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It’s d-d-d-duel time!

Switch calls his first game with U-Gi-Oh! The legacy of the Duelists: Link Evolution combines the different anime series into one experience. Play as Yaden, Yusei, the Game King himself, Yugi Muto and more, unlocking new characters and cards to create the perfect game.

Like someone who’s been to U-G-O! 5D is a lot of things I know about the game, and a lot of things I don’t know. Fortunately, this game gives you the opportunity to play each anime scenario in any order. If you’re only interested in the first set of Duel Monsters, you can stop there and build the perfect game with the cards you remember.

I played the first bow in the story, which unfortunately was a bit short – not the story itself, but its execution in the game. If you’re one of six Yu-Gi-Oh! Select the series to start the game, you will be directly confronted with a robot who reads a history book about each of the famous anime battles. Then read some text zones between the characters and start the duel. It was a bit boring and a bit boring without the animated scenes and the voting game, especially considering that the game costs 40 dollars.

In Story mode you can unlock battle points, new cards and other bonuses. Battle points can be spent on new cards and card games. So if you want to collect rare and useful cards quickly, we advise you to play the storyline first. After winning a game, for example. B. Yugi vs Kaiba, unlock the opportunity to play a different character. This adds a lot of value to the game, and it is very interesting to see how the duel would have turned out if another character had won.

If you choose the game only for the story and you are not interested in making a card game, then the game gives you the opportunity to use a set of characters from a specific anime era. It was great to use Yugi’s legendary Exodia or Jaden’s Elemental Heroes game, almost exactly like in the anime.

It is in the duels themselves that the game shines. After playing the mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! At Dueling Links I almost forgot for about three years how to do a duel well and how long a real duel lasts. Fortunately, the game contains a lot of tutorials to refresh your memory about the use of Call Sync or Chain Card Effects. However, with thousands of cards at your disposal, you need to determine which strategies work best and learn popular strategies from your opponents.

Duels can be a bit slow and it will take some time to get used to players who don’t remember all the rules or the effects of certain cards. Fortunately, the user interface is really simple and straightforward. Even on portable devices, the text on the card is easy to read, and I never had to strain my eyes to read the effect of a particular card.

Fans will be pleased to know that there are no micro transactions and that all cards can be purchased with the game currency. You can earn Battle Points through story duels and online leaderboard competitions. The online matches went smoothly, even with an internet connection as weak as mine. The Switch version allows you to play locally, which is good, because I would like to play with some of my friends who also chose the game.

The only aspect that I think needs to be improved is the monster that generates animation and intrigue. I know that many people choose this game to refresh their knowledge about the different parts of the anime series and all the wonderful monsters that come to them. It’s a bit unfortunate that there are no voices or animated images in the story. Few cards get a vivid introduction when they are called by a suitable host, such as. B. Kaiba calls his blue-eyed white Dragon, and even these cards are embarrassing.

Cooee! The legacy of the Duelists: Spirit Links offers solid duels for fans who focus on adjusting the bridge and the base, while the history and presentation are a little missing. This is sure to please fans of the 20+ franchise, whether you’ve been since Duel Monsters or VRAINS. The number of cards that can be collected (without microtransaction) is absolutely unbelievable. It’s your turn!

U-Gi-O! The legacy of the Duelists: Evolution overview Link

  • Graphs – 7/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Last call – 9/10


Final thoughts: GRAND

A heart of cards with. Fans of the long-awaited Yu-Gi-Oh! The series will not be disappointed because all the cards are there. It’s time for the duel!

Tony’s been playing since he could walk. Pokémon Blue Version helped him learn to read. His greatest achievement is not only playing the entire Kingdom Hearts series, but also understanding it.


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