KontrolFreek Black Ops Cold War and Galaxy Thumbsticks Review

I’ve been playing first-person shooter since I got serious. It was essentially the Call of Duty series. They say training is perfect, but I’m still not a perfect player. I have an average of 2-3 K/D (kill/death ratio), but even after all these years I still feel that my goal is not good enough in some games. To remedy this, I decided to try out KontrolFreeks to give myself a head start and improve my goal. I’ve had some experience with KontrolFreeks in the past, but I’ve never really experienced it so far.

For this research I tested a brand new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Performance Thumbsticks, and FPS Freek Galaxy Thumbsticks. What surprised me the most was how unique these two sets are. I had the impression that all thumbs were the same, but I discovered that KontrolFreeks actually offers very unique thumbs that have a number of individual advantages.

KontrolFreek Black Ops - Cold War & Galaxy Nail Stick Testing

The KontrolF series Black Ops Cold War System features two high rounded folding rules for maximum precision and an original and ergonomic design of Cold War-inspired elements for exceptional grip. Folding rules have a curved style that you may or may not like. Personally, I didn’t really like them, but I could get used to them after a few hours.

The left and right thumbs add 13.6 mm height to increase arc spacing and motion accuracy. A larger arc height and distance means a wider range of motion to refine the range, allowing the target to be reached more quickly and accurately. The use of KontrolFreeks also increases in-game sensitivity for faster and more controlled movements than with normal thumbs.

KontrolFreek Black Ops Cold War and Galaxy Nail Sticks Review 1

Black Ops Cold War KontrolF series comes in black and red with a design in the style of the Cold War. The drawing is quite complex and if you look closely you see engravings with the words Call of Duty, Cold War, USA, USSR and 1981 on the edges, which is a nice touch. Not only has the design been refined, but it also has the advantage of using a special rubber compound that improves traction and reduces slip.

They adapt to the PS4 and PS5 controllers and lock very easily to the PS5 dualsense. Yet they were once very strong. Overall, I really refined the design and the subtleties and details. It must be hard to put so many things on one finger. What a team of KontrolFreek designers to make it happen.

My personal preference between the two, FPS Freek Galaxy, was more suitable for my thumbs. The Galaxy’s purple design also goes very well with the DualSense design. However, they are also available in a more suitable white colour. Another reason why I prefer Galaxy KontrolFreeks is that they are actually at two different heights.

KontrolFreek Black Ops Cold War and Galaxy Nail Sticks Review 2

As a general rule, only the right thumb should have the greatest height, because this is the stick used for aiming. As a result, many KontrolFreek users typically mix two sets of KontrolF series to get a smaller left stick and a larger right stick. Mixed height combination for faster target acquisition and better accuracy on the right side and better control and maneuverability on the left.

In particular, there is a concave inch in height that adds 10.0 mm to improve accuracy on the correct analog. The left pendant, on the other hand, has a hollow centimetre for better control during movement in the game, while having a nominal height of 6.5 mm. This is one of the few KontrolFreek kits, and it is definitely the way to go in my opinion, because the triple thumb is only needed for the right thumb.

When most people use KontrolFreeks for the first time, one question comes to mind: Does it really work? In short, the answer is yes. You will see a 100% improvement of your goal and therefore of your performance in online shooters. So if this is why you are considering using KontrolFreeks, I can now confirm that my tests have shown that I personally have played better with KontrolFreeks in several online shooters.

KontrolFreek Black Ops Cold War and Galaxy Nail Sticks Review 3

I got so used to the thumbs, their grip and comfort that I ended up leaving them for all the games I play. Those with smaller hands have to be careful not to get large sticks, but otherwise, because they have fairly medium hands, they still feel at ease after a few hours of use. All in all, KontrolF series are affordable, they enhance your lens effectively and they look pretty cool.

If you choose the black-look KontrolFreek sticks, the Galaxy SPF KontrolFreek sticks or any other pair, use the code Demon10 to get a 10% discount.

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