Maneater PS5 Review – Becoming The Sharknado

Maneater caused a sensation when it came out on PS4. He gave me an eccentric but surprisingly deep shark RPG experience that took me back to the days of games like Ecco Dolphin, but with more blood. The PS5 update is free for PS4 owners. For those who have a PS5, the next-gen version of Maneater will be free on PS+ from January 2021.

Of course the hard disk space of the PS5 is very expensive, so is Maneater something to download if you are a subscriber? Better yet: If you read this document after January 2021, you should get a copy of the new system. It’s time to bite into this unique experience and find out if it’s the Jaws simulator we all want.

experience with personality and teeth, but the problems of the last girl remain

I played the role of Maneater on PS4 and enjoyed it a lot. He does what he has to do, puts you in the shoes of a young shark who has lost his mother to a fisherman and takes him by the hand. The whole story unfolds like a television series, with an impetuous storyteller and cinematic interludes.

The humour is idiosyncratic and varied enough to please most people. The story is cynical and ironic, which I appreciate. Jokes even crawl into the game when you find nutrient caches, remarkable landmarks and other collectibles such as license plates. One of the first finds that made me laugh is a statue of Cthulhu in a swampy area, accompanied by the hilarious comments of the narrator.

The story is more than one would expect from a game about a shark, and the humor works well, but it will not be the main attraction of something like Maneater. The fantasy of being the ultimate predator, that’s the real attraction. There are top predators in Maneater, but if you finish the prologue, you’re not one of them.

Start with a young shark, you have to avoid things like alligators and eat things like turtles and small fish. The progress in Maneater is good, and the skills become more and more ridiculous the further you go, making you a kind of super shark. Bioelectricity and bone armour are just a few examples of the improvements you can expect.

While the progression and bonuses are creative, the gameplay lacks the same level of excitement as you. The objectives are often identical and consist of killing a certain number of fish, predators or people in a certain area. Encounters with fishermen who are mercenaries afterwards offer a unique fighting experience, as do encounters with top predators, but the structure of the mission never changes in the course of the experience.

Yet it is an exciting journey through open areas of the world, looking for collectibles and intense encounters with things like barracudas, alligators and other sharks. Hunting people can be very entertaining if you’re a Jaws fan. They are allowed to throw themselves on the ground for a while and catch the swimmers, and then bring them back into the water. Demolishing boats or floats is also good.

Your DualSense triggers come in handy because your main attack is the right trigger and you need to squeeze it for every piece of the jaw. Other attacks such as tailstroke can help, but the lack of a real block can be really frustrating if you hurry to your target or turn the camera around to look for its position so you can dodge in time.

The man-eater cannot really enjoy DualSense without finding basic haptic feedback or arousing resistance. It would be great to see some of those in PS5, or at least some changes to combat that make it possible to really lock. Indeed, the gameplay can be repetitive, the battles can be awkward or frustrating, but the overall experience is still a lot of fun.

Freshly painted, but still underperforming


The PS5 version of Maneater offers a complete game in 4K, HDR and a relatively smooth gameplay. It looks great compared to the original version, but even after the recent patch, the frame rate is still not standard during the game, which should not be the case with the next-gen version of the game. The colours are really bright thanks to the HDR support and bring the bright areas of the game to life.

As a free PS+ title, Maneater is an easy recommendation, with flaws and all. Repetition can repel some of them, as well as the inaccuracy of the combat goal, but those who like the idea of a role-playing game with sharks or have a certain desire for a short game should definitely try it. With CSD potential on the horizon, even those who pay for the title on PS5 will find a reason to bathe.

Last point: 7.5/10

Point of – Bradley Ramsey
Date of installation – 1/8/2020

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