unique way of surprising fans with crazy stuff like this. The epic game had previously teased Sarah Connor, Terminator and Predator. They also added all the skins of all the characters. And this time Snake Eyes has been added to the game.

Epic Games shared an audio show in which Agent Jonesy talks about the next fighter he’s found and points to the GI Joe team. This show was shared by Epic Games on the official Twitter Fortnite handle.

Moreover, with Snake Eyes in Fortnite, Epic Games has left another footprint to watch out for, and that’s Epic Games’ Director of Human Resources, Donald Mustard. He shared a picture of himself reading the comic book and this pst doesn’t have a ContExt, but we and fans think it’s another allusion to GI Joe’s character in Fornite’s Snake Eyes.

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More information can be found here:

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) 29. January 2021

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We hope you enjoy our approach – Snake Eyes in Fortnite by GI Joe? Leaks and full details.


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