Jonah’s Gaming Blurb: Thoughts About Switch Pro Rumours

Hello, fellow gamers. It’s time for another article, and today I thought I’d write a bit about the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors. I am not an expert in this area, and none of my opinions or suggestions should be taken as the sacred truth. Here are some thoughts I had since reading the rumors online.

Switch Pro rumors

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The internet is full of rumors about a supposed Nintendo Switch Pro. I’ve never trusted Nintendo rumors before, but with all the recent leaks and rumors turning out to be true, maybe I should be a little more careful this time around.

The most prominent rumor claims that the Switch Pro will feature an updated OLED screen from Samsung with a 720p resolution and the ability to support 4K UHD. Personally, I don’t think native 4K support is a realistic prospect for a revamped Switch system. If Nintendo wants to play with 4K, I think they’ll do it by implementing it in a brand new console. But as we’ve seen with the new Nintendo 3DS lineup, Nintendo could come out with a new Switch model with a modest performance upgrade.

Mistakes Nintendo should avoid

The mistake Nintendo wants to avoid is splitting the Switch’s user base. Software compatibility within the Switch family is very important. If a professional can enjoy one or two exclusive titles, I can’t imagine Nintendo or any other developer turning away so many users. Instead of creating dozens of new exclusive games, developers could incorporate Switch Pro-exclusive titles into new and recent Switch games. Imagine if Breath of the Wild remained the same game, but updated to take advantage of updated console, processing and graphics capabilities.

DLSS What?

The Switch Pro reportedly features NVIDIA DLSS technology. Deep Learning Super Sampling technology (DLSS) adjusts game graphics to look sharper and brighter on higher, non-native displays, such as 4K UHD TVs. I took the time to watch a video from Digital Foundry on the subject, and while the technology may provide a sharper image on larger screens, I’m not sure it will cause a mass rush of current Switch owners to upgrade. I imagine Nintendo will gradually replace the existing Switch with a new one, just like they replaced the original 3DS with a new one.

I also think the next Switch should continue to support the current Joycons. I think it would be silly of Nintendo to introduce an upgraded Switch that isn’t compatible with the existing Joycons. I am confident that the use and support of the Joycon will remain the same.  However, it would be nice if Nintendo could do something about the drift problem.

Is Switch Pro something for you?

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So what gamer would want to buy a professional Switch for 1 day? Will it be a must buy for Ladiesgamers viewers? I’m not sure. If you’re primarily a portable reader, the new, slightly larger and more energy-efficient OLED screen may be an incentive to upgrade. OLED should also offer other minor visual improvements, such as slightly higher color saturation. Can you imagine a small color difference between the OLED screen and the LCD screen of the Vita? The irony is that Sony has replaced OLED with a slightly inferior LCD. At least, if the rumors are true, Nintendo will switch from LCD to OLED.

But I don’t think the switch from LCD to OLED will justify a one-day purchase for many, unless you’re concerned about the edges of the current model. Are you proposing a switch port that uses an existing outside shield box? The more I think about it, especially with GPU graphics acceleration and DLSS, the more tempting it is, but not everyone is a nerd like me.

The Switch Pro will be an enticing proposition for TV-hungry gamers, especially if they care about frame rate and want a little more visual fidelity. Speaking of which, from what I’ve seen of DLSS, I don’t think the improvement will be enough to entice hardcore graphics fanatics to check it out. If that’s the case, I think Nintendo would do well to focus on improving the performance of the handheld.

What do you think?

Interestingly, I asked others via Ladiesgamers what features they would like to see in an upgraded Switch, and our boss Yvonne would like to see a bigger screen and better battery life. And C.J. wants Streetwise back!

CJ’s suggestion intrigues me, since most players complain about resolution and FPS. However, with the Turn Switch, Nintendo can restore additional features that can benefit from more GPU power. For example, is it possible to add a new and improved Miiverse to the Switch? Can they add Nintendo’s online chat features to the console’s firmware? And while I haven’t used Streetpass often, many players have earned hundreds of hours using this particular feature.

The Ladiesgamers team would like to know what you would like to see in the Nintendo Switch Pro.  Feel free to share your hopes and dreams in the comment section below.

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