LIAN LI 2021 Digital Expo 2.0 Unveils New Prototypes and Further Details on Upcoming Products

LIAN LI has recently released a bunch of new prototypes and showcased a few new products at the LIAN LI Digital Expo in Taipei. While a few of the prototypes have only been shown off in the past, many are brand new. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the Expo:

LIAN LI has always had a strong presence at Computex, and that is no different this year. For the first time, the show floor is being held in “Convention City” in Taipei, which is a smaller facility than the convention center in Taoyuan where the show’s been held for the past 15 years. Of course, the company’s showing some great new products: a brand new aluminum chassis for the Thunderbolt 810 Plus, a new line of CPU coolers, a universal battery pack, a cool new notebook case, and a few other surprises.

If you guys have been following the news, then I’m sure you’ve seen LIAN LI’s latest reveal during the recent Digital Expo 2.0. The new designs are for the FK-01 and FK-01A, and while there are no details about these products as of yet, we do have some new information.

LIAN LI will host the Digital Expo 2.0 in 2021, which will showcase numerous new and emerging product prototypes. LIAN LI will present 2 prototypes of UNI FAN SL120 INFINITY and LANCOOL III and detail the 5 future products: Q58, O11 AIR MINI and A4-H2O, and special guests Der8auer and GGF Events will talk about the changes to O11D EVO and V3000+.


We continue with the first prototype, the LIAN LI UNI FAN SL120 INFINITY, which completes the LIAN LI series of nested and coupled fans. The design is similar to the original SL120 fan, but has a new look with infinity mirrors in each corner of the fan, front and back. There is also an infinity mirror in the center of the front of the fan and the LIAN LI logo with LED lighting in the center of the back.

Photo credits: LIAN LEE


The second prototype LIAN LI worked on was the LANCOOL III case. It features hinged glass side panels and dummy panels that extend around the front of the case for easy opening and closing. The front and top panels are equipped with fine mesh for optimal air circulation. The front modular RO can be easily moved to the bottom of the front panel. Inside the enclosure, the lid and panel supports are now removable and modular, making it easier to install fans and heatsinks.

Photo credits: LIAN LEE

An additional compartment for hard drives on rails has been added in the PSU enclosure. LANCOOL III supports motherboards from Mini-ITX to EATX, graphics cards up to 397 mm, power supplies up to 200 mm, CPU cooling towers up to 176 mm high, up to 10 fans of 120 mm or 4x 140 and 1×120 mm and up to 6 hard drives of 2.5 or 4x 3.5 and 2x 2.5.

PC case Q58

Let’s move on to the next product, the Q58, a small form factor chassis that offers impressive modularity, heatsink support and cooling performance. Several improvements have been made to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of the enclosure, including interchangeable/reversible mesh and glass panels.

Photo credits: LIAN LEE

A newly designed chassis supports SFX and ATX power supplies, now without moving the motherboard tray, so three-slot GPUs remain compatible in any configuration. In addition, the front audio cable is now 50mm longer to accommodate more motherboards.


The O11 AIR MINI is a compact workstation chassis with a fully shielded front panel and shielded top and side panels for powerful air cooling. With a depth of 400 mm and a width of 288 mm, the O11 AIR MINI supports ATX power supplies, Mini-ITX to E-ATX motherboards and storage systems with up to 6 2.5 or 4 3.5 plus 2.5 drives.

Photo credits: LIAN LEE

A4-H20 – LIAN LI x DAN Case Cooperation

The A4-H20 housing will be available soon. It is an all-aluminum, space-saving enclosure designed in collaboration with DAN Case. The overall look of the A4-H2O has been updated with cleaner edges and a new look, with the IO front panel and power switch moved to the left side of the chassis.

Photo credits: LIAN LEE

The A4-H2O is easily customizable and supports a single SSD mounted in the bottom of the case, three-slot GPUs up to 321mm long, and 240 AIOs with a new integrated removable heatsink bracket.


The Lian LI O11D EVO is a full double-sided case with redesigned mesh elements on the top and right side. Many features have been improved, such as. B. a new snap to release the heatsink bracket next to the motherboard without tools, an improved cable management bar to support 2 SSDs, stronger clamps to secure the upper and lower heatsink/fan brackets, and new tray accessories to turn them into hard drive/SSD trays. In addition, development has been completed to make the O11D EVO fully reversible, with an I/O module that can be quickly moved from the front panel to the side panel.

Photo credits: LIAN LEE

The latest version is the VS3000+ PC enclosure, which offers support for two systems, multiple motherboard orientations, up to 20 hard drives, and a variety of heatsink and fan configurations. The front and top panels are now easily removed to unlock the all-mesh panels, and there are new buttons to open the side panels.

Photo credits: LIAN LEE

Inside the enclosure, the hard drive support has been revised. The 10 hard drive bays are now divided into 5 separately removable bays, and there are now 2 drive bays on rails in the chassis area that can accommodate an additional 8 hard drives/SSDs.

What do you expect from LIAN LI’s upcoming Digital Expo 2.0? Let us know your comments in the section below.Lian-Li today announced that its Lian-Li Digital Expo will be going on August 28th, at “The Forum” in Las Vegas, NV. The Expo will feature new prototype products, including the new Aluminium chassis for the Z0 and the new Lian-Li PC-O7 cases.  In addition, Lian-Li will be launching its new PC-O7s cases and PC-O7xs tempered glass panels at the event.. Read more about lian li q58 price and let us know what you think.

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