Monument to Lost Lights: A Guide for New and Returning Players on Purchasing Exotic Weapons from the Kiosk, with some Notes on What to Prioritize

From the author of the D2 DLC buying guide and the Pinnacles understanding guide comes the Exotic Booth guide. This is a useful resource for new and returning players, as it explains the contents of the kiosk and offers advice on what to buy first. These guidelines are not complete, as new and old players can only get one weapon per week, meaning it would take several months to get just the weapons highlighted here. I’m sure the comments will be filled with heartfelt discussions about guns, but these pictures are based more on community spirit and the many, many posts I’ve seen in the news of people asking what to buy.

What is the Lost Fire monument?

Since Bungie decided to go with vaults and the old storyline last year, they had to figure out how to deal with exotics that involve raids in vaults and exotics that involve quests with stages in vaults. Their solution is a kiosk next to the vault in the tower. This booth also has old legendary ritual weapons, as new and returning players can only get one weapon per week, meaning it will take several months to get the weapons assigned here. I’m sure the comments will be filled with sincere discussions about guns, but these photos are based more on community spirit and the many, many posts I’ve seen in/from the people they’re associated with.

What do I need to buy this weapon?

  • The flicker is at least 100k, some as high as 150k.
  • Shards of Ascension – Multiple weapons require 2.
  • Planetary materials – quantity and type vary
  • Exotic number – derived from Xur
  • Remains of conquest – only needed for 3 raid guns.

Lightning Shards are a rare upgrade material you can get by resetting your Bravery/Famousness with Shaxx/Drifter, receiving Season Pass rewards, completing a Nightfall Master or Grandmaster, or if you’re desperate, you can buy them from Banshee after collecting Magnificent Hearts/Prisms. These shards are not only used in the stable, but also to make armour. By the time you reach the end of the game’s content, these shards seem hard to find, but you’ll end up having a lot of them, especially during the double drop week.

You can get exotic encryptions by completing the quest Xur gives you. You must complete 21 actions from the game list – if you do Gambit/Crucible, only victories continue. When you’re done, go back to Xur and he’ll give you the code. Note that if you don’t complete the quest before it disappears at the weekly reset, you’ll have to wait to turn it in the following weekend when it returns, and you won’t be able to get a new quest that weekend. So if you want to use the Ciphers as soon as possible, ask him for a quest on Friday when he shows up, read all the action, then make sure you turn him in and get the Ciphers before he leaves. This allows you to get another encryption search from him the following weekend and repeat the process. Also note that you can get a figure with a season pass, so a free figure every 3 months or so. You can only keep one number in your inventory. So use it if you want another one.

Finally, we have the spoils of conquest. This currency can only be obtained during raids and is used to purchase kiosk weapons that previously could only be obtained during actual raids. There are four tracks, each with 240 servings: Anarchy, The Legend of Acrius, Tarrabach and the Exotic Sparrow always on time. Where did you get the trophies? If you complete the Deep Stone Crypt, you will receive 20:10 from the two chests hidden along the way. The first breast can only be retrieved, if you have learned the route of the sparrow. So if you don’t want to do a full raid, you can get a total of 30 servings a week from 3 characters with about 45 minutes of effort. Once you complete the DSC, you will no longer receive loot on further completions until the reset, but you will receive 5 loot for each completed encounter (20 total for a full raid). The first loot encounter is pretty easy if you can get a team together.

Which weapons should you buy first?

Player vs. environment (PvE)

Anarchy – Arc Heavy Grenade Launcher – This is the best PvE weapon you can pull out of a cubicle. Frankly, I don’t think anyone can disagree with me on this point (which is bold with the red numbers!). For those who don’t know: Anarchy is a heavy grenade launcher that fires fission mines that stick to surfaces and cause chain lightning between them. It does a lot of damage over time (DoT), which is universal in many ways. Shoot the boss twice, then switch to another weapon like the sniper or shotgun and do more DPS while the DoT is ticking, or deal with the extras, or if things are hairy you can run away and hide while the DoT does its thing. For the record, you can pull twice on each side of the spawn gate and see the additions melt immediately after spawning. Yes, you need loot – which can be difficult for new players or players who don’t tend to loot. But it’s worth spending 100% of your time and effort saving your loot, and trying to grab the first DSC chest on 3 characters every week when you’re not raiding.

Witherhoard – Kinetic grenade launcher – Two kinetic pickups, two DoT weapons. Witherhoard creates flail pools that stay on the ground and cause damage to enemies within the pool. If you hit an enemy directly, they get a DoT and lose the Blight pool when they die. A popular choice for players trying to go solo in dungeons, Witherhoard has better ammo economy than Anarchy, with special ammo instead of heavy ammo, and it does a DoT over a large area with one shot, unlike Anarchy which has at least 2 shots for the line, 3 for the triangle, etc. Catalyst is a must because it adds a self-loading holster that allows you to fire a round, switch to primary, and then return, ready to fire another round. Fits well with Duskfield’s grenades to keep the eye on the fire.

