List of All Trophies & How to Unlock?

For a complete list of AC Valhalla trophies and how to unlock them, see this Trophy and Performance Guide.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there are many trophies and achievements that you can achieve if you explore the game’s vast map. If you’re like me and want to finish everything in the game, you’ve come to the right place. This guide to the Valhalla AC Trophy contains all possible performance and what you need to do to achieve it.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trophies and Achievements

Here is a list of AC Valhalla’s gold, silver and bronze trophies.

How do you unlock golden trophies in Valhalla?

  1. Ancient Disorder – Destroy all objectives of the Ancient Order.

To unlock the silver trophies in Valhalla

  1. Viking legend – win all the trophies.
  2. Complete the quests of Asgard and Jotunheim in the footsteps of the gods.
  3. As expected – the complete story of the prophecy.
  4. Muffled England – The Full Arch of Hamtunshire
  5. Redesign II – Kill 3 tough soldiers in a firefight without breaking their shield.
  6. Free until the end! – Please fill in all fields
  7. We’re now in the final – the Reach 280 performance.
  8. Home Sweet Home – Journey to the village Level 6
  9. Maximum refinement – Upgrade and upgrade your equipment from top to bottom.
  10. Total control – Get your first point of control
  11. Slam Master – fill in all flyers
  12. Caladfwwlch – Draw the Excalibur in stone.
  13. The Hidden Truth – Grab all the video clips and watch the Hidden Truth video.
  14. Master Hunter – Defeat all alpha animals
  15. Divine Reward. Get Thor’s helmet.

How to tanning golden trophies in Valhalla

  1. The saga begins – Finish the prologue.
  2. To England! – Leave Norway
  3. The difficult decision is to close the Grantbridgeshire Arc…
  4. Open order – Finish the Lundenbow.
  5. Good Saxon. Completion of the East Angel Arch.
  6. Take my hand – fill in the middle sheet
  7. Favorite Challenge – Finish the Sussex Bow.
  8. Enemy of my enemy – Finish the Winchester Bow.
  9. Crawl. Make your first invasion of England.
  10. He’s alive! – Creating Yomsviking
  11. Serenity – Complete the puzzle of the Permanent Rock.
  12. Balance sheet – Cairn’s 3 challenges
  13. Old-fashioned Treasure Hunt – Collect 5 Treasure Hunt Rewards
  14. Hobby Scudi – Make a 150m slide in the snow.
  15. Witch-hunter – defeat a daughter of Lerion.
  16. Attack Horses – Destroy your horse’s enemy.
  17. Silent Viking – Destroy 10 enemies in a row without causing conflict.
  18. Daily life – the 10 world events
  19. Rowing Frenzy – Spur and destroy 5 boats in less than 2 minutes with your drag cart.
  20. Mercy Painting – Breaking 30 fragile objects.
  21. Straw title – Range of invoicing level 3
  22. Pioneer – Rich Vineland
  23. Indoor decoration – Place an object in each cosmetic zone of the colony.
  24. Not the Norwegian you’re looking for – successfully pass a guard in the no trust zone and mingle with a group of monks.
  25. Face my power! – 8 Equipment of skills
  26. Flying Avor – Launches a destroyer or an apartment dwarf at 30 meters.
  27. Twinkle Twinkle – Release the firefly into your village.
  28. Archaeologist – Fulfilling all the tasks of the Roman collector
  29. Orlog Champion – Defeat all Orlog players.
  30. Good catch! – Catching any type of fish with a fishing line
  31. Anyone around? – Light the unlit flares on Hadrian’s Wall.
  32. It’s not a bug, it’s a function! – Finish your first Animus anomaly.
  33. Sea horse – Swimming a total of 3 km with the horse
  34. Dreamcatcher – Destroy 10 symbols of the curse
  35. Digne is the owner of Mjolnir.

Here is the complete list of AC Valhalla trophies. I hope this will help you win all the trophies for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. To learn more about the game, unlock secret weapons and find fanatics, check out our AC Valhalla Wiki Guide for more information.

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