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Long-time gamers may remember the avalanche of platformers in the first half of the 1990s. Everyone has good memories of successes like Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog, but those who really love video games probably have memories of games like Aero the Acrobat, Bubsy the Bobcat, and even brand-based games like Yo Noid!, Cool Spot, and Mick & Mack Global Gladiators (the latter two are great games). It was a kind of primitive renaissance with Bonk’s Adventure on the TurboGrafx-16, Joe & Mac on the Super NES and Chuck Rock on the Sega CD.

The last generation has seen the death of many third party studios that released B and C level games, but with the attack of independent studios, we not only get them back in abundance, but we also see many games of amazing quality that need our attention. Jet Kave Adventure is a return to the heyday of platform games, but the problem is that there is so much competition in the genre that it is difficult to stand out unless you’re really good or have the pedigree of a company like Nintendo behind the product.

Most small games of this type have an artistic 8 or 16 bit style that really tickles the nostalgic bone. The first thing I noticed while playing the first level of Jet Kave Adventure was how much he tried to compete with Donkey Kong Country Returns. The graphics are similar, and even the landscape is fully 3D instead of the typical 2D background. It’s not that bad, and I really liked the graphics throughout the game, even though they never reached the heights of retro games. The jungle is fully represented here, with vibrant and colourful landscapes to browse and explore. The game is still played as a typical 2D platform game, but the 2.5D graphics make sense on the Switch screen.

The starting point of the game is very simple and sweet. You are a well-known caveman who, after fighting with alien technology and discovering a futuristic jetpack in the rubble. It turns out that an extraterrestrial that crashed on the planet needs a huge power source to repair his ship. It is on its way to a volcano in the distance where it will erupt to capture the energy. Of course, that would be disastrous for Kava and her friends, so we have to stop her. Your new jetpack essentially gives you a double jump with the ability to glide for a short distance. It also unlocks a new feature where you can press the R-shoulder button to slow down the time and aim the purple arrow. When you release the button, Kave shoots in that direction and destroys most things in his path, including some walls and even enemies. There is an energy meter that limits the number of flights. Small collectibles scattered across the levels can only be achieved by skillful use of the jetpack.

Besides running and jumping, Kave is also equipped with a club for hitting enemies. At the beginning of your adventure, you’ll also be given a catapult to shoot your enemies from a distance. The levels have secret areas, so be on the lookout for anything that looks the least suspicious. You will also find meat that you can store to help you restore your health when you start losing weight.

The weak point of the audiovisual package is probably the music. That’s what it is and it is very typical of a prehistoric game of this type. The usual grunting and groaning seems to have torn out of a public space. You’re not humming that tune, that’s for sure.

All in all, Jet Kave Adventure offers an entertaining experience, even if you’ve played it before. There’s nothing completely new or original in it, it’s just a matter of habit. If you have played all platform games in the Exchange and still want more this game should fill the void. It does nothing wrong, and the level of difficulty is a bit on the easy side, but it also does nothing revolutionary to stand out. I appreciate the work that has been done on the graphics and mechanics of the Jetpack game, but with very little deviation in the design of the enemy and a fairly simple platform action, the game is hardly surprising.

Review of the Jet Cave adventure

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • Sound – 4/10
  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • Late complaint – 6,5/10


Final thoughts: WARNINGS

Jet Kave Adventure meets all the requirements of a side-scroller, but leaves no lasting impression. What’s here is solid, and there are some fun levels to go through. The soundtrack is pretty boring, but the graphics are fun to watch and you will enjoy the game mechanism of the jetpack. This is a good choice if you need more platforms on a system full of platforms.

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