Izanagi’s Burden – Kinetic Sniper – Before The Lament, he was the king of blown DPS and he still holds that crown. With 4 bullets in the clip, this is an exotic bonus that you can reload to combine the damage of all 4 bullets in one turn for that crazy single target blast damage I mentioned, with 20% more damage if you have the catalyst. This is a popular choice in Master and Grandmaster content this season with the anti-barrier sniper mod, but be aware that you need to be able to hit your beasts to make the gun shine.

Eriana’s Wish – Special Solar Hand Cannon – The only hand cannon in the game that uses special ammo, this thing hits like a truck and has a built-in anti-barrier, and if you add the catalyst, you get a lift loader plus a self-loading holster. With a range that makes it competitive with some snipers, it rewards chain beasts because the damage increase from the first shot is constantly delayed until you miss the beast, making it a good way to add clear and boss damage. Eriana’s Oath is an excellent all-around choice in more difficult PvE content that everyone should have.

Edit: As mentioned

/u/djternan, the catalyst quests for Witherhoard and Eriana’s Vows have very long and subtle activity requirements, so only those you might want to remove for Izanagi’s burden so you can get to work.

PoE Honourable mentions

Sleeper Simulant – Solar Linear Fusion Rifle – I still find this weapon incredibly fun, and I have a soft spot for it because it was so cool and unique when it came out in D1, but the linear fusion just isn’t as good now. That remains at the top of the list, if he catches a cheater, he will take the reins. I hope so.

Whisper of the Worm – Heavy Solar Rifle Sniper – This is the D2 version of Destiny’s beloved and evolution of the original legendary Black Hammer from D1, who had infinite boss ammo so good it was a sunset and returned as an exotic Black Spindle who, even without infinite ammo, still reigned as the king of DPS bosses. Whisper still has places where it can shine if you have long phase damage with a decent beast spot, but Catalyst is currently not available to new players and there are other competitive DPS options now compared to when it was released.

Outbreak Perfected – Kinetic Pulse Rifle – Like WotW, Outbreak Perfected is an old fan favorite, but the Catalyst is currently missing, so it’s hard to recommend it over other options until the Catalyst becomes available for new or returning players to pull fresh off the kiosk.

Player to Player (PvP)

Final Word – Kinetic Hand Cannon – I’m a console gamer and I’ve seen many people comment that it’s one of the few weapons that plays differently on console and PC, with TLW working well on console and better on PC. The TLW is effective at short to medium range and has an incredibly fast kill time (ttk) with a truly unique exotic bonus that sets it apart from any other hip firearm. I think he’ll have an even better chance to shine next season, as shotguns and 120mm handguns will be calling the shots a bit next season. Good association with the sniper.

Thorn – Kinetic Hand Cannon – So far, we’ve only talked about DoT weapons in PvE. Thorne proves that the DoT effect can be powerful in PvP as well, as poison ammunition nails targets and slows health regeneration. You can also track between the walls where they go as the damage count increases. As a 140 archetype, Thorn isn’t S-level in the current meta, but still has room in capable hands and could be a better option in the near future when 120s come around.

Mixed use (PoE and PoP)

Ace of Spades – Kinetic Hand Cannon – Not as good as it used to be in PvP with the increase of the legendary meta hand cannon to 120 RPM, the AoS is still a solid option with great range and bonus damage after getting kills. AoS, the only weapon currently played with Firefly, is also not a bad option for add-clear in PvE with Solar Blasts, but would not be a good choice in higher level content, where using an exotic DPS slot makes more sense.

Truth – Empty Rocket Launcher – The only launcher in the game that has 3 rockets in its magazine. The Truth is not the most exciting choice, but it is very versatile. The ability to fire 3 missiles at a staggered champion in high content makes for a very fast DPS attack, and the tracking + non-contact strikes make it an easy option to choose in PvP as well. Where it really shines is in Gambit invasions, where you can get three quick kills from Guardians with full magic and the aforementioned superior tracking + proximity explosion combos.

The Monarch – Void Battle Bow – This season, The Monarch is really on a roll with Artifact’s Void Battle Bow mod, as it completely destroys warehouses in areas lost to Void Singles and prevents overburdened champions from quickly recovering with poison. Poisoning targets when they’re hit and then spreading that poison to nearby enemies proves to be a great advantage in PvE to increase cleanliness, as well as in 6v6 PvP where enemies are close together, not to mention that working the DoT tick in PvP means that the hit target stays in bad shape for a long time before a recovery move kicks in.

Jotun – Solar Thermonuclear Rifle – Do you like to blow things up? Then Jotun is the weapon you need! Along with Pursuit, Jotunn is a fun weapon in PvP, Gambit and PvE, as it can withstand massive damage from a remote solar storm, and Pursuit really shines in large open areas. In PvE, he can take down a yellow strip of enemies in a few hits, especially in content where Sun Sin is enabled. While it probably won’t compete for the place of exotic with high content, the fun factor is undeniable.

That’s what I got. I hope the comments are completely civilized without disagreeing with my noted choices!

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