Madden 21 Update 1.15 Patch Notes Released, Full Changes Here

Electronic Arts (EA) has officially released the latest update 21 1.15 of Madden. The new patch was released today, August 5, 2020.

As can be seen in the official patch items, this patch tackles some of the known bugs and problems in the game, such as the common problem that decreases RAC connections. In addition, the Madden NFL 21 version 1.15 patch contains various gameplay updates.

To learn more about this patch, please read the detailed release notes below.

Crazy NFL 21 Update 1.15 Patchnotes


  • New game mode: SSKO uninterrupted mileage
  • Setting and Adjusting the Playback Order
  • Update of the slide and mechanics immersion in the QB
  • Streamlined and updated parts of the MUT interface
  • Improved stability of the franchise and the shipyard
  • A multi-user franchise accident project has been defined
  • Updating the form and authenticity of the material

Updates of the game process

  • Abandoned applications :
    • Fixed a bug that allowed teammates to disable a teammate during an interruption.
    • Adaptation to reduce the penalties for defenders who end up in traffic.
    • NOTE : These two amendments reduce the number of interceptions removed for protection reasons, but do not eliminate them completely. There will always be situations where defenders will not be able to successfully capture INT based on assessment, physics or interaction.
  • A bug that prevented quarterbacks from falling when there was no fatigue while playing QB Draw was fixed, so quarterbacks now fall much more per move, regardless of the degree of fatigue.
  • Added a logic to slow down the KB acceleration at the end of the recoil during QB Draw play, and to limit the direction the KB can move immediately after the snap-in recording.
    • NOTE : Based on player comments and statistics, we thought QB Draw had become too powerful. With these changes QB-Draw will have to be used more strategically than the main game.
  • The problem that led to frequent unloading of the CAC plugs was eliminated; the adjustment was also made to reduce the distance at which additional guards could trip the plugs.
    • NOTE : Based on player feedback and game tests, we have found that the CAR holdings are dropped too often, both in the competition and in the simulation. These changes will significantly increase the chances of successful RAC catches when they are spread or distributed among beneficiaries, and will ensure a better balance in terms of human coverage.
  • Problem solved so the wheels could be switched off for quick pressure relief after the defense line stopped in rocks like 3-4 Bear and 3-4 Kub.
  • The QB Slide and QB Dive Slides as well as the mechanics have been updated for easier operation:
    • Knock on X/Square = slider
    • Hold X/Square = Dive
    • WARNING: This year we change that mechanic for the second time by updating the name, which is not ideal, but our players have told us that the previous iterations just didn’t suit them. This change will bring the control back to what the players know best and will be the same for all ball players, meaning that giving up the ball player is the same control as pressing the QB by pressing the X/Square button.
  • Adjustment to reduce inaccurate passages caused by pressure.
  • Adjustment to reduce the average number of meters per shot in outdoor areas and to extend the running races in All Pro and All Madden races.
    • NOTE : Our statistics have recently shown a peak in the average number of yards per offside space in a competitive style of play. Therefore, we adjust the blocking setting to reduce the effectiveness of these releases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the animation of AI edge sounds at certain orientations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Kicker in the defense game Roughing the Kicker in the Field Goal Safe Man.
  • A bug fixed that sometimes made the ball run over the field after it was hit with a bat against the catcher during some catching animations.
  • Installation of the control of an archetypal Bruiser truck with a tree trunk manipulator to reduce the rotational speed at high speed, which was used as a performance.
  • Solved the problem that was the cause of wrong changes in fullbacks and tight ends due to the audibility of some formations.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the WR to connect to the HB station and hear formations within the same staff group.

Madden Limit Team Updates

  • From summary screens of individual training locations to a combined reward screen
  • Resolved an issue that forced users to open a sham package twice.
  • Update of the comparison screen for Art on Element

Franchise updates

  •  The face of the franchise is changing:
    • General improvement of stability
  •  Franchise Update :
    • General improvement of stability
    • Fixed a bug that would cause users to be redirected when voting on a concept in multiplayer competitions.

Shipyard Updates

  • Improved stability and reliability

KO Superstar updates

  • New mode : Endless Run – Fight for the biggest win in the history of Superstar KO! Play until you lose and then watch you play against the best KO players in our new endless World Ranking.

Presentation Updates

  • The pants of the cowboys at home are now less green to match the changes they made on the field this year to the colour of their sea foam pants.
  • Mouthpieces are now included in the whole game, we’ve taken the extra time to make sure we’ve covered all the bases, and it’s going to work well everywhere because the community has been asking for it for a long time.


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