It’s been over five years since Quinn’s rework, and to this day it still feels terrible not being able to play as Valor.

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Of course, I’m not advocating taking Quinn’s current Ultimate off the market – for everyone who misses the old Valor, there are just as many people who also love the current Ultra.

However, I think the ability to play as Valor was an integral part of being a champion and should come back in some form – but not at the expense of his current ultra.

In 2019, Rioter responded to the idea of a partial ultra-return by stating that he

You need a good reason to come back. But for someone who has written countless threads on the old League forums, multiple Reddit discussions, multiple Ask Riot posts, and even memes on the subject over the past few years, sharing these reasons was like a shout out into the abyss. So this is my last attempt to bring Valor back, and I hope the following reasons are strong enough to support his return as a playable scrum.


  • Quinn is the archetype of the fantasy ranger, and rangers are generally adept at both melee and distance combat. If the champion could fight both at a distance and at close range, it would reinforce her theme of the Demacian Ranger, ready for any situation.
  • Playing the role of a pet and seeing through their eyes is an important part of the Ranger fantasy. We see it in games like WoW, D&D and Assassin’s Creed – each gives the player the ability to trade through their beast. It turns out that animals resonate with people, and giving them the chance to play one of them is a great video game moment!


  • and his legendary eagle, Valor, share an inseparable bond, and his enemies are often killed without realizing they are fighting not one, but two of the kingdom’s greatest heroes. This crucial aspect of Quinn’s story has been there since his release, but in his game it’s not. In some stories, Quinn has been shown to be capable of taking down fully armored soldiers on her own, and it’s been suggested that he’s the reincarnation of his twin brother – but his main contribution to the game is controlling Quinn and appearing on the screen for half a second to highlight enemies. Quinn’s setting just doesn’t do justice to the mortal Falcon Valor, which is actually a canon of the League.


  • Quinn needs more than a simple right click. While not all champions need to be at the high level of Aphelios, I think you could make Quinn’s argument that the mechanics are fairly shallow and would benefit from more interesting combat patterns. Intro Aptitude Test. Should I do damage at a safe distance or kill quickly? Adds depth to the championship without raising the bar too high.
  • Marksman, becoming a fast melee killer, is a great casual position that is currently vacant. While we have a few markers with game styles as risky and high-octane as Kai’Sa and Samira, Quinn is defined only by his melee transformation that provides powerful roaming and scouting tools.
  • This gave Quinn’s game a tremendous boost, similar to the activation of a modern Riven or Vayne. There was something very visceral and satisfying about the sudden shift from shooting kit to fast melee killer and from stealing to catching someone through bravery – not just because of the visuals and sound effects that accompanied it, but also because it served as a cool highlight of Quinn’s gameplay that’s now missing from the current iteration.


  • Valor was the only raptor champion in the competition. While there are many bird characters in the game, none of them live up to the fantasy of a fast and deadly bird roaming the skies and throwing itself at its enemies. That slot has been out of the game since Quinn did it again.
  • Quinn and Valor were the only duo in the league where you could play both characters. Unlike Nunu and Willamp or Lamb and Wolf, the Q&Vs had their own individual attacks, skills and portraits in the game. It was one of the strongest and most unique duets in the league, because you could play either one or the other. And while the old, ultra-modern Duo needed a little work to make Valor really feel like an individual character (i.e. give him his abilities instead of a melee version of Quinn), it was still a better version of the Duo concept than what’s in the game now.



What is the solution?

Unless there’s a full VGU coming – and that could be years away, given the results of her recent redesign poll – I really think a partial return to Quinn’s Ultra players would be the best compromise for both new and old Quinn players, at least until she gets the full VGU. Let’s go back to playing Melee Valor, but keep the channel at ultra casting and retain the speed and bitter coldness that new players of Quinn love. Throw away the AoE pre-work and make Valor a scout function, ending Quinn’s loot as soon as he’s flattened. So those who preferred the old Ultra can finally play as Valor again, and those who prefer the new can still have those unbeatable card tricks that only Quinn has to offer.

Since Riot is planning to update some old champions that need a little love with minor revisions, like B. the next Rammus, this could be the best time to solve Quinn and Valor’s problems once and for all. I really hope we’ll see the return of our beloved Demacian Eagle as the fast-paced melee-killer he was always meant to be.

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Post It’s been over five years since Quinn retrained, and to this day she feels bad about not being able to play for Valor. at a League of Legends game.

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