Logitech G Pro X Superlight Review

– The world’s most popular game mouse has improved even further with the new Superlight version of the G Pro X Wireless.

The G Pro Wireless has long been my favorite game mouse for competitive games thanks to its light and sleek design, and it’s even lighter with the Superlight edition.

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    • Excellent lightweight construction 63g
    • Excellent lightweight construction 63g
    • An incredibly powerful sensor
    • Unrivalled wireless technology


    •  No DPI adjustment during operation

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Pro X Super Easy CV Summary

Like its predecessor, G Pro Wireless, X Superlight isn’t a cheap device, but it’s easy to see why you can’t buy it for $50. More importantly, it’s a wireless mouse that’s as stable and powerful as or better than even the most expensive wired gaming mice. It also gives you full control over how you use that power with the G-Hub software, which offers excellent tuning capabilities.

Pro X Superlight can compete with any mouse on the market and will blow up every wireless mouse I’ve tested. Although the Viper Ultimate and the original Pro Wireless are close to each other, they simply can’t compete with the new super lightweight 63g design.

A powerful game mouse weighing only 63 grams is not entirely unknown, as cell mice have been reaching this weight for some time, but it is the first ordinary full-body game mouse to reach this amazing stage.

It’s amazing that something so light can be so pleasant. While playing, the G Pro Superlight feels like a natural part of your hand, and the 63g design and Ultra Skate Shoes offer no resistance while playing. By being the best player you can be.

g per ultra bright image

Depth view of G Pro X Superlight

Performance and characteristics

G Pro Wireless was the first wireless mouse that truly earned the respect of professional gamers and soon became one of the most popular mice on the airport scene. To be honest, I thought it would take Logitech longer to surpass themselves, but they just did it with Pro X Superlight.

An ultra-lightweight design, combined with an exceptionally powerful sensor and exceptional battery life, make it impossible to think of anything too negative to talk about Logitech’s amazing new baby. They removed the DPI button on the fly, which is a bit annoying, but can easily be adjusted to any speed with the Hub G software.

Why is it so good?

As you’d expect from a high-end mouse from a reputable company like Logitech, the mouse is equipped with the latest technology available on the market. These include Logitech Lightspeed’s superior wireless technology and the all-new Hero 25K sensor, which offers zero smoothing, zero acceleration, zero filtering, and a 1000 Hz transmission frequency. It’s a list of specifications that no mouse on the market can really beat, but it’s also unnecessarily powerful, and you probably won’t even use 20% of its power if you’re even a little average.

That’s all well and good, but no wonder you’re paying so much money. What distinguishes Pro X Superlight is the fact that the interior of the house is in harmony with the ultra-light design, which allows for virtually flawless play.

The special thing is that all this energy is in the wireless mouse and that the battery lasts so long.

Easy charging and exceptional battery = ultimate freedom

The battery can continue to move continuously for up to 70 hours and automatically goes into sleep mode if it is not moving for a few seconds. This means that you will actually be billed on a weekly or biweekly basis, and if you do, it will only take a few hours and you can play while being billed.

It gives you the freedom that no wired mouse can compete with and gives you all the advantages of wireless gaming without any drawbacks.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/1607426469_392_Logitech-G-Pro-X-Superlight-Review.jpg Design – Crafts

Frankly, at this stage it must be the result of exceptional skills and experience in this field. Mice like the G Pro Superlight don’t just happen. The design is unmatched if you like ambitious mice, it’s perfect for almost any hand size, the buttons are intuitively positioned and of course it’s as light as a pen.

The lightweight design, combined with a powerful engine inside, gives you the smoothest gameplay on the market. The resistance when moving the mouse is almost zero, which makes it easier to click, accelerates aiming and makes it possible to play with the clutch.

It is one of those mice whose performance increase can be felt when you switch from a standard mouse to this one.

Quality – light but strong

You can assume that a mouse that weighs only 63 grams feels fragile and weak, but unless you plan to throw it against a wall every time you lose a game, you won’t have any problems.

The slim design and durable materials make it quite expensive, and you really feel like you have quality playground equipment in your hands.

Well, but is it worth it?

Yes, of course. At least if you are a serious player who cares about your performance and is trying to climb the ladder in a competitive game. It’s no coincidence that hundreds of professional gamers switched places in different games when the G Pro Wireless was released. This type of wireless mouse can dramatically increase your productivity and Superlight is superior to the G Pro Wireless in almost every area.

Logitech Extra-light Mouse Shot

Final closure – new sheriff in.

I can’t wait to see how Razer or one of my competitors reacts to this mouse. When Logitech released them all with G Pro Wireless, Razer released Viper Ultimate a year later. The competition in this market is healthy if we want the best product, and although I doubt it, I hope that someone can make an even more competitive game mouse.

It’s nothing more than an extraordinary event, and for me it’s in the top ten for the three most important factors. Design, performance and quality.

The price can be a bit exaggerated if you only play a few hours a week or if you play solo now and then, but for experienced competition players this mouse is a waking dream.

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