Last Epoch Sentinel Build: Doom Void Knight (0.8.2)

The Last Epoch Sentinel was one of the most ambitious projects we worked on in 2014. Originally envisioned as a mobile version of the modern battle royale game Rust, it quickly became a much more complex project, as the team at Battle of Banners continued to refine the game engine and implement more features. Once the game was “feature complete”, a period of time was spent fixing bugs and tweaking the gameplay mechanics to make the game more fun. Finally, the game was ready for a new build, and the Sentinel was reborn!

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Image: Eleventh hour games This build of the Last Epoch guardian focuses on the Void Knight and the use of the new Apathy’s Maw weapon, released in patch 0.8.2. We have a 100% chance of DOOM on a hit, which does a huge amount of damage over time and increases the melee damage against this opponent. The weapon also adds a large amount of melee damage in empty spaces, which we combine with Rive and his 100% empty space damage increase node to deal powerful blows. Introducing the Last Epoch Doom Void Knight build for version 0.8.2.

Latest Epoch Doom Void Knight Build (0.8.2)

The Void Knight build of Last Epoch revolves around a new, unique two-handed axe called Apathy’s Maw, which is dropped in Shade of Orobyss. This is a great speed build that uses skills like Lunge, Rivet, Devouring Orb, Anomaly, and Abyssal Echoes.

Last Age Doom Void Knight Loot Filter

You can find the loot filter here, and the new schedule looks like this:

  • Green – Early game items of level 1 and above.
  • Blue – Medium level items, i.e. level 3 and above.
  • Red – End game items that are level five or higher.
  • Yellow – Endgame items that require more than 3 affixes and more than 8 common levels.
  • Yellow. Idols.
  • Pink – sublime, set and unique pieces.

Note that unused base types and elements of non-entangled classes are hidden.

Last Age of Doom Knights Void Skills

Here we examine the skills of the Fate Knight of the last Void Age:

  • Anomaly
  • Echoes from the abyss
  • Lunge
  • Coastline
  • The Devouring Sphere


  • Touching the void (1/1)
  • Immediacy (1/1)
  • Time bell (1/1)
  • Time control (4/5)
  • Permanent recall (1/1)
  • Time Lord (1/1)
  • Treatment (1/2)
  • Swift (2/3)
  • Time Eaters (4/4)
  • Empty Mouth (4/4)

Abyssal Echoes

  • Echomancer (1/5)
  • Infusion of the abyss (3/3)
  • Sound (5/5)
  • Temporarily Devouring (3/3)
  • Temporary drowsiness (1/1)
  • Solving glare (1/5)
  • Mental Echoes (1/1)
  • Dirge of reality (2/2)
  • The remains of the abyss (3/3)


  • Into Battle (4/4)
  • View on death (2/4)
  • Tactician (3/3)
  • Forward (4/4)
  • Unstoppable (1/1)
  • Initiative (1/1)
  • Vigilant Attack (5/5)


  • Flash (3/3)
  • Dazed (1/1)
  • Cruelty (3/3)
  • Coup de grâce (1/1)
  • Squall (2/5)
  • Concentration (4/4)
  • Targeted Strike (1/1)
  • Ahuitzotl trampling (1/5)
  • Insidious (2/4)
  • Looking into the abyss (1/1)
  • The Abyss looks back (1/4)

Orb Devouring

  • Adept of the Void (2/6)
  • Hollow ball (1/1)
  • Abyssal Ejection (1/1)
  • Dark Torrent (5/9)
  • Cataclysm (1/1)
  • Master of the Spheres (3/5)
  • Black Moon (1/1)
  • Abyssal rush (2/2)
  • Space attack (1/1)
  • Inflexible Star (5/5)

Last Age of Doom Void Knight passes

Here are the passives for the Last Epoch Doom Void Knight build:


In our Fate’s Void Knight build, we put a total of twenty points into the Guardian passive. Put the first five points in Juggernaught and the last five in Time and Faith.

  • Juggernaut (8/8)
  • Armoured (5/5)
  • Unforgivable (2/10)
  • Time and Faith (5/5)

Empty Knight

The main liability of the build is the Void Knight, which has 91 points. Put the last points in Dread and Future Strikes, and work differently to move up.

  • Terrible stamina (10/10)
  • Temporary Corruption (5/5)
  • Devouring Blade (4/10)
  • Eater of Worlds (8/8)
  • Blades of nothingness (8/8)
  • Corruption of the void (1/1)
  • Future Strike (10/10)
  • Red handle (5/5)
  • Mourning (5/12)
  • The only goal (4/4)
  • Echo sounders strokes (5/5)
  • Legion of Time (10/10)
  • Horror (15/15)
  • Avatar of regret (1/1)

Articles and idols

There are some unique items needed for this build:

  • Weapons: The belly of apathy
  • The ring: Rabies siphon
  • Idols: Resistance, Reaver range, Void melee damage

Both of the above items are dropped by Orobisse, so you’ll have to farm them constantly. For the other items, you have to choose critical hit avoidance, mana regeneration and resistance.

Doom Void Knight Total build score: A

  • Defense: 8/10 – Good defense thanks to the life-extending leech.
  • Violation: 8/10 – This build is great for quick kills and great AoE damage.
  • Reinforced bumps : 7/10 – Above average in destroying bosses.
  • Echoes of the Speedway: 8/10 – Good build up to get to the end and destroy the train.
  • Arena: 7/10 – Good for climbing, as long as you find better material.
  • Medium: 7.6/10 – Doom Void Knight is a solid build to echo and farm end bosses in expanded content.

Other Boardman21 builds can be seen here in the Last Epoch forums.

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