Minecraft: Best Pixelmon Servers | Best Pokemon Adventures In Minecraft

The best Pixelmon servers in Minecraft offer the best Pokemon adventure you can have outside of a Pokemon game. When you join the best Pixelmon servers in Minecraft, you can play Pokemon in the most authentic way. Here are the best pixelmon servers in Minecraft.

The best Pixelmon servers for Minecraft

Pixelmon is one of the best mod packs for Minecraft because it brings the popular Pokemon franchise to the game. This mod also brings trainers into gyms and battles, and brings random Pokemon to each island, so players can try a bunch of new things.

You can fulfill Ash Ketchum’s dream of becoming a real and better Pokemon trainer, not only by fighting in the gyms, but also by collecting badges and Pokemon and visiting the various centers scattered throughout the game. Discover the best pixelmon servers for Minecraft here.

These are the best pixelmon servers for Minecraft.

Full set

An advanced game server basically has everything for everyone. There are many things to do here, as this server offers players both survival and FTB worlds. Complex Gaming manages to bring a real Pokemon experience to the Complex Gaming server. Here you can try out all the Pokemon from the first generation and discover the latest inhibitions in the world of Minecraft.

IP : hub.mc-complex.com

Blaze Games

Blaze Gaming is an adventure in itself. Here you can choose your starting arc and begin your own Pixelmon journey. Outside of his own adventure, Blaze Gaming is one of the most popular Pixelmon servers, which has rocked the entire community. They get leadership advice here, and the leader gets a special throne for himself. The adventures are long and endless, but they are certainly full of exciting things to keep an eye on.

IP : top.mc-blaze.com

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Play in one of three different regions, such as Oasis, Breeze and Sunset. This wonderful server has over 800 Pokemon and is one of the most populated Pixelmon servers. They offer a good mix of Pokemon and Pixelmon, and often help blur the lines so you forget you’re playing.

IP : pokeresort.com

Poke station

If you love the original Pokemon scenarios of the game series, then Pokecentral by Pixelmon mod is the best option for you. You can participate in a few preset scenarios and experience an adventure that spans the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Crystal and Gold worlds. It’s a great place to make friends with like-minded people, and you might just get lost in this Pokemon world.

IP : pokecentral.org

Bye Zone

PokeZone will make you completely forget that you are playing Minecraft, because the server is specially designed to bring the Pokemon Red and Blue adventure to life. It may be the smallest server on the list, but the community itself is the most useful we’ve found on a server. Check out Pokemon Red and Blue with a new Minecraft twist and get lost in this new world again.

IP : play.pokezone.net

These are the best pixelmon servers in Minecraft that will allow you to get everything out of the game and put a fresh, new wind under your sails, so that every time you see these games, you’ll go on a whole new adventure.

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What is the Minecraft #1 server?

# 1 HYPIPIXEL – IP : HYPIXEL.NET Hypixel is currently the most popular Minecraft server in the world. The most popular Minecraft server is currently Hypixel. With over 100,000 players online at peak hours, the competition can’t even come close.

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