The abstract themes and undertones of It Takes Two begin to transform into concrete game mechanics in the Cuckoo’s Nest chapter. May, who always wants to be in two places at once to focus on her career and family, is cloned. In the meantime, Cody can unfortunately go back in time on certain objects. You get these skills early in the chapter – master them, and the chapter puzzle should be a breeze.

Looks like it: It Takes Two – Rose’s Room, game tips and user guide.

Time Gate


Cody’s timing is a simpler concept: just shift the right trigger, and then use the analog stick to move back and forth on the timeline. Target objects that look black and white – rubbing them backwards changes their time flow, returning objects that can be destroyed to an intact state.


May needs more to clone her head. Hold down the left trigger to leave a clone, although it’s more of a jumper – you can’t move or control this light clone. Instead, you can teleport to where you left the clone by holding down the right trigger. Basically, you want to use a clone to go faster.

Remember the first puzzle – use Cody’s time to get the trash can and get both characters through. Then May must place the clone at the front by the closed door. Have both characters pull the levers to temporarily open the door, then have Mei teleport to her clone and walk in front of the door before it closes.

Remember that May’s clone always remains in place, i.e. it can be left in the air and obstacles such as moving walls and elevators do not affect its position. Use it to get to places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.

You both have to follow the images of the wooden puppets of Cody and May as they travel the tracks and progress by solving the puzzles. You follow them through the city, where you’ll find two different mini-games and a triangular Zelda Tribute Force achievement. Guide the wooden puppets through the town, past the burning fake fire and the drawbridge, until you reach the gate for the ominous clock tower. Change the time on the door to match the tower clock and you’re there.


Before you enter the clock tower itself, you must solve two different puzzles on the two towers at opposite ends to remove the force field that is preventing you and the wooden puppets from entering. This order gives you two birds to set up – choose the tower you want to reach first.


The tower on the left leads you to a locked door with mysterious buttons to knock down the pound in front of it. Look for a destroyed bridge and an open door on the left – Cody should be able to turn the bridge to May, but he’ll close the door before May does. Return the bridge to its collapsed position and the door will open on May. You see the clock corresponding to the symbols on the keys. Have Cody touch the buttons in the order these clocks are set: Wasp, bird, cat, moon, dog and sun.


After you solved the riddle, take the elevator and leave the tower. Collect flying birds and fireflies – pick them up from the air as you fly towards them, then bomb the tower you were in with them. This pushes the damage away from him and weakens the cuckoo’s force field. Then go to the right tower.


Another trick puzzle requires precise timing and coordination. Look at the spinner in front of you. The arrow goes clockwise and determines which of the formed platforms (red circle, blue square and green triangle) is solid to jump on. After passing the first set of platforms, Cody must rebuild the bridge on the left to access some keys. These buttons deactivate the platforms in the second set. If Cody is on the blue square, May must turn the first red circle into a green triangle. Cody then jumps to the next red circle, and May turns the last green triangle into a blue square. This is easier said than done, as you only have a limited amount of time to make these calls and answer questions.

Once you’ve blasted the second tower with fireflies, go to the front door with the wooden dolls and use pulleys to jump into the wall on either side to open the door.

Factory clock


Immediately after entering the bell tower, you encounter a threat in the form of a closing wall. Before you crush, ask May to make a clone. When the wall is past the clone, teleport behind the wall and prevent it from closing.


In front of the large and imposing statue, two keys are needed to pass the next door. Slide along the rail to the left to get to sliding platforms on which you can jump. Cody must then move some platforms on the half rails in May’s direction; move the first platform in May’s direction to enter, then move the platforms back. Maybe you should keep the clone, then Cody will advance the platforms again. This will leave the platform under May’s clone, so have her teleport there, and then Cody can push the platform back so May can move forward.

Continue this platform with Cody, remember you can leave clones in the air for Cody to activate and deactivate. Then May will reach the spiral; turn it on with Cody’s timing so May can reach the first key. Go back to the statue and turn the key in the lock.


With the puzzle on the right you can get the key out of the cage. Cody must manage to flip the two doors closing on the right side so May can jump off the wall. Cody then materializes a platform to May’s left and goes back in time. Advance the time to materialize the right platform, but this will cause the left platform to collapse. You can leave the clone where the good one is to make it easier.


Then May pushes forward with the launcher – she can then lower the cage, and Cody and Time adjust the door to release the giant shears that cut the rope hanging from the cage. Have Cody lift the cage with a time machine, and have May clone under it. Lower the cage and May can take the key out. Leave the clone when the cage is down; Cody can lift the cage and May can teleport with the key. Put the key back into the statue and turn it forward.


Looks like it: How to beat Boss Bull in It Takes Two.

The next bull boss has no health bar – you’ll have to beat him in three turns. Reform the button under the stone bull statue with Cody’s time manipulation; have May make a clone elsewhere in the room, then have her step on the button to expose the pedestal. Bull will then try to attack May; teleport to the clone at the last minute to dodge a punch and force Bull to attack to the base. Do this two more times to beat the boss.


Pick up debris from the fight to make platforms for May. Then there are movable walls. The last two walls don’t move, but Cody can move them left and right in time. These two walls are too far apart for May to make a wall jump, so Cody has to move them further to close the gap. When May jumps from the right wall, push the left wall to the right, so May can jump on it. If he jumps off the left wall, move the right wall to the left to get the same effect. Do this several times until it reaches the top. May can push the lantern to get Cody to his feet, and flip him over to lift him up.

Cross the button-activated bridge and have May make a clone on the other side while Cody is on the button; then have May go back, stand on the button so Cody can cross, and then teleport to the clone. Then survive in the elevator where two deadly clockwork arrows are spinning; stay close to the center and jump accordingly to survive. Then survive an encounter with an unfriendly mechanical bird to reach the center of the cuckoo clock.

An explosion from the past


This dead belfry is a boss fight in itself. First, survive a few swings; use your dodge roll, but not too much so you don’t fall off the platform. These clocks will fall and make your platform smaller and smaller. Then you freefall and move through the air to avoid damaging the gears.


This is where it gets trippy. You’re stuck in a time loop, surrounded by eight hours while bombs fall on you. In each time loop, stand next to the clock to destroy the bombs. Then the giant clock explodes and sends you both away.


In this cinematic action game, Cody must manipulate flying trash to use it as makeshift platforms. Let yourself go to the giant clock, coordinate, look around for possible platforms and watch each other’s screen. Then Cody lands on part of the clock and flies to the giant clock. You both must make a hasty exit to the exploding clock tower platform, and you will both reach your respective wooden dolls before the chapter ends.

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