League of Legends Lucian build guide – best items, runes, skills, and combos

You want to build Lucian in League of Legends but you’re not entirely sure where to begin. You want to be efficient and minimize waste, but you also want to have fun and experiment with different builds. Using the best items, runes, and skills available, this article will go over how to build Lucian, from choosing the type of build to buying and farming for the best items.

Lucian’s popularity in the League of Legends community has skyrocketed in the past few months, which has led to several new builds of this marksman that have grown in popularity and effectiveness.

Lucian is now available to play in League of Legends : Wild Rift. The archer appeared in the game as part of the Guardians of Light event, alongside Senna. Lucian does a lot of damage and is better suited for a bot line. When played effectively, Lucian is a super mobile champion who is hard to block in combat. However, the learning curve is steep and it will take time to get the hang of it.

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The Sword of the Ruin King should be the first item for Lucian in most cases. This item fits well with his passive and also provides better resilience due to his inherent life steal. Next, Statikk Shiv should be built, as it increases both crit speed and attack speed.

Speaking of boots: The Ionic Boots of Lucidity are a good choice for Lucian, as they give an extra haste ability. Finally, players can complete the main building by choosing Black Cleaver or Infinity Edge.

Once Lucian has the basic elements, further processing depends on the situation. If the enemies have stacked armor, Deadly Memory is an ideal choice, as it greatly increases armor penetration. Players who need a defensive item can create a Guardian Angel or a Maw of Malmortius.

Recommended final deletion : Ruined King’s Blade, Statikk Shiv, Ionic Boots of Lucidity, Edge of Infinity, Deadly Memory, and Guardian Angel.

Best runes for Lucian

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Conqueror should be Lucian’s cornerstone in most games. With this, Lucian can inflict damage in a short period of time. Brutal is a safe option to choose as a secondary rune, but players with an aggressive playstyle can choose Champion instead. The rest of the runes depend on the composition of the opponent’s team and the matchups. If you want to counter a high damage connection, the optimal rune is bone flat. On the other hand, if you need stronger early game and more stability in the game phase, choose Adaptive Shell. For this last rune, Sweet Tooth and Pack Hunter are good options.

The recommended path of the runes: Conqueror, Brute, Adjusting Tank, and Suit Hunter.

Skills and combinations

Lucian’s abilities are as follows

  • Svetozar: After using an ability, Lucian hits twice with his next basic attack.
  • A piercing light: Lucian fires a beam of light that pierces the target and damages everyone it touches.
  • A blazing fire: Lucian fires a star-shaped light. Targets hit by the star take damage and become visible for a short time.
  • Relentless pursuit: With this ability, Lucian can move over a short distance. When Lucian uses his passive, Relentless Pursuit’s action time is shortened.
  • Murder: Lucian quickly unleashes a series of lightning bolts on the target. Each lightning bolt deals damage and briefly marks the target.

Much of Lucian’s damage depends on the effective use of his passive. Alternating basic attacks between skills is an important skill for the player to master when playing as Lucian. Here are some of his combos that will help players a lot during matches:

  • Basic Trade Combo: Basic attack. – Merciless pursuit. – Basic attack.
  • Basic business unit 2 : Piercing Light – basic attack – Blazing Fire – basic attack – Relentless Pursuit – basic attack
  • Level 6 Combo: Relentless Pursuit Basic attack – Burning Embers – Piercing Light Basic attack – The Massacre Basic attack.

There are other combos that Lucian can use in the game. However, it will take some time to master all the skills as it is not easy to perform all the combos. Players must go into training mode and familiarize themselves with Lucian’s skills and combos before choosing a champion in ranked matches.

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