My new player experience after 2 months

This is my first blog post, and I am not sure how many more of these I will write. I am a new player in the battle of banners team. The server I am on is not very popular since it is still under development. But it is very fun and I am enjoying every moment of it. I am a very new player, so I do not know the basics of the game, but I have done some research about what the server is about. I like the concept of the server, but I don’t like the idea of being a non-combat player. The combat is fun, but I want to be in the action. I am a young kid, so I don’t have much experience with admining, but I

At the start of the year, I made the decision to upgrade from a low end Samsung Galaxy S3 to the high end Galaxy S6. The S3 at the time was performing well and I had enjoyed it for the past year and half. Playing games was still a fun experience but the S3 didn’t have the processing power I wanted.

I got a Xbox 360 Elite a month ago, and I have been playing a lot of games on it. I was looking for a media player, because my PC has a crappy DVD player and also it doesn’t fit in my pocket, and I found out that Xbox 360 Elite has a built-in DLNA server! That made me happy, but then I found out that the DLNA server is limited to movies, and there are no movies available on my Xbox Live! I tried to find some other movies, but, I couldn’t find anything at all. Also I had problems with some games, like Halo Reach, when I started the game it was very laggy, and it crashed on my console. So I am going to talk

This is my first post on this subreddit, so bear with me. I’ve been playing STW for two months and would want to share some of my first-hand observations. This is a lengthy article for those who want to go into the details.

I’ve reached PL 124 and have all 5 Storm King Mythics (starting to put them in the collection book), I’ve reached collection book level 297, and I’ve completed all of the Canny and Twine questlines, as well as all of the Side Quests, including all of the SSD in four zones, three of which can be completed while AFK. I fully perked up all of my traps to LENG level, but I didn’t perk up many weapons since I couldn’t use them in ventures.

I come from FortniteBR, and they offered us the STW during May’s Crew Pack, so I finally decided to give it a go. Because I work as a software developer (rather than a game designer), I get to observe a lot of things from the developer’s viewpoint.

Here are some of my experiences, which I’ve divided into four categories: good, terrible, ugly, and conclusion.

The good:

  • The Fortnite gaming concept is one of a kind; the combination of Minecraft, tower defense, and shooter looter makes the game very enjoyable.
  • I’ve been playing Creative for a long, but before StW, I’d never been adept at constructing complicated buildings. The early game leveling system is enjoyable and interesting, allowing you to progress while learning new game concepts, all of which can be applied to both BR and Creative.
  • When I was level 15, someone handed me a whole set of 130s, and I was able to one-shot through a lot of the early game stuff with those high-level weapons until I was able to build them myself. Storm King Battlebus was able to transport me for the whole of my MSK trip.

The bad:

  • The post-Canny game design included several MMORPG features, recycling material for a small percentage of progress. All of the objectives, from collecting junk food to locating motorbike components, must be completed by the players. Canny was one of the most harrowing video game experiences I’ve ever had, and just when I thought it couldn’t be much worse, Twine arrived. And, just as I was about to complete all of the questlines, I discovered that they are entirely optional and have no effect on player or game progression. At this point, I really doubt Epic Games has ever experienced the game questline advancement since it was torturous. The last time I did this was with classic World of Warcraft, and I left just before expansion.
  • The game design strongly benefits people who join early; early access founders get V-Bucks yet “still” whine about everything; they spent $80 and expect to create the whole game. During Marvel season in BR, I spent over $100 on Vbucks, which is not unusual. This puts new players at a significant disadvantage. One of the worst aspects of MMO game design is that there is no “talent” involved; the only method for a player to demonstrate their “superiority” is to “grind.” FPS, (BR), and even streetfighter/smash bro have million-dollar competitions that can clearly determine who the best player is. This is why many gamers are turned off by F2P.
  • The game’s total lifetime income ($120 million at most) is less than what BR may earn in a week. With a thriving community and streamers, it receives much more attention than StW. I’ve noticed that many StW players desire the game’s PvP mode; there is one, and it’s called BR. Again, I’m not sure how StW attracted a group of MMO players that want to demonstrate their supremacy not via skill-based play, but by the amount of hours they grind.

The ugly:

  • I was relieved to see Epic forsake the “Free to Play” approach; in all honesty, the FTP concept translates to “Pay 2 Win,” and I try to avoid anything that resembles that. I’d rather see advertisements on Angry Birds than be trapped into an MMO where the only reason I keep playing is because of how much money and time I’ve “spent” in it. We speak a lot about gamification in software development, and many of these techniques are on the verge of becoming unethical.
  • While I was relieved to see Epic forsake the F2P model, I’m sure it was a big source of contention with their Tencent investors. What I didn’t realize was that Epic had stopped working on the game entirely. After searching through old Reddit threads, I discovered this.
  • The “packs” that StW views as attracting new players to the game are really designed to keep existing StW gamers buying. This is your “battle pass,” if you will. I didn’t know who “Ray” or “Lok Bot” were as a new player, and I didn’t care until I came to know them via gaming. And these “packs” are just a metric for determining if the StW is worth supporting.
  • I’ve seen a lot of people complain about “birthday llamas” and how they can assist new players, but to be honest, I had no idea there was such a thing, and I didn’t give a damn about it. I have a lot of x-ray tickets that I can’t use to buy BR skins, but they can be used to buy llamas. I’d like to see the recycled stuff since it’s fresh to me, and I still need some of those items/heroes to experiment with various load-outs.
  • StW’s game intricacy becomes a disadvantage rather than an asset once Epic learns all they have to do is sell skins. I purchased a number of packs (Peely’s pack, Inferno pack, Batman Pack) that do not need any gaming.

The bottom line:

  • Epic is probably keeping StW around since they don’t want to be a one-trick pony, but if BR’s stats start to decrease, they’re doomed. Because it’s a professionally developed blockbuster game, StW is still superior than any creatives game out there. They could simply reimburse everyone or give everyone V Bucks to shut down the game, but it would mean they’d have to remove another game from their “catalog.” Until further notice, the game is basically in “maintenance mode.”
  • StW, like those furious birds, mobile tower defense games that are brief and enjoyable, provides a respite from BR. Epic should put more work on it in the future, since BR is becoming a little too steamy. It took me 14 months to earn my first solo victory, and most players would like to do anything other than be hunted down all the time. The majority of creative games are still very competitive. At this point, all I want is my poisonous Rick skin, and to be honest, I’m not enjoying BR as much as I used to. Every game is a battle of wills.
  • Epic isn’t putting much effort into promoting StW right now, but by adding it in the Fortnite Crew pack back in May, they’ve likely attracted a lot of gamers like myself. But, in order to appeal to a wider audience, it will need to go into even simpler game mechanics, since, let’s face it, no one likes grinding. Build additional game mechanisms if you want more gameplay.
  • A lot more people would find themselves in this PvE scenario if Epic gave players BR experiences playing StW (as they do now in creative). However, in order to keep them, they must eliminate the grind and offer a lot more fun. There was no new gameplay throughout the whole Canny Vannely/Twine (until I learned the AFK methods which provide a whole new game mechanic).

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