Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Coming May 14

The 27th. In January, Electronic Arts held a private presentation of Mass Effect : Legendary Edition is a remastering of the iconic trilogy for new and old generation consoles and PCs. We attended the event and shared the information we could gather.

The trilogy was rumored to come out in March, but that’s not the case – the release is scheduled for the 14th. May be expected.

4K Trailer

Track: The audio device is Dauntless.

Main features of remastering – to come

  • The re-release is made for PC (Steam and Origin), Xbox One and PS4, but is also compatible with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series.
  • The image is the same on all platforms, but judging by the presentation, the remastering uses dynamic resolution. The PS5 and X series will probably handle HDR at 4K 60 FPS with ease.
  • There is a client and universal character editor for the entire trilogy, with new hairstyles, eye colors and other elements added. The standard female Shepard version of Mass Effect 3 is now available directly from the first game.
  • The version contains just about every CSD that has ever appeared in the Mass Effect trilogy – over 40 of them. Even the promotional costumes that were available for pre-order.
  • The multiplayer has been dropped and the story has been rebalanced.
  • All CGI sequences have been rendered in higher resolution, assets and effects have been updated.
  • On the graphics front, the developers updated the character models and layers, redesigned the lighting, improved textures, shadows, effects and dynamic shadows, and added volumetric fog and high-quality depth-of-field effects. Additionally, Ambient Occlusion (a shadow model) and Subsurface Scattering (realistic skin with a translucent effect) have been added to the games in the series.
  • The sound of the games in the trilogy has not changed. The team was limited to fixing some assets, but neither Dolby Atmos nor the Tempest engine was supported.
  • The loading time has been reduced several times. For example, a nearly one minute ride in an elevator turned into a 14 second ride. At the same time, the player can still listen to the dialogues with which the developers tried to spice up the download – this option has been dropped.
  • The PC version has been ported to DirectX 11 and offers universal graphics settings for all three games, as well as support for 21:9 screens and gamepads.
  • The first Mass Effect has undergone a major overhaul – the quality of the locations has been brought up to par with the other games in the trilogy, while a new character editor has been added to the original. Developers fixed camera movement, increased the frequency of auto-save points, improved aiming, added a separate button for melee battles, improved control of enemy and group AI, fixed boss battles, revamped the interface, lowered the frequency and difficulty of minigames, removed restrictions on attaching weapons to a class, removed class-specific aim penalties, adjusted the experience required to reach level 60, adjusted the cooldown time for healing.

Approach to development

  • The project is led by Mark Walters, an organic veteran who has worked almost exclusively on Mass Effect since 2005.
  • Development on the Legendary Edition began in 2019, when a small team at BioWare began looking at what to do with this visibly outdated trilogy.
  • The remastering production was flexible in time. The more time developers have, the more they can improve certain elements. BioWare makes no secret of the fact that the first part was a weak point from the start that needed the most work, while the second and third parts seemed good after major improvements.
  • First, the developers decided not to change the engine for Unreal Engine 4. Transferring the budget to UE4 would amount to releasing a new game in the series, and the team feared that the spirit of the original would be lost.
  • The choice of Unreal Engine 3 has led to certain limitations: Because the toolbox was outdated, BioWare immediately knew it couldn’t create new animations. The only thing the team could fix were the glitches that had already been glorified. They should not be included in the updated version.
  • To prevent the whole process from becoming an unnecessary and monotonous enhancement of assets, BioWare has assigned a lead designer to each level of the game. The lead designer had to look at the space provided and select the elements that had the greatest impact on the experience. For example, the developers didn’t like the fact that on Eden Prime, the player first sees only the sun and then walks mostly in the shadows, making the landscape flat and unimpressive. So the exposure of the planet has been completely reworked, giving the image more volume.
  • BioWare decided not to paint new textures unnecessarily, but to enhance them with neural networks, remove memory constraints, and add polygons to the models. As a result, the size of the textures has been increased to 16x, so the image will look good on a 4K screen.
  • The developers point out that many of the flaws in the first Mass Effect were fixed by a third party. This allowed the team to take some elements from the final trilogy and place them at the beginning with improvements. At the same time, the developers kept a careful eye on the timeline, so that the character would not be suddenly rejuvenated or which object would not appear in the picture before his time.
  • When recreating the first Mass Effect, the developers often went back to the conceptual art of the game to try and relate the image to the original vision. Even on Unreal Engine 3, modern consoles and PCs can greatly improve the graphics, for example by adding many new effects and light sources without losing even 60 frames per second. Many areas of the remastering look exactly like what the BioWare artists had planned.
  • It was tempting to change the plot while it was being developed, but BioWare decided not to touch it at all. The ending of Extended Cut will remain canonical for Mass Effect 3.

frequently asked questions

Will there be a new Mass Effect?

In addition to the long-awaited announcement of a remastering of the original Mass Effect trilogy to be released in Spring 2021, BioWare also announced that the veteran team is currently working to bring us Mass Effect 5.

Is the massaging effect due to BioWare remastering?

The original Mass Effect trilogy is being remastered in 4K and will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2021. … BioWare has also confirmed that the compilation will be optimized for 4K Ultra HD rendering.

Is Mass Effect 4 going to happen?

Mass Effect 4 is currently in development.

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