MLB The Show 21 June Monthly Awards program – How to get Lightning Kyle Schwarber, rewards, and more

The MLB The Show 20 June monthly awards program is here, and the rosters are set. This month, the must-have for any baseball fan is the Lightning Kyle Schwarber card. The Chicago Cubs outfielder has been traded to the New York Yankees, and will be making his first appearance in The Show with the roster update. The Lightning slot is only available to those who own the Schwarber Legendary patch, so go find the Schwarber card and pick it up.

For the June 2017 MLB The Show 17 Lightning Kyle Schwarber, awards and rewards, we have decided to put together a huge bundle of collected information for all of you.

The third month of the 2021 MLB season is already upon us, which means it’s time for another monthly awards program in MLB The Show 21. Blue Jays center fielder Marcus Semien was the lightning rod last month, and that program is still available. But on the 8th. July, Sony San Diego has released its third monthly 2021 price list. This time for June, the Lightning 98 OVR with Nationals outfielder Kyle Schwarber is on sale. So what you need to do to unlock Schwarber and all the other rewards in this program. Let’s see what you need to know.

MLB The Show 21. MayMonthly awards programme

As with other MLB The Show programs, players must purchase points to participate in the program. There are 20 different prizes in this program, and here’s how they’re distributed:

  • 5 points – Tyler Stevenson POTM 92 OVR card
  • 10 points – Topps Now selection package (31.05. – 06.05.)
  • 15 Points – 1000 Stubs
  • 20 points – Charlie Morton 93 OVR POTM card
  • 25 points – MLB The Show 21 Diamond Bat Equipment Perk
  • 30 points – POTM 94 OVR Card by Tyler Glasnow
  • 35 points – Topps Now selection package (07.06.13)
  • 40 points – Tommy Fama 94 OVR POTM card
  • 45 Points – 2000 Stubs
  • 50 Points – Ryan Pressley 95 OVR POTM Card
  • 55 points – Topps Now selection package (14.06./20.06.)
  • 60 points – Brian Reynolds 95 OVR POTM card
  • 65 points – Topps Now selection package (21.06.-27.06.)
  • 70 points – Jonathan Schoop 95 OVR POTM card
  • 75 Points – 3000 Stubs
  • 80 points – Carlos Correa 96 OVR POTM card
  • 85 points – Pack Ballin’ is a habit
  • 90 points – 42 sets of choice packages
  • 95 points – MLB The Show 21 Diamond Bat Equipment Perk
  • 100 points – Kyle Schwarber 98 OVR Flashcard

MLB The Show players can earn a number of rewards this month, including 6,000 stubs and nine cards with 90+ OVR.

To progress in this program, you must complete a combination of collections, moments, and missions. Here is a route that can take you to 100 points:

  • Monthly prizes June and Topps Now collection (38 players – 15 points)
  • Monthly Moments Prize for June May (36 points)
  • Do one of these other tasks to earn the remaining 49 points:
    • 30 bases shared with Topps Now players (10 points)
    • 7 hits by Topps Now players (10 runs)
    • 15 strikeouts against Topps Now players (10 points)
    • 10 bases shared with POTM Correa (4 runs)
    • 9 strikeouts with POTM Morton (4 points)
    • 3 extra-honors with POTM Stevenson (4 points)
    • 5 strikeouts with POTM Pressly (4 points)
    • 2 home runs with POTM Schoop (4 runs scored)
    • 3 extra base hits with POTM Pham (4 points)
    • 10 total bases with Reynolds POTM (4 points)
    • 9 strikeouts with POTM Glasnow (4 points)

Ideally, you should complete three tasks to get 10 points. Then combine five of the remaining eight missions to reach 100. And yes, you have to collect to get the Lightning Prize. The collection can be completed by purchasing all June Monthly Awards tickets, as well as all Topps Now tickets. Topps Now cards are available in June program selection packs and in special Moments.

Big Boys

Let’s take a look at the top three ranked cards for this program, starting with Jonathan Schoop:

Jonathan Shoup

Carlos Correa

Kyle Schwarber

Yes, Schwarber has the catcher as his secondary position.

In addition, SDS has a new collection for the 4th quarter. MLB The Show players can play until the 4th. Players will receive 20,000 XP when they purchase three players from June’s monthly program.

